Feeling like a Super Mom

The other night I needed to stop by the wine store before heading home because it had just been one of those days. I had Betty with me and before we went inside she asked me if she could request a lollipop from the man working there. I told her that of course she could. Good day at school and all that.

So as I went and picked out my wine, I heard my three year old approach the counter and ask in the sweetest little voice if she could please have a lollipop and that her mom had told her it was okay. My heart melted and then I nearly turned into a puddle of mommy pride when I joined her to pay and the clerk told me that I must be doing something right because she was the most well-mannered child he had ever seen in his store.

Telling me that my daughter is polite is one of the nicest compliments that anyone could ever give me. There’s just nothing compared to that kind of pride.

However, as of Sunday morning there is another compliment that I think I might like nearly as much.

At 8am Betty and I  armed ourselves with coffee, donuts and water to meet up with 6 other moms and 2 additional kiddos for our June Moms RUN This Town group run on the NCR Trail. We had perfect weather and just like the last time we all got together everyone was so friendly and in great spirits. Some of us decided to run 3 miles and others were going for 5 including a friend of mine who had her son in the only other jogger here. I had run with her last time and although I had never done more than a 5K with our stroller before I decided I was going to go for it.The trail is pretty flat so it would be a good place to test my abilities. Of course we had to grab a poor, unsuspecting girl who was out on a solo run to get a picture of our group:


Thanks for the great pic, random stranger!

There were lots of other people out that morning and as we ran along we received lots of smiles, waves, and comments on how cute our kids are. Betty was telling us stories that were making the miles fly by. Then there was a pair of women running past in the opposite direction and one of them called out,


I don’t know about my friend, but it REALLY made my day.

Maybe it’s because I don’t typically run with the stroller, and maybe it’s because every time I see a mom or day out running with their child—or children because let’s face it…double strollers are EXTRA beastmode—I always think they are such a rock star. It’s hard work! And in that moment I felt like a total rock star myself, pushing 60+lbs at a pretty darn decent pace. I felt amazing; strong, confident, and so incredibly lucky to be out there with my best girl doing one of my most favorite things. Solo runs are awesome, but there’s something extra special about sharing the experience with Betty.

There are days when I feel like the worst parent on the planet. We get frustrated with each other. I don’t want to be one of those moms that yell, but unfortunately it happens from time to time. Sunday morning though? I felt like a super hero. Especially at the end when Betty called out “GREAT JOB, MOM!”

I wish I could bottle that feeling up and carry it around with me forever.

Does running ever make you feel like a super hero? If you’re a parent, do you run with your kid(s) in a stroller? What’s your favorite thing about it? 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!




I tasted the rainbow! {The Color Run recap}

No seriously I did taste the rainbow and it was all up in my teeth afterward.

Last Saturday The Color Run returned to Baltimore and for the second time in a row Miss Betty and I were honored to be Ambassadors, along with my BRF, Sara. There were two separate events that day and we were signed up for the one at 9 am. I just  love the smell of glitter bright and early in the morning.

So yeah . This year The Color Run is presenting the Shine tour and what could be shinier or more sparkly than glitter? Or some gold bling at the end? I was pretty excited that they would be handing out medals this time! Along with the standard white logo tee and rainbow sweatbands, we were also provided with some fun glitter tattoos and at the end of the race there would be a packet of glitter handed to us along with the customary color packet for the big color throw where everyone gets super messy.

Betty and me, equipped with our jogger that still contains remnants from last year’s Color Run, arrived just as they were starting to let people in. We picked up my bib and gear, purchased a stuffed unicorn for our sweet little I Run 4 buddy and met up with Sara just in time to catch the beginnings of the Zumba-style warm up.



Despite some audio difficulties, it was still a lot of fun. If there’s one thing that the friendly folks at The Color Run know how to do, it’s get people moving!

Right around 9 o’clock, we started making our way to the start and I noticed way too late that we should have probably gotten in line much sooner (sorry again, Sara) We were packed in like sardines. At least we had gorgeous blue skies and sunshine!


Luckily Betty isn’t afraid of crowds. In fact, she was so NOT afraid that she ended up falling asleep in the stroller while we waited. I have no idea how considering that there was loud dance music blaring right next to us, but naps are so few and far between now that I’m not about to argue them regardless of where they occur.

Eventually it was our turn. I fired up my Garmin and we we went…

…absolutely NO WHERE.

So I know that The Color Run isn’t timed or anything. They were making a point to announce that fact at the start. But some people out there do want to run. This was made pretty near impossible during the first mile with people walking in huge packs and stopping dead in their tracks right in front of us.

I’m fairly certain that I wasn’t making any friends running with the stroller.

The course was much the same as last time with a few small changes, one of which was that the purple color station replaced with people that were dousing us in gallons of glitter. I have never seen so much glitter in my life. It was everywhere including in my sinuses. I sneezed and B snored her way through it.

In fact, she snored her way through pretty much the whole thing. Despite missing out on everything she was cheerful as we rushed toward the finish line. Start to finish it took us right around 27 minutes flat which was not bad at all considering that we spent a mile practically walking. We collected our shiny gold medal, cleaned up a bit, and headed over to the stage for the after party.


I promise that she was much more enthused than she appears in that photo.


See all that color? That’s what blowing my nose looked like for the rest of the weekend. We met up with Sara to the side of the stage at 10:15 because as Ambassadors we would be invited up on stage to assist in one of the color throws. This was definitely one of the highlights of my experience. I’m sure it was a highlight of Betty’s too. I got some an adorable short video of her dancing around on the stage. The ham doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess.


They announced our names and allowed Betty to do the countdown. Then I tried to get another photo, but I was so freaked out by the giant mushroom cloud of color coming straight for us that I temporarily forgot how to use my camera.

After the dust settled—into my sinuses, eyeballs, and all over my skin—it was time to pack up and head out. Milkshakes at Shake Shack were just what we needed to wash down all the cornstarch.



One again The Color Run delivered with adorable photos. I think these might be some of my favorite race pics ever.

A huge thanks to them for welcoming us back to the Ambassador team! It was a blast! Apparently the next time The Color Run returns to Baltimore it will be for a night race. That might have to be a mommy’s night out event. 🙂

Have you done the Shine Tour? What did you think? Anyone else take any AWESOME race pictures lately?

Happy Thursday, all!



Fitting it all in. What I’ve learned so far…

I know I’ve said this about a million times on here already, but I am so happy and proud to be a part of this blogging community. You guys are just great. The comments that were left on my blog from Monday really meant a lot to me and I’m thankful for all your support and kindness.


I’m not going to pretend like I’m some kind of expert at this whole single mom thing yet because it hasn’t been going on that long, but as I’m sure you can imagine we’ve definitely had our fair share of major schedule adjustments which thankfully my little superstar seems to be taking in stride. I had grown very accustomed to waking up in the early mornings and going out for a run or to the gym because there was always someone there to take care of her. Obviously this option is not open to me anymore unless it’s a night when she’s staying with her dad.

So here’s what I can share so far on how I’ve been making it work. It’s my hope that by doing this, I might be able to inspire someone in a similar situation. The more comfortable I get, the more I realize that this IS doable. You just have to adapt and it’s my hope that this will make me an even stronger role model for my daughter.

A Strong Support System

My mom has been my biggest cheerleader through all of this. I don’t know what I would do without her and I know things will be even easier once she moves in. In the meantime she has been available here and there to help me out with Betty. I realize that this is not an option for everyone and I consider myself to be VERY lucky.

Getting it done at home

So early morning runs are mostly out right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get up at my usual time and work out in the comfort of my living room while B sleeps. I have access to online and DVD workouts, weights, and my hula hoop (which is surprisingly REALLY good exercise). I don’t need to go to a studio to do yoga. One day when I don’t live upstairs from people maybe I’ll get a treadmill. In the meantime, I still get to work every day feeling like I got something accomplished.

A Great Gym Daycare

Monday was terrible. I was already stressed out and then work was awful and all I really wanted to do was run out all the bad feels. Luckily my gym has an incredible playroom that Betty actually enjoys going to so that evening she went there to hang for 40 minutes while I logged 5 miles on the treadmill. My mood had already improved 1000% when I went to pick her up and she ran up to me dressed in a pink princess dress and saying that she was making new friends my heart almost exploded. I don’t like to take her there all the time because I would prefer that my evenings were spent hanging out with her after a long day of not seeing her, but it’s nice to know that I have this alternative.


This is probably my least favorite big change. At my last job I used to work out on my lunch breaks nearly every day and was fine with it. Then I went to early mornings and liked that SO much better. Now I’m back to gym trips and runs in the middle of the day and sometimes evenings if it’s her dad’s day to pick her up from school. You gotta do what you gotta do.


Have you ever had to make major adjustments to your usual routine in order to deal with a life event? Are you a morning or evening runner?