Run For Pie! {A Virtual Race!}

I said that I wasn’t going to do a Turkey Trot this year. And I’m still not going to. However with a whole morning off before Thanksgiving festivities begin I definitely plan on logging some miles to prepare myself for epic afternoon face-stuffage. It’s not often that I can actually sleep in a little bit and then go out for a run without feeling rushed.

Still I’m just a teensy bit sad about not racing. (I love racing in case you couldn’t tell by the 18 I’ve run this year.) So I thought…what if I did something like a little virtual turkey trot? There has to be more people out there that have nothing lined up for tomorrow, but planned on going for a run anyway.

So for all of you who are not signed up for a Thanksgiving race (or even those of you who are and feel like playing along) I present: RUN FOR PIE! 


Because pie is delicious and I assume many of us will be enjoying some after dinner tomorrow. Or even before dinner. It all goes to the same place right? No, I don’t mean my thighs.

Do you want to Run For Pie with me? Pick a distance…ANY distance. Even 3.14 miles (see what I did there)? Send me an email to by midnight EST tonight and I will send you your very own bib with a race number. After you finish your run, let me know how it went! There may be tens or thousands of miles between us, but we can still run together on Thanksgiving. I hope you guys will join me!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, and food! (PIE!)




Race Recap: Gobble Cobble Turkey Trot. Luckily I still have all my teeth.

Whew! What a whirlwind of a holiday weekend that was! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope that you had a wonderful one. I am exhausted this morning and feel like I could really use a break from my break!

Like thousands – or maybe even millions – of other runners out there, I started my 4-day vacay with a Thanksgiving turkey trot! There was no shortage of race options in my area, but because I planned on eating extra dessert that day, I opted for the longest one I could find: the Gobble Cobble 7K – which works out to be just about 4 miles – in downtown Baltimore. This event is aptly named because the first mile and a half (or so) of the course tours the historic area on the waterfront, complete with the original cobblestone streets. Sound dangerous? You betcha.

Race time was 8am and I arrived to the starting location about an hour early to pick up my bib. Apparently I was not one of the first 600 people to sign up so I did not get a shirt which was lame and disappointing. In the off chance that someone who helped organize this race happens to stumble upon my blog: There were more than 600 participants LAST YEAR so like…maybe you should consider ordering more shirts. I’m just saying.

The temperature was around 25 degrees, but unlike with Zoo Zoom, I had a nice, heated fitness club to hang out in rather than my freezing cold Mazda. That was nice. No one was interested in standing around outside, so the place filled up fast. I don’t recall anyone telling us that it was time to go line up, but at about 5 minutes to 8 I joined the mass of people cramming themselves down the main staircase and headed out to the start. You could tell the people that were just coming to the gym to get their regular exercise on because they looked super pissed at all of us for clogging the stairs. The whole thing was pretty loosely organized. We stood around in the cold for a few minutes as everyone else made their way out and a few minutes past 8 we were off.

As I mentioned before, the first part of the course was on challenging terrain. Being from here I thought I was pretty well versed on the road conditions, but I quickly realized that I was WAY underestimating how hard it would be. First, it’s cobblestone. Then it’s old so there are a lot of cobblestones missing. Then there are trolley tracks. THEN THERE WAS ICE, which I totally didn’t anticipate at all. I felt my ankles start to roll numerous times. I knew the road would be a lot more forgiving later on so I just did the best I could. Thankfully there was a glorious oasis that was a little stretch of sidewalk to run on for a bit.

I didn’t fall, but I learned from talking to a girl in the locker room later that other people did. I got to mile 2 and the cobblestones were behind me, but by that point my calves already felt like they had gone through a meat grinder. The next two miles were pretty painful, but at least I had a wonderful view of the city to enjoy. We crossed over Pier 5, joined up with Pratt Street for a bit, turned down Light and then looped back up the Harborplace Promenade with the harbor on our right. It was lovely, even though I could barely hear anything over the sound of my legs screaming. Eventually I ran over a wooden bridge and was never so happy to see a finish line in my life.

My official time:


I wanted to get it done in under a half hour, so I hit my goal! I believe I came in 5th in my age group and 14th of the women. Pretty darn good considering how rough I felt out there.

I was back to the fitness complex pretty early, so I got cleaned up a bit and wandered around drinking some water. They had bagels and bananas spread out for us, which was great but I didn’t bother with them because I knew I had a big meal coming up soon and all I could think about was the coffee I was going to get on my way home. The #1 male and female winners were presented with a cool looking plaque and then we were all dismissed to our Thanksgiving festivities.

Overall, I liked the energy of this event. It was pretty informal, but organized enough when it needed to be – MORE SHIRTS THOUGH, PLEASE!– the volunteers were nice, and the option to wait inside for everything to get started was perfect on a freezing morning. Especially waiting in a place that had treadmills that we could use at our convenience. Will I do it again next year? Maybe. I do like that the course is a little longer than a standard turkey trot, but those cobblestones…those were TERRIBLE. I’m just glad I made it to dinner with all my teeth in tact. All the better to eat my turkey with.

Did you turkey trot on Thanksgiving? How did it go? How was your dinner? Did you have pie? (I sure did!)

~ Salt

Frozen Turkeys & Going Streaking!

HAPPY ALMOST THANKSGIVING, AMERICAN FRIENDS! I am looking forward to turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and pie and pouring a bucket of gravy directly into my face.

But first…TURKEY TROT! Check out the positively balmy conditions I can expect for start time:


I especially love the part where it says that it will feel like 20 degrees. Everything about this is still better than what I dealt with last weekend though so I guess I really can’t complain too much.

Tomorrow is the Gobble Cobble Turkey Trot 7K and I’m pretty excited for at least the later part of this one. This race is called “Gobble Cobble” for reasons that aren’t just turkey related. The first mile and change will be run on the streets of historic Fells Point down in Baltimore City. Not only are the buildings super historic, but so is the road. It’s like…the original road that has been there for hundreds of years – all trolley tracks and cobblestones or lack thereof where the cobblestones have come loose and ended up elsewhere. Basically it’s a minefield. Driving a car on it sucks, so I can only imagine how much fun it will be to run on. I always say that I go out way too fast, so maybe it’s a good thing that I will have to slow down and pay special attention to where I’m putting my feet. I don’t want to roll my ankle or break my neck before dinner. I think I’ve already established how much I like to fall down.

The course gets really awesome after the Fells Point part though. Apparently I will get to loop around the piers and the Inner Harbor promenade right on the water, past all the fun touristy things we have down there. I love my city immensely and I’m excited to take a little tour of it even though I’ve been to all these places at least a billion times before.

Not only is Thanksgiving a big day for turkey trots, it is also the official beginning of the Runner’s World Running Streak! Last night I decided I was going to try and commit to at least one mile a day between now and New Years. It’s so easy to lose motivation to do anything besides drink gallons of wine and eat pounds of cookies this time of year (or is that just me?) so I’m hoping the Streak will keep me inspired and moving through the holiday season.  Though it doesn’t start until tomorrow I decided to add a treadmill mile to my cross-train day today and then I can say that my Streak began this past Sunday with Zoo Zoom. Hey look! I’m already on Day 4! Go me!

I also decided that I was going to dedicate my Streak to three of my friends to further motivate me to stay with it. These wonderful runners have been dealt a bad hand with various injuries over the past few months. Some of the sidelining has been really significant with surgeries, possible surgeries, and waiting for second opinions. I know it might seem a little silly, but I just feel like it’s the right thing to do. So Helly, Julia, and Lindsay (who does not have a blog and may never read this post), I’m going to kick this Streak in the butt for you guys!

Are you going Streaking this Holiday season? Let me know and maybe we can keep each other motivated!

~ Salt