Falling in love with yoga all over again.

Lots of yoga on the blog this week! It’s no secret that I am a bit of a fanatic. Since 2008, my yoga practice has been a defining part of who I am as a person. One of my favorite things about it beyond how flexible and centered it has made me is that the learning never stops. I feel as if I’ve come away with something new after every single one of the classes I’ve taken.

Over the past month or so my studio practice has slacked hardcore. Yoga classes can be expensive and so are kids. I’ve been bringing my practice home and while I do benefit from it, in my opinion it’s just not the same. A yoga studio has a special energy to it that my house doesn’t have. I missed my yoga friends and instructors and getting adjusted to further get me into a posture. At the studio there aren’t any interruptions or a cat trying to climb on me while I’m doing floor poses.

Betty is OBSESSED with ballet and has been begging me to sign her up for lessons. She’s also takes gymnastics right now so I told her that after the summer is over we can go to a ballet class. I started doing some research on places around here that have dance programs for 2 year olds and I found a great one that is very conveniently located to our house. (The fall schedule hasn’t come out yet so fingers crossed that they will have anything on a Saturday!)

As I was checking the website I noticed that they have yoga there on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12-1, which is basically my lunch break and that the price was considerably lower for a drop in than any of the other studios in the area. Perfect.

I planned to take my first class yesterday afternoon

What made this situation even more perfect is that I was having a REALLY crappy day. I woke up early and tried to go for a run and my knee wouldn’t let me. I’ve never DNFed a run in my life until then. I went to the gym instead – after having to turn around because I had left my phone at home – and hopped on the treadmill to walk and maybe jog a little bit if I was lucky. Luck not being on the menu for me, after about a minute there was some kind of system failure which shut the treadmill down with a jolt and I fell off it. It’s okay to laugh because now it’s funny, but at the time I was just OVER IT, angry, and kicking myself for not staying home to watch Peppa Pig with B.

Work has been REALLY intense lately with a lot of people going on vacation and my workload increasing exponentially to accommodate that, plus lots of other life stresses in general that I’m not going to bore you with because I like this blog to be a happy place. I feel like I have a lot on my plate, but then it was like I closed the door on all of these things – at least temporarily – as soon as I arrived at yoga class. I signed in with the very kind instructor and she showed me back to the studio: a large, high ceiling-ed, slightly heated, dimly lit, uncrowded room with good music playing. I felt right at home.

The class itself consisted of a fairly standard vinyasa series, but something was really different for me. Maybe it had a little to do with missing the studio experience so much, but I felt extra strong, extra focused. Then while in pigeon pose the most marvelous thing happened.

Interesting yoga fact that you might not have known: It’s not uncommon to get supremely emotional during a hip opening pose such as pigeon. The theory is that we carry negative emotions such as stress, fear, and guilt in our pelvis and sometimes in a very deep hip opening stretch, these emotions can be released.

This is what happened to me and…yep. I cried. A lot. I’m glad that the room was dark-ish and my head was facing the floor. It was ugly and and it was WONDERFUL. Then the instructor shared this quote with us. It made an enormous impact on me…


My new favorite quote that I have to pass along to absolutely everyone I know. It might sound a little weird that I’m so jazzed about ugly crying in yoga class, but it was exactly what I needed. The floodgates had opened and I can’t even put into words how much better I felt afterward. I felt healed. I wanted to hug the instructor, but that probably would have been a little inappropriate so instead I went to Starbucks.

It was like I fell in love with my yoga practice all over again. I can’t wait to go back on Friday.

If you do yoga, have you ever had an emotional experience in one of your classes? If not…have you ever ugly cried during any other kind of workout? (It’s okay to admit it! We’re all friends here!)