NCR Marathon Training Week 6: Racing While Training Part 1

This week my focus was on taking it easy in the days leading up to the Charles Street 12, also known as something that I had been looking forward to the same way that almost everyone else I know looks forward to Pumpkin Spice Lattes.


Fun fact about me: I loathe pumpkin and pumpkin flavored absolutely anything. Don’t hate. More for you guys.

So let’s get down to non-pumpkin flavored business:

Monday, August 31: Body Pump. Nothing spectacular, but I can finally feel the chest track getting easier. It’s nice not feeling like I’m going to cry or throw up for those 4 minutes of class.

Tuesday, September 1: 3 miles on a hilly neighborhood route. One thing I don’t love about where I live is that there is literally one route I could take out of my house that is not completely uphill for the first mile and it just so happens to be my least favorite. Regardless this was a good-feeling run with negative splits. Probably because I was hauling down a hill on the way back.

Wednesday, September 2: Plan said 6, but I kept it to 5 and I did this on the treadmill with the speed set at the pace I hoped to achieve on Saturday. I made a note in my Believe journal that I probably shouldn’t hold my breath, but in the end I actually came pretty close to making it happen!

Thursday, September 3: 3 miles on the treadmill again, followed by Body Pump class where I backed off on my squat weight a little bit to give my legs a rest. My hamstring was feeling pretty good!

Friday, September 4: Some core work, but otherwise I rested my legs.

Saturday, September 5: CHARLES STREET 12!! There are a couple things I wish had gone a little better, but overall I am SO SO SO happy with how this race went! My legs didn’t hate me nearly as much as I thought they would for the rest of the day either.

Sunday, September 6: 3 mile slow recovery run on the treadmill. At first my quads were angry about it, but then I felt so much better. Also 25 minutes on the elliptical.

Total Mileage: 26.
Grade: A.

During week 7 my mileage takes a big leap. Tuesday and Thursday 3 milers become 4 milera. The Wednesday 6 miler goes up to 7. Saturday I’m attempting 14 which will be my longest run since April. Then we are attending a wedding on Saturday night so it looks like heels with my dress are out if I am interested in being able to move around at all. Which I am because weddings are fun and this one is going to have a penguin at the reception because my friend is getting married at the zoo.

Do you like working races into your training? How do you feel about pumpkin? 

I know you have my back on the pumpkin spice thing, Sara. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong…I love everything else about fall!




One heck of a monumental race. {Charles Street 12 Recap}

This past weekend was one of my most favorite races…the Baltimore-famous Charles Street 12! I had been looking forward to this one all summer long as my first goal race of the fall season. It was my second year running it and my first year running it without an injury. Because of this I had hopes of grabbing myself a shiny new PR along with the awesome shiny medal at the end.


There was an interesting twist to this race for me though. As I mentioned here, I had been contacted by my friend at Charm City Run and Under Armour a couple days prior asking if I could help them out with some marketing stuff. By that they meant they wanted to dress me in head to toe UA gear and live track me along the course so they could take my picture. Maybe they could also provide me with an Under Armour paper bag to breathe in because initially the thought of it sort of made me feel like hyperventilating.


Friday I visited the Timonium store to pick up my packet, premium (a comfortable thermal shirt), and an outfit to wear. Head to toe meant headband, sports bra, top, shorts…and shoes. Yep. I would be breaking in a brand new pair of Speedform Gemini on this run. Not quite the ideal footwear situation, but I wasn’t as terrified as I could have been. I already have a pair of these shoes so I’m familiar with how they fit my feet and and ran a 14 mile training run in the other ones shortly after receiving them.

As usual, packet pick up was a breeze and I was beyond excited as I laid out my flat self the night before. MY FIRST PAIR OF PURPLE SHOES. Just in time for football season!


Uncharacteristically I slept really well the night before. I woke up at 5am to go out for coffee and then my mom and Betty dropped me at the starting line right around 6:30. The bus transportation is great and I had considered taking it again this year, but because I live right up the street it was much more convenient that way. I managed to run into quite a few of my friends as I milled around Kenilworth looking for the folks from Under Armour. I would need to hook up with their photographer on Map My Run so that he would be able to pinpoint my whereabouts. They were all SO nice. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Under Armour any more, they have the coolest people on the planet working for them and it makes it that much better.

My goal for this race was to do better than last year (1:41:50). I noticed that they had pacers. Was that new? Maybe I just didn’t see them last year because I was too preoccupied with my foot. Anyway I went over to talk to a few of them and before I knew it I was saying “Oh yeah I’ll run with the 1:35 group!” Which would be 6 minutes off my time from last year. On the longest distance I had run since April. In shoes that I had just put on for the first time 12 hours earlier. Dream big.

The race was set to start at 7:30 and the weather could not have been more perfect: right around 70 degrees, overcast, and a light breeze. With about 15 minutes left I figured I’d make a bathroom pit stop and yeah…I should have left myself more time. I scrambled my way to the start as they were singing the National Anthem and I could see the 1:35 pace sign waaaaaaaay up ahead with no way to get to it unless I was super rude and pushed through the sea of people. I decided to try and catch up if I could, but if not no big deal.

The start was very crowded. Because I was way in the back, I had to do a lot of bobbing and weaving, but by the time I got up to the end of Kenilworth Drive I had found some room to run. At the corner I saw that the 1:35 pacer had ditched his sign on the side of the road so then I was on the look out for their bright yellow shirts instead. I was kind of on a mission at that point and knew that I was probably going out WAY too fast, but I wanted to catch up with the group. And I did right around the end of mile 2! At that point I was able to relax and recover little bit.

Let’s revisit the elevation profile I posted of this race from last year:


Lots of downhill as you can see, but there are some deceiving uphill sections strewn throughout. Luckily the worst of the icky climbs are at the beginning and having run this course once before and driven it about a billion times I knew all the places where I would get a little bit of a break. There seemed to be more spectators out this year which was awesome and encouraging. There also seemed to be an equal amount of very angry drivers. If you aren’t familiar with Baltimore, Charles Street is a major road and I am still amazed that the organizers of this race have logistically been able to make this happen three years in a row.

This was such a happy run for me. I cruised along with the pace group, enjoying the scenery and thanking the police officers at the intersections we crossed over. Those men and women had their work cut out for them! The miles felt like they were flying by. Water stops were well-spaced and stocked with the obvious water, Gatorade, and friendly volunteers. I’m always glad when I don’t have to carry a bottle with me.

As we got into the more downtown areas of the city I spotted the photographer that was tracking me a couple times and each time I reminded myself to try and look as non-hideous as I could. As I’m sure you all know, this is damn near impossible in race photos so I hope they came out okay. If not, maybe they can work some Photoshop magic.

Last year it was all aboard the struggle bus for me at mile 9, but this time mile 9 felt just fine and so did mile 10. Then…mile 11.  By the time mile 11 rolls around the course is much more flat. It’s amazing how hard this can be on your legs after all the hills. Just like last year I felt a little like my quads had gone through a meat grinder. I had fallen off the back of the pace group, but I wasn’t worried about it because I had a good time cushion from booking after them in the beginning of the race and I was still well ahead of my time from last year. Once the Inner Harbor promenade came into view, I managed to pulled myself together. I LOVE running through there and I know I had a big doofy smile on my face the whole time. Not just because the race photographers had big signs up telling us to SMILE although I’m sure that does help.

The Under Armour photographer caught up with me one final time as I was about to head up to Pratt Street and the final stretch. There were lots of spectators out now and the energy was fantastic. The best part?? As I crossed the finish line my friend Normailed who I hadn’t seen in years was there volunteering and handing out medals!! She didn’t even care that I was a sweaty mess (or if she did she didn’t let on) and gave me the biggest hug. It was such a cool moment and the perfect way to end a race.

And I got that PR that I wanted so badly…more than a 6 minute improvement over last year!



The finish party was great just as I expected it would be. They had boxed meals for all the runners, a live band playing, and of course the beer that I got and then didn’t drink because that’s how I roll. Under Armour had set up a cool VIP area upstairs that I visited for awhile and the food was outstanding. I was able to catch up with a few friends too!

IMG_0533Lisa from Running Out of Wine!!IMG_0564Sara from Sweaty Mess Mama!!IMG_0527My friend Jarrod and this picture cracks me up. Here’s how you hug people when you are extra sweaty and gross. Awkwaaaaard.

I also ran into Lauren and I know that Amber and Stacey were there someplace, but I missed them both. Many non-blogger friends were running on Saturday too and it was wonderful to catch up with some of them. You guys are all so great!

I just can’t say enough positive things about this year’s Charles Street 12. From the perfect weather, to the impeccably planned race, to the post-race festivities, and of course the extreme generosity of Under Armour and Charm City Run, the day could not have been better. This one is really worth traveling for if you are an out of towner and I know I’ll be doing it again next year.

Did you race last weekend? How did it go? Have you ever done a 12 mile race? Or one that is primarily downhill? Beer at the finish line…yay or nay? 

I hope everyone had a great, safe holiday!



A completely no pressure race situation and an ode to Clif Z Bars. {Flash Giveaway!}

The race that I’ve been looking forward to and planning for since April is tomorrow.


Charles Street 12!!! YAY!!!

There I am looking like a total jackass during Charles Street 12 last year. I guess that’s what happens when I’m delirious and happen to see a race photographer.

I was hoping to PR and feeling pretty confident that I might be able to make it happen. My foot was SO messed up last year. But no pressure or anything. A great many awesome people are running this race tomorrow that my biggest goal for the day is to meet up with all of them at the finish line. A good time would be the icing on all the cake that I plan on eating later in the day.

However, I have a new assignment that is going to make Charles Street 12 2015 a little crazier. My super awesome friend who works in marketing for Charm City Run put me in contact with another super awesome woman from the marketing department at Under Armour. Under Armour has partnered up with Charm City Run and that is basically the reason this race is happening.  Now I will be running dressed head to toe in Under Armour gear and photographed along the way. Obviously I’m stoked because I haven’t met a piece of their clothing that I haven’t liked. In fact, I think pretty much everything I have on in that goofy photo above aside from the calf sleeves is Under Armour.

But how will this photographer know how to find me? Good question and that’s easy. I’ll be live tracked via phone app so they know my whereabouts at all time.

But yeah. No pressure or anything.

Now that this has gone from casual training run to complete terror over looking like that-up-there in all my photos, Charles Street 12 should be an interesting race for me this year! It’s going to be fun. I just hope I do a good job.

Now about those Clif Z Bars

If you happen to be an Insta-friend you might have seen the pile of delicious that I posted last night.


I’m getting hungry again just looking at that picture. These arrived in a mystery box on my doorstep. Mystery boxes are what happen when something arrives at my house and I can’t remember if I went shopping or not. Sadly this is a recurring problem.

Betty and I had gotten back from dinner and I had promised her dessert. Chocolate Chip, Honey Graham, Chocolate Brownie, and Iced Oatmeal Cookie sound a whole lot like dessert to me so she and I ripped into one of the brownie ones and split it. It was SO incredibly good. Betty loved it so much that she asked if she could pick out another one to eat in the morning before school and I’ll be picking out one to take to work with me because even though these are supposed to be for kids they are way too good for them to not be for me too. I have a feeling that they will become a regular item on our weekly grocery shopping list.

Because I was so fortunate to receive so many delicious Z Bars, I thought today I might do a little FLASH GIVEAWAY for three of these delicious flavors (Chocolate Chip, Honey Graham, and Iced Oatmeal Cookie). If you would like to try them, leave a comment below telling me which flavor sounds the best to you! Comments must be timestamped prior to midnight PST TONIGHT. Then I will put everyone’s name into a randomizer to draw a winner to be announced on Facebook tomorrow afternoon.

In addition to these yummy Z Bars, I had received some other Clif samples to try, but I will have more to say about those next week as I plan on using some of them to fuel for this weekend’s races!

If you’re racing this weekend GOOD LUCK and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!