It’s Half Marathon….Thursday! #procrastination

Better late than never right? This week has been totally kicking my ass in all sorts of ways. Big deadlines at work + trying to get my workouts in = when I get home the last thing I want to do is sit in front of my computer. So this is the recap of week 2 just in time for week 3 to be almost over.

Let’s see if I can remember everything without having to look at my journal for reference. This should be fun. My brain is fried and I barely know what day it is today.


Monday, February 15: Ummmmmm….3 miles. That’s what my plan told me to do anyway. My other option for Mondays is going to be cross training or rest and I think coming up here pretty soon I’m going to be taking advantage of that, especially now that my long runs are on Sundays.

Tuesday, February 16: Seriously it seems like these days were a year ago. This was an interval day – 6 miles total. 1 mile warm up + 4x1600s with 400m recovery. This was my first time EVER doing 1600s on the treadmill and to be honest I was totally dreading this workout. Like I almost skipped it in favor of 400s instead. I’m so glad I pushed myself though because it went great.

And then after all that I went to Bikram class, which was also great even though I still feel stiff as a board sometimes.

Wednesday, February 17: 3 miles easy. Normally I would strength train on Wednesdays also, but I had just been at Bikram the day before. So I went out to dinner instead.

Thursday, February 18: 4 miles with some hill repeats. Warmed up for 2, 8×30 second hill repeats at 5K pace and then cooled down for a mile. This is also new to me in training…I’ve never done specific hill workouts before. My house is surrounded by hills so like every run I do around here is sort of like it’s own hill workout. Now because it’s still winter and I am a huge wuss in the cold, I’ve been utilizing the hill feature on the treadmill more than ever before. Once it warms up outside, I have a couple local hills picked that I can run up and down on days like this.

Friday, February 19: 


That about sums it up.

Saturday, February 20: This was a fun and interesting day! Plan said 4 easy and I don’t know how “easy” 4 miles is while pushing 75 lbs of kid and stroller, but Betty and I joined a crew out of Charm City for a fun run around the neighborhoods over there.


She was so sassy and fun out there…I have such a cool kid!

Then later on in the day THIS HAPPENED. Almost a week later and I’m still feeling it, especially in my right elbow area. Despite that wipe out, it felt great to get back out on my bike only if it was just for a few miles.

Sunday, February 21: Long run day – 9 miles. My longest outside run since the marathon in November!


This run was GREAT except for one part. I was on my way back home, in the midst of mile 6. Up ahead I could see an old red truck coming and I could hear it way before it got to me…it was a total piece of junk. Anyway, the moment that the truck got next to me the kind and considerate driver hit the accelerator so that a blast of exhaust shot out and into my face. And of course I just had to take a big gulp of air just at that moment, breathing it all in.

Apparently this is called “rolling coal”. Did you know that was a thing!? I have never had someone do something so rude to me while out on a run in my life. I would have rather been catcalled at 100x over.

I was super angry after that so I plowed through the rest of it without even really thinking about my pace. I guess I can thank that redneck piece of garbage for the rage-fuel.

Total Mileage: 29

Whew! I can’t believe I remembered all that. Especially after inhaling all those noxious fumes.

I hope everyone else has had a great week of training! How is it going for you?




Workout Roundup! {May 25 – 31, 2015}

Happy June, everyone!! I celebrated the new month with an awesome weekend full of running, good food, attending a baseball game on the surface of the sun, and getting some brand new ink:


“Keep moving forward” was my mantra as I struggled at the end of the NJ Marathon and now with everything else going on in my life it has become even more significant. I am in LOVE with this tattoo. And for anyone who has ever heard horror stories about getting your ribs done, I can assure you that it really doesn’t hurt.

Now on to the workouts from last week! It was a great week yet again.

Monday, May 25: Memorial Day and I was off work. Betty and I had plans to attend a BBQ in the afternoon, so I took her to the gym playroom in the morning and did some treadmill intervals. 1 mile warm up @ 8:22, 6×400’s with 400m recover (total time 22:12), and 1 mile cool down @ 8:22. The final 2 repeats were the fastest treadmill intervals I had ever attempted and this run felt fantastic! I also did some abs and then negated all my hard work by stuffing my face with cheeseburgers.

Tuesday, May 26: Woke up early for some living room strength training and then Betty was with her dad in the evening so I took my bike over to the trail for a 16 mile ride. I knocked something like 7 minutes off the last time I went out for that distance, so I felt pretty bad-a when I was done.

Wednesday, May 27: 5 sweaty, nasty, FABULOUS miles.


Thursday, May 28: One of my favorite ways to double up workouts right now is waking up extra early and doing a treadmill 5K before Body Pump. Due to time constraints I usually have to wrap up class after biceps so I feel like I get a lot more accomplished for the day when I run those 3.1 miles first! I made up for the fact that I missed out on the ab portion in the evening.

Also something really exciting happened for me on Thursday afternoon. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it, but I don’t think I’m supposed to mention it anywhere yet. Sorry not sorry for the cliffhanger. 🙂

Friday, May 29:


Totally. I worked hard last week and deserved it.

Saturday, May 30: I had some kind of long run planned. I would have liked to do 8 and figured that going out around 8am would allow me to do this. Except that no…it ended up being brightly sunny, 80 degrees, and 5600% humidity.

So I ran 7 (7:40 pace) and got quite a few smiles from people along the way when they read my shirt.


Sunday, May 31: 3 treadmill miles (8:04 pace), 30 minutes elliptical and then LOTS of walking around the city yesterday!


The only thing that could have made this day better—besides it not being so damn hot out—would be if we won the game. Maybe next time.

Totals: 23+ running and 16 on the bike. Lots of cross training!

My main goal for this week is fixing my water bottle cage on my bike. It started coming loose at around mile 12 of my Tuesday ride and proceeded to annoy me for the rest of the time I was out there. Hopefully there is something in my house I can use to screw it back on.

I’m also looking forward to celebrating NATIONAL RUNNING DAY on Wednesday and have big news for tomorrow as well…


I know some of  you might be aware that Lily Trotters (aka my go-to compression socks!) have been working toward filming a Kickstarter video. Well now it’s happening and I am so honored to have been asked to be one of the featured athletes! I will definitely be posting more information about this as I have it. 🙂

How did your week of workouts go? Are you training for anything specific right now? Will you be celebrating National Running Day? 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that this week has started off wonderfully for you!



Wednesday in a Few Words: The little boost I needed.

…which is funny because I wore my Adidas Boosts yesterday when I did my speed work.

6×800 + .1 added onto the end of the last interval to make it a 5K. I did short active recovery intervals between each where I stopped my watch. I’m not trying to pretend that this happened with any recovery time factored in.

sub 20

It may not be the real thing, but this was so exciting for me. I could have literally passed out from the excitement…or from the fact that I pushed so hard for this. It’s a low mileage week for me – my long run on Saturday is only 6 miles – so I thought maybe I’d have a little bit of fun. THIS was fun.

I’ve never seen a “teen” on my watch when running 3 miles EVER. The last time I had a speed workout this good was here and it was basically the exact same thing except my recovery was shorter and more active this time.

This time my results were better. which means I’m getting stronger.

Sometimes I doubt myself and this was exactly the boost I needed.

Have you ever had an unexpected performance boost that renewed your confidence?

Happy Wednesday!