I tasted the rainbow! {The Color Run recap}

No seriously I did taste the rainbow and it was all up in my teeth afterward.

Last Saturday The Color Run returned to Baltimore and for the second time in a row Miss Betty and I were honored to be Ambassadors, along with my BRF, Sara. There were two separate events that day and we were signed up for the one at 9 am. I just  love the smell of glitter bright and early in the morning.

So yeah . This year The Color Run is presenting the Shine tour and what could be shinier or more sparkly than glitter? Or some gold bling at the end? I was pretty excited that they would be handing out medals this time! Along with the standard white logo tee and rainbow sweatbands, we were also provided with some fun glitter tattoos and at the end of the race there would be a packet of glitter handed to us along with the customary color packet for the big color throw where everyone gets super messy.

Betty and me, equipped with our jogger that still contains remnants from last year’s Color Run, arrived just as they were starting to let people in. We picked up my bib and gear, purchased a stuffed unicorn for our sweet little I Run 4 buddy and met up with Sara just in time to catch the beginnings of the Zumba-style warm up.



Despite some audio difficulties, it was still a lot of fun. If there’s one thing that the friendly folks at The Color Run know how to do, it’s get people moving!

Right around 9 o’clock, we started making our way to the start and I noticed way too late that we should have probably gotten in line much sooner (sorry again, Sara) We were packed in like sardines. At least we had gorgeous blue skies and sunshine!


Luckily Betty isn’t afraid of crowds. In fact, she was so NOT afraid that she ended up falling asleep in the stroller while we waited. I have no idea how considering that there was loud dance music blaring right next to us, but naps are so few and far between now that I’m not about to argue them regardless of where they occur.

Eventually it was our turn. I fired up my Garmin and we we went…

…absolutely NO WHERE.

So I know that The Color Run isn’t timed or anything. They were making a point to announce that fact at the start. But some people out there do want to run. This was made pretty near impossible during the first mile with people walking in huge packs and stopping dead in their tracks right in front of us.

I’m fairly certain that I wasn’t making any friends running with the stroller.

The course was much the same as last time with a few small changes, one of which was that the purple color station replaced with people that were dousing us in gallons of glitter. I have never seen so much glitter in my life. It was everywhere including in my sinuses. I sneezed and B snored her way through it.

In fact, she snored her way through pretty much the whole thing. Despite missing out on everything she was cheerful as we rushed toward the finish line. Start to finish it took us right around 27 minutes flat which was not bad at all considering that we spent a mile practically walking. We collected our shiny gold medal, cleaned up a bit, and headed over to the stage for the after party.


I promise that she was much more enthused than she appears in that photo.


See all that color? That’s what blowing my nose looked like for the rest of the weekend. We met up with Sara to the side of the stage at 10:15 because as Ambassadors we would be invited up on stage to assist in one of the color throws. This was definitely one of the highlights of my experience. I’m sure it was a highlight of Betty’s too. I got some an adorable short video of her dancing around on the stage. The ham doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess.


They announced our names and allowed Betty to do the countdown. Then I tried to get another photo, but I was so freaked out by the giant mushroom cloud of color coming straight for us that I temporarily forgot how to use my camera.

After the dust settled—into my sinuses, eyeballs, and all over my skin—it was time to pack up and head out. Milkshakes at Shake Shack were just what we needed to wash down all the cornstarch.



One again The Color Run delivered with adorable photos. I think these might be some of my favorite race pics ever.

A huge thanks to them for welcoming us back to the Ambassador team! It was a blast! Apparently the next time The Color Run returns to Baltimore it will be for a night race. That might have to be a mommy’s night out event. 🙂

Have you done the Shine Tour? What did you think? Anyone else take any AWESOME race pictures lately?

Happy Thursday, all!




Finish Foto Friday. This one takes the cake.

What? Would you have preferred Phinish Photo Phriday?

The more races I do the more I like the resulting photos. It’s not that I’ve gotten any more photogenic; just that now I’m better at spotting the photographers and can plaster an “OMG LOOK HOW MUCH FUN I’M HAVING!!!!” smile on my face rather than look how I would actually be feeling, which more often than not is like death warmed over. I would never share my pics from last year’s Zoo Zoom on here for that reason. I’m so glad I’ll get a do-over for those this Sunday. And even more glad that it’s supposed to be warm out. If you consider 40 degrees to be warm.

Which I do.

I wasn’t certain where any of the photographers on the course were last weekend for The Color Run –  probably because I was partially blinded by flying cornstarch  – but I was prepared for those pics to be some of my favorite photos ever taken simply because I was running with Betty. I got my photos back yesterday and I am not disappointed.

One thing that is really awesome about Color Run photos is that they are supremely cheap by comparison to other races. I purchased 3 high res downloads for a whopping $12; about half the price that I paid the last time I downloaded ONE race photo. I don’t even like my face very much in one of them, but I couldn’t say no to the price. Besides Betty looks like she’s enjoying herself and I’m trying really hard to not have a vanity problem.


I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here and if you are color blind, we are in the purple section which was about a mile and a half in. You can tell by my smile that I am loving this; had I known someone was taking my picture I probably would have made more of an effort to not look like such a goon. Betty is  clearly having a blast in her giant sunglasses. This was before we got to the life-ruining yellow section.

This is the photo I was most excited to get back; the actual finish line pic:

color run finish

Wheeeeee! I LOVE everything about it. The smile on my face. The fact that we are covered in so much yellow. The fact that Betty is not crying despite being covered in so much yellow. The fact that no one else is in the picture with us. No offense, anybody else, and I’m sure you’re all lovely people. I just think it’s cool that we’re alone. This picture makes me feel good about myself. I just pushed 60+ pounds of kid and stroller for 3 miles and I’m still smiling.

Because we were back fairly quickly, the finish festival was empty and there were no lines for either of the two photo booth style set ups they had. I couldn’t resist.

finish photo tcr

Just a couple of Color Runners on their way to the gun show. Yes my pants are covered with pictures of cats flying through space. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear them and The Color Run seemed like an appropriate venue for such ridiculousness. One thing this photo does not do justice for is my green-tinted teeth. As Betty would say, “They are green from algae.” I have no idea where she gets this stuff.

Do you have any great new race photos from recent events to share? Link them up in the comments! (I LOVE looking at peoples’ race pics!)

What is the most you’ve paid for a race picture? Have you ever gotten any good ones for free?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and good luck to you if you are racing! (I’m looking at you, Philly runners!)



A week of workouts, the happiest race pics on the planet, and a big life change.

You all have no idea how glad I am that it’s Friday.


Half marathon training is in full swing! So much full swing actually that I ran nearly an entire half marathon last weekend with two months to go. It was a great gauge of where I am right now.

Survey says? Needs work.

At least I had fun. More on that in a minute, but first my week shaped up pretty well workout wise!

  • Saturday, August 9: CHUCK 12!
  • Sunday, August 10: 50 minutes on the bike at the gym.
  • Monday, August 11: Ran a mile to the gym, hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes, and then ran back to the office. Did some strength training at home that evening too.
  • Tuesday, August 12: YOU GUYS I DID SPEED WORK. For the first time since June! 1 mile warm up and then 6x400s. Total was 4 miles. I managed to hit all my paces for each interval too and felt like a superhero when I was finished. When I’m complaining about speed work in the next couple months, someone please remind me how much I LOVED it on Tuesday, August 12.
  • Wednesday, August 13: 5 miles in the morning at 7:52 pace. I had to work for it, but it was so good to see that improvement in my time from the last time I ran 5. It made me feel like I’m getting stronger. Then my awesome Muuyu yoga class with Alyson McWilliams in the evening!
  • Thursday, August 14: 5 easy miles on the trail. I went out with the intention of running 4, but it was such a beautiful day yesterday that kept going.
  • Today: Resting and I’ll be taking tomorrow morning easy too. I have a 10K on Sunday! It’s part of my run club’s Grand Prix Series so hopefully I can pull together something resembling a decent run.

Back to the fun from last Saturday. I mentioned previously that I had gone out that day with no real time goal in mind; I just wanted to finish, get my medals, and have fun. Mission accomplished. Then the other day I received an email from Chessie Photo informing me that the pictures from the day had been processed and I cringed because that’s what I always do before I see my race pics. Usually my race pics are terrible.

However these pictures? ARE AWESOME. For the first time ever, I wanted to buy ALL the photos. But that would be expensive so I settled for 3 of them, which is still many more than I have wanted to shell out money for in the past. ChessiePhoto offered us a really awesome discount (40% off!) so I had to take advantage.

This one might be my favorite running photo ever taken although it probably wouldn’t have been if I wasn’t wearing the glasses because this was during mile 12 and my eyes were about to start bleeding. You would never know by that smile on my face though! I was so happy to be running! Also that’s the best backdrop ever…the USS Constellation which is a historic ship in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Also…THUMBS UP! If you missed my post about that, I do this weird thing where I run with my thumbs up. I’ve tried to control it, but it’s impossible. These thumbs do what they want.


Now this here is what happens when there is a big sign posted that announces the presence of a photographer. Am I a big dork? Absolutely, but at least I’m having fun! The guy behind me is giving the kind of smile that one reserves for people they feel kind of sorry for.


And finally my finish line pic. I was relieved to be done, but also just so elated with the whole experience.


My arms look pretty beastmode too, which makes me like the picture even more. HOORAY FOR GOOD RACE PICS! I love you, ChessiePhoto!!

As for the big life change? Well in a couple weeks you guys will be seeing a little less of me around here. I know that probably makes you super sad or not. Either way, that office behind me up there in that first pic is soon to be my office no longer because


I have been at my current job for 6 years and I’ll just say in the nicest way possible…I’m over it. I was lucky enough to be snatched up by a really great company. I will be doing design for them, but also project management, art direction, and even some writing!! I’m nervous. I want to do such a good job for them and I know the position will be challenging, but so much more creative than what I’m doing now and I believe in the end it will be such a rewarding move.

Plus it means NEW RUNNING ROUTES FOR MY RUNCHES! Is it weird that I’m giddily excited about that?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and if you are racing please shout it out in the comments below so I can cheer you on!

Have you ever made a scary career move that ended up being so worth it in the end? Do you get crazy excited about new running routes? Have any cool new race pics to share?

Happy Friday, friends!



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