The happiest, funnest, most non-stop, ice-cream filled, exhausting birthday EVER.



Yesterday was SO MUCH FUN, but also completely and utterly exhausting. For mommy and daddy anyway. This little 2 year old was still trying every excuse in the toddler book to get out of bedtime last night.

My day started off here:


See how it’s still dark? That’s because it was 5-and-change o’clock in the morning. I hit up a 6am class so that I could hopefully be home to get things set up for the birthday girl before she woke up. And I was. Much like any other proper human being, she chose her birthday as the one day in a loooong time to sleep in. I actually had to go in and wake her up. Because…


…PRESENTS!!! My husband got the best video of her reaction to seeing that the birthday fairy had arrived. The wrapped package in the stroller contains her new doll and the ones in the crib have a feeding set for aforementioned doll and a Leaptop learning computer.


Then it was off to a special birthday breakfast at a local diner. She brought along her new laptop because sometimes you just have work to do even if it’s your birthday.


Please note how she dressed herself for the occasion in purple Mardi Gras beads.

We were paying for breakfast and the nice lady at the counter asked Betty if she would like a birthday cookie. I thought this sounded fine…I mean, I sure as hell wouldn’t be turning down a free cookie on my own birthday. So she took Betty to the baked goods and let her pick one out.

She returned with the mother of all birthday cookies.


That thing is literally the size of her head. Luckily my child is an anomaly and doesn’t really go insane with sweets. She had like three bites and then said “all done”. Of course I saved it for later and may have also helped myself to a little of it.

After breakfast, it was off to this cool indoor playground to burn off some energy and giant birthday cookies.


Holy over-stimulation. One would think a kid would really need a nap after spending a couple hours in this place. After waking up so early and all this excitement, I sure needed one. So after a quick run to Target, we headed home to rest for a couple hours.

Did you know that apparently naps aren’t cool on your birthday until you’re an adult? I learned that yesterday.

No naps to be had for any Betty or mommy in the house. Instead I made lunch and we played with her new birthday toys for awhile before heading out yet again to spend the afternoon at Charm City’s awesome children’s museum, Port Discovery!


Check out that monstrosity! We climbed up the inside of it from the ground all the way up to the third floor. It’s for kids so there were a couple times when we had to crawl through an obscenely small space and almost had a claustrophobia-induced panic attack, but Betty loved it. The museum also has lots of other fun activities, the favorite being a Waterworks room where you put on a raincoat and Crocs and basically get soaked. It is the only time in my life I will be caught dead in Crocs.

By this point we were all starving so we took her to Red Robin for dinner which is one of the three restaurants we go to where she is guaranteed to eat something. We told the waitress that it was her birthday and they clapped, sang, and brought her a giant sundae.


She didn’t need any help with this one.

Considering she never napped, I am impressed that she didn’t turn into a raving maniac at any point during the day. In fact, she didn’t even want to go to bed when we got home and still managed to wake up extra early because she wanted to play with her new doll. I passed out shortly after she did last night though so I was marginally more functional plus how can I say no to someone who greets me in the morning with “Mommy, I miss you.”

I can’t believe my little girl is 2 years old. And I can’t believe we have done all this celebrating already and we still haven’t gotten to her party yet. Her first birthday was fun, but this was just so so so much more and as exhausting as it was, I think it will stick in my mind as one of my favorite days ever.

Oh and another great thing I woke up to this morning was this email:



Looks like all my eye crossing worked!! Now I have until March 23 to re-learn how to run 9 miles. 🙂

What is your favorite birthday memory? If you have kids, what age was a favorite for you?

~ Salt

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