Some thoughts on rest days and finally taking my own advice. (For once.)

If you’re anything like me–and I suspect that many of you are…at least in this case–rest days can sometimes be a difficult thing. I would run every day if I could. I even tried to do that one time and scored myself a nasty case of peroneal tendonitis. That’s when I learned that run streaks are not my style.

My reality is that running more than 4 days a week is pushing it. If I don’t rest I get hurt, which I think happens to most people with the exception of a couple people I know of who could just go out for 20+ miles a day 7 days a week and their legs never fall off.  I’d do it if I could, but I can’t. And I’m a little jealous.

Running is also tied to my sanity which is kind of unfortunate because things have been weird around here for the past couple months. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that I’ve been running a lot more than usual.

And what happens when I run a lot more than usual? Something ends up hurting.

Currently it’s my high hamstring on the right side. As much as I have always told other people to rest something when it hurts,  I previously would have continued to run on my crappy hamstring until something terrible happened. I could link back to injury after injury that I’ve had that was directly related to overuse, but I won’t because I don’t want you or me to have to relive my stupidity.

This time is different though and I don’t know why I’ve suddenly decided to take my own advice, but it’s about time that I took some days off.


I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m 100% comfortable with the extra resting yet, but I have realized how important it is. For who knows how long I was taking one rest day a week and it was almost always Friday. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been taking two complete rest days per week and scaling my mileage way back. Even before I knew I was running another full I wanted to do everything I could to be healthy for fall race season and now with the NCR Trail Marathon on the horizon the extra rest is more important than ever.

And on the days where I feel like I might go crazy because I hate sitting around? I walk. Or I stretch. Anything easy and light that I can do that makes me feel as if I’m being active even if I’m really not. So far it’s working out okay and hopefully this will mean good things for my hamstring in the coming weeks!

Do you have a tough time with rest days? How many do you typically take a week? Have you ever suffered from an overuse injury? Any more tips on how not to go crazy on rest day?




Week 17 Training Recap and The Friday Five!

According to my training plan, this is week 17 or the taper week before the taper week. According to my own personal plan, this is more like week 7 since that’s right around where I jumped in after a month of barely running at all.

Hence why I tend to feel so unprepared for all this.


(Colby? Tantra? Karen?)

I’m seriously so happy to know such cool people who are going through this at the exact same time I am. It really takes the edge off. 

My mileage is on a steady decline. I really want to take care of my leg right now. I have been pretty much entirely pain free, but then this morning I woke up with a stiff/sore right knee so of course I’m over-analyzing that to no end. The pain feels less like something is pulled and more like a bruise; very local in one spot, but I can’t see anything on the outside. Either way right now it’s taped and today is a rest day so hopefully it will be much better for 8 miles tomorrow.

I love you, Kinvara. <3

I love you, Kinvara. ❤

Workouts this week:

  • Saturday, May 10: 12 miles (8:09 pace). This one was rough. I was hurting, it was humid and I could have used a snorkel to save me from my own sweat by the time I was done.
  • Sunday, May 11: 1 hour on the Octane + stroller runs to and from the playground (totaling a little over 2.5 miles).
  • Monday, May 12: 50 minutes on the bike (12.4 miles) + abs.
  • Tuesday, May 13: 4 mile speed work (warmup + 3x1200s @ around 6:50 pace) + arms & core.
  • Wednesday, May 14: 6.2 easy (8:01 pace) + 90 minutes of hot yoga.
  • Thursday, May 15: 3.1 miles progressive with hill intervals (7:34 pace) + abs.
  • TODAY:


Not enough coffee in the world. This is definitely a two Starbucks visit kind of day. Actually I’m going to take a long lunch and go cash in on my Mother’s Day massage. I need it and I can’t wait.


It’s Friday!!! Friday!!! And time to link up with my favorite lovely DC ladies (that would be the Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney) to talk about five things. This week’s theme is “5 Reasons to…” As in:

5 Reasons to…NOT Do the ROC Race with My Best Friend


This is Favorite. Just to clarify, she is the one on the right. Though it would be pretty cool to be BFFs with the Ravens mascot.

This Sunday, Favorite will be taking no prisoners at Baltimore’s ROC Race. For those of you who do not know what a “ROC Race” is, “ROC” stands for Ridiculous Obstacle Course and the “Race” part refers to the fact that it’s a 5K. A little while ago, she asked me if I wanted to do the ROC Race with her. I really REALLY did. Sadly, I had to decline.


These are just FIVE of the reasons that I opted out. There are also five to seven additional reasons, but these strike me as the ones that I would be most likely to obtain an injury on. Numbers 1 and 4 are both recipes for a face plant. Due to past field day experiences I already know I’m not coordinated enough to run through tires. Number 3? I’ve seen Total Wipeout once or twice and I know what can happen. And I’m not taking my chances with anything called the “Wrecking Ball”.

I am officially SINGLE DIGIT DAYS away from my first full marathon and as much fun as the world’s largest inflatable water slide sounds I’d never be able to forgive myself if I ended up in a body cast from falling off of it. I’ll just have to cheer her on from the sidelines this time.


Have you ever done an obstacle course race? Would you ever? Do you like giant inflatable water slides? (Who doesn’t!?)

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!



Did anyone get the license plate number of that bus that ran me over?

I don’t know how my high-mileage friends like Michael and Laura do it.

I’m no fool. Going into this I knew marathon training would be difficult. Like probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. This suspicion has now been confirmed. Mentally I’m still feeling great, but man is my body TIRED. I’m starting to understand why people take ice baths. I’m starting to think maybe I need an ice bath.

I haven’t posted my workouts here, but I love reading it when other people do so I thought this morning I would quickly revisit what my training schedule has looked like for the past nearly 2 weeks:

  • Sunday, April 27: According to my plan, I’m supposed to cross train on Sundays. I did cross train on the bike, but first I ran a 5K. (7:07 pace…I consider this my speed workout for the week)
  • Monday, April 28: 50 minutes on the bike (13 miles) + core strength exercises.
  • Tuesday, April 29: 5 mile tempo run (7:52 pace) + arms.
  • Wednesday, April 30: 10 super interesting (NOT) miles on the treadmill (7:58 pace) + 40 minutes of yoga.
  • Thursday, May 1: 5 mile hills (7:30 pace) + abs.
  • Friday, May 2: Rest.
  • Saturday, May 3: 20 awesome miles (8:32 pace).
  • Sunday, May 4: 1 hour on the bike (15 miles) + yoga stretching + lots of walking with a 34lb toddler strapped to my back.
  • Monday, May 5: 45 minutes on the bike (13 miles) + abs.
  • Tuesday, May 6: 5 mile trail run (7:32 pace) + arms & core (lots of planks!).
  • Wednesday, May 8: 8 mile tempo (7:46 pace) + 90 minutes of hot yoga.
  • Thursday, May 9: 5 miles with 3×1200 intervals worked in (7:41 pace) + abs.
  • TODAY:


Usually I have a hard time sitting still, but today I will thoroughly enjoy doing absolutely NOTHING. ALL DAY. I need this.

All hurts aside, I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am to be training for this marathon. A couple months ago I didn’t think I would be here. My body is sore, but it’s the kind of sore that means I’ve been working hard. KT Tape is still my BFF, but my tendon feels good. I also think I might be on my way to losing another toenail, but I can’t tell for sure because I’m wearing polish right now and I’m too afraid to remove it to check. And it would look really stupid if all my toenails were painted orange except for one and that one was black. Although I am an Orioles fan.

Because it is Friday, I am linking up with my DC favorites again (that would be Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney) to talk about FIVE THINGS! Even more awesome…two of these three lovely ladies are fellow Fit Foodie Ambassadors! I can’t wait to hang out with Cynthia and Courtney (and Sue!) in a few weeks! (I just wish Mar would be there too!)


Today’s topic? My Fitness Truths. This could get ugly up in here.

Fitness Truth #1: Sometimes I eat like crap.

There are days when some of you would probably be horrified at what I’m eating. Sometimes I am horrified by what I’m eating. In general I try to eat as healthily as possible, but I’m also very much an in-moderation kind of person. Every now and again I’m going to want to completely house an entire order of Greene Turtle soft pretzel sticks with cheese sauce because I just ran 20 miles dammit and I’m HANGRY.

Fitness Truth #2: I am terrible at eating breakfast.

::fist bumps Mar::

This is not to say that I don’t love breakfast food because I LOVE BREAKFAST FOOD. I would just rather have it for dinner. Ever since I started running, I started forcing myself to eat at least SOMETHING in the morning – usually Greek yogurt related – but it has been a really hard adjustment for me. I don’t like it, but I know it’s necessary so I do it.

Fitness Truth #3: I don’t know how to use a foam roller.

Okay so I’m either dumb and doing it wrong or the damn thing just doesn’t work for me. I have watched about a hundred foam rolling YouTube videos and it still has never made a bit of difference. I hate it. The silver lining is that Betty likes to carry it around the house and roll all over it so it wasn’t a complete waste of money.

Fitness Truth #4: I have no desire to ever try CrossFit.

For a second I thought maybe I did, but then…nope. I just had to sneeze.
I know people love it and I think that’s great for them, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that I would hate every single solitary second of it.

Fitness Truth #5: I’m scared of my own arms.


I don’t know what my body fat percentage is, but I assume it’s probably relatively low because as a result my arms are pretty vascular. They make me super self conscious. And then sometimes someone will point it out and then I get even MORE self conscious. I know I just need to get over it. It’s a sign that I’m doing something right and some of the muscle dudes at my gym would probably pay to switch places with me, but sometimes I get so veiny – especially after arm day or a long run – that it really freaks me out.

I’ll probably be really veiny tomorrow morning right around 8am when I finish my 12 miler. LAST DOUBLE DIGIT LONG RUN WHAT!?

Do you take rest days? How often? Do you enjoy them? Have you ever tried CrossFit? Do you love breakfast for dinner?

Whatever you have on your agenda for the weekend, I hope it’s spectacular!