Workout Roundup! {June 8 – 14, 2015}

It’s Fit Foodie Week!!!


This weekend I’ll be hanging with Mar, Courtney, Kathryn (it’s about time we got to hang out!), and hopefully some of YOU too in lovely Fairfax, Virginia for one of my most favorite race events. If you haven’t yet there is still a bit of time to sign up for the 5K on Saturday and now a Yoga and Pure Barre class on Sunday sponsored by Fabletics. And of course all the yummy food goodness in between. Use code RUNSALTRUN at checkout for 10% off your registration!

Let’s get down to the recap though. Here’s how last week worked out for me:

Monday, June 8: Speedwork!! Maybe I’m crazy, but this is what I missed the most during marathon training. I LOVE doing intervals even when they are so difficult that I feel like I might throw up. I did a warm up mile and then 8×400’s which is the most repeats I’ve done since getting back into it. In the evening I did some abs.

Tuesday, June 9: I had Betty in the morning and dinner plans in the evening so at first I wasn’t sure I was going to get any kind of fitness was going to happen at all. Then I remembered the Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30 DVD I purchased about a billion years ago that has since been collecting dust on the shelf. At 5:30 am I threw it in the player and did the Level 3 workout, not really expecting to break much of a sweat.


I was straight disgusting by the time that workout was over. Also I now remember why I loathe Jillian Michaels so much. I’ll definitely be doing this again when the gym seems like an impossibility.

Wednesday, June 10: 6 glorious, hilly miles.


With the following glorious—though sadly not-negative because hills—splits: 8:20, 7:34, 7:15, 7:34, 7:44 (worst hill of the morning), 7:27. This was the kind of run that reminds me why I love doing this so much.

Thursday, June 11: 3 miles on the treadmill and then most of a Body Pump class. Later on I got in some ab work and some extra cardio chasing lightning bugs outside with my best girl!


Friday, June 12: Rest Day.

Saturday, June 13: Happy 13th Birthday, Charm City Run! The best running store around celebrated a big milestone on Saturday morning and invited everyone a party. They had a 13K (or choose your shorter distance) Under Armour Speedform Test/Fun Run at 7:30 am, a kid’s run at 8:30 and other fun events throughout the day.

Betty and I were there bright and early for the first run and I did 4 miles pushing her in the stroller on some SERIOUS hills. After an additional cool down jog, we joined a group of kids for the fun run!


The kids run was a mile and being the littlest out there, I knew that she probably wouldn’t be able to do the whole thing by herself and I ran alongside her with the stroller. I’ve gotta tell you guys…she was SO determined to keep up with the other kids. Proud mommy!



20 sweaty, humid, dirty bike miles to be exact. This ride was awesome. I rounded out the day with tons of walking around Arlington National Cemetery and the DC Zoo.

Total Mileage: 19+ on my feet (running) and 20 on my bike. Plus some great strength training!

So seeing that I have that 5K coming up, most of this week is going to be spent taking it easy on the running front. I’ve been having a little bit of soreness in my right Achilles that isn’t so bad yet, but I know if I keep pushing it that it might quickly go that route.

Also check this out!!


That would be ME on the right rocking some Lily Trotters! They are having a fabulous giveaway right now on their Facebook page and will be picking 3 winners that will each receive a FREE PAIR of the best socks around!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! What was your best workout from last week? Shout it out in the comments!




Feeling like a Super Mom

The other night I needed to stop by the wine store before heading home because it had just been one of those days. I had Betty with me and before we went inside she asked me if she could request a lollipop from the man working there. I told her that of course she could. Good day at school and all that.

So as I went and picked out my wine, I heard my three year old approach the counter and ask in the sweetest little voice if she could please have a lollipop and that her mom had told her it was okay. My heart melted and then I nearly turned into a puddle of mommy pride when I joined her to pay and the clerk told me that I must be doing something right because she was the most well-mannered child he had ever seen in his store.

Telling me that my daughter is polite is one of the nicest compliments that anyone could ever give me. There’s just nothing compared to that kind of pride.

However, as of Sunday morning there is another compliment that I think I might like nearly as much.

At 8am Betty and I  armed ourselves with coffee, donuts and water to meet up with 6 other moms and 2 additional kiddos for our June Moms RUN This Town group run on the NCR Trail. We had perfect weather and just like the last time we all got together everyone was so friendly and in great spirits. Some of us decided to run 3 miles and others were going for 5 including a friend of mine who had her son in the only other jogger here. I had run with her last time and although I had never done more than a 5K with our stroller before I decided I was going to go for it.The trail is pretty flat so it would be a good place to test my abilities. Of course we had to grab a poor, unsuspecting girl who was out on a solo run to get a picture of our group:


Thanks for the great pic, random stranger!

There were lots of other people out that morning and as we ran along we received lots of smiles, waves, and comments on how cute our kids are. Betty was telling us stories that were making the miles fly by. Then there was a pair of women running past in the opposite direction and one of them called out,


I don’t know about my friend, but it REALLY made my day.

Maybe it’s because I don’t typically run with the stroller, and maybe it’s because every time I see a mom or day out running with their child—or children because let’s face it…double strollers are EXTRA beastmode—I always think they are such a rock star. It’s hard work! And in that moment I felt like a total rock star myself, pushing 60+lbs at a pretty darn decent pace. I felt amazing; strong, confident, and so incredibly lucky to be out there with my best girl doing one of my most favorite things. Solo runs are awesome, but there’s something extra special about sharing the experience with Betty.

There are days when I feel like the worst parent on the planet. We get frustrated with each other. I don’t want to be one of those moms that yell, but unfortunately it happens from time to time. Sunday morning though? I felt like a super hero. Especially at the end when Betty called out “GREAT JOB, MOM!”

I wish I could bottle that feeling up and carry it around with me forever.

Does running ever make you feel like a super hero? If you’re a parent, do you run with your kid(s) in a stroller? What’s your favorite thing about it? 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!



Workout Roundup! {June 1 – 7, 2015}


One day I will figure out how to make my running clothes business casual.

Anyway, Monday strikes again which means another round up of last week’s workouts. Despite the majority of the week being miserably cold by June standards and with lots of rain, I’m still really happy with how things went. Let’s see what happened:

Monday, June 1: 5K run (7:46 pace) and most of a BodyPump class. Unfortunately I usually have to split right after biceps if I want any hope of arriving to work on time. This particular day I was breathing a sigh of relief when it was time to leave; the back track had SO. MANY. POWER PRESSES. and I don’t think I fully recovered from them until lunchtime. In the evening I did some abs in my living room.

Tuesday, June 2: I was off work due to the Kickstarter shoot with Lily Trotters so I headed to the gym in the morning for speedwork in the form of the first 800’s I’ve done since last year. Man were they TOUGH. I did a mile warmup, 4×800’s with 400m recovery in between (22:20 total time) and a cool down mile. It wasn’t quite time for me to get ready yet after all that so I hopped on the stepmill for 20 minutes.

And I guess I could also count all the running around I did modeling those gorgeous socks as another workout too! I’ve seen a couple of the still shots from the day and I cannot wait to share them!

Wednesday, June 3: HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!! I was up early for 4 treadmill miles and then in the evening I met up with the group at Charm City Run for an additional 3 miles which I wrote all about here. It was nice to celebrate the day with a little more mid-week mileage than I’m used to.

Thursday, June 4: So a little extra something about last week…I was a miserable failure in the sleep department. Tuesday night I got about an hour and a half of sleep and by the time Wednesday night rolled around I was a disagreeable trainwreck. Thursday morning I was still a little out of sorts, but managed to make it to the gym for BodyPump and fit in an ab workout in the evening. Then I went to bed right around the same time Betty did.

Friday, June 5: Still tired and that was okay because REST DAY.

Saturday, June 6: Betty and I went to the gym. She played in the playroom while I ran 7 miles (7:50 pace) on the treadmill while watching television coverage of the Baltimore 10 Miler.

Sunday, June 7: My second group run of the week! I got together with some awesome ladies from my Moms Run This Town chapter—including Sara and Betty’s best friend Charlotte—for some miles on the trail. I decided that I was going to attempt 5 although the longest run I had done with the stroller previously was a 5K. It went REALLY well:


My splits: 8:43, 8:32, 8:36, 8:14, 7:48. As you can see, Betty was pretty excited about it too. She loved running on the trail!

Total Mileage for the Week: 27+. 

The only regret I have is the overwhelming lack of bike mileage although I most days it would have made more sense to build an ark than ride a bike. One of my goals for this week is some non-running cardio because my right achilles is feeling a little tight/sore-ish and I don’t want to push it too hard. Also I just found out that Tuesday Track Nights are starting again and while I may not make it over there tomorrow I’m excited to make that a part of my routine this summer!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you run long or race? Tell me about it!