It’s Half Marathon….Thursday! #procrastination

Better late than never right? This week has been totally kicking my ass in all sorts of ways. Big deadlines at work + trying to get my workouts in = when I get home the last thing I want to do is sit in front of my computer. So this is the recap of week 2 just in time for week 3 to be almost over.

Let’s see if I can remember everything without having to look at my journal for reference. This should be fun. My brain is fried and I barely know what day it is today.


Monday, February 15: Ummmmmm….3 miles. That’s what my plan told me to do anyway. My other option for Mondays is going to be cross training or rest and I think coming up here pretty soon I’m going to be taking advantage of that, especially now that my long runs are on Sundays.

Tuesday, February 16: Seriously it seems like these days were a year ago. This was an interval day – 6 miles total. 1 mile warm up + 4x1600s with 400m recovery. This was my first time EVER doing 1600s on the treadmill and to be honest I was totally dreading this workout. Like I almost skipped it in favor of 400s instead. I’m so glad I pushed myself though because it went great.

And then after all that I went to Bikram class, which was also great even though I still feel stiff as a board sometimes.

Wednesday, February 17: 3 miles easy. Normally I would strength train on Wednesdays also, but I had just been at Bikram the day before. So I went out to dinner instead.

Thursday, February 18: 4 miles with some hill repeats. Warmed up for 2, 8×30 second hill repeats at 5K pace and then cooled down for a mile. This is also new to me in training…I’ve never done specific hill workouts before. My house is surrounded by hills so like every run I do around here is sort of like it’s own hill workout. Now because it’s still winter and I am a huge wuss in the cold, I’ve been utilizing the hill feature on the treadmill more than ever before. Once it warms up outside, I have a couple local hills picked that I can run up and down on days like this.

Friday, February 19: 


That about sums it up.

Saturday, February 20: This was a fun and interesting day! Plan said 4 easy and I don’t know how “easy” 4 miles is while pushing 75 lbs of kid and stroller, but Betty and I joined a crew out of Charm City for a fun run around the neighborhoods over there.


She was so sassy and fun out there…I have such a cool kid!

Then later on in the day THIS HAPPENED. Almost a week later and I’m still feeling it, especially in my right elbow area. Despite that wipe out, it felt great to get back out on my bike only if it was just for a few miles.

Sunday, February 21: Long run day – 9 miles. My longest outside run since the marathon in November!


This run was GREAT except for one part. I was on my way back home, in the midst of mile 6. Up ahead I could see an old red truck coming and I could hear it way before it got to me…it was a total piece of junk. Anyway, the moment that the truck got next to me the kind and considerate driver hit the accelerator so that a blast of exhaust shot out and into my face. And of course I just had to take a big gulp of air just at that moment, breathing it all in.

Apparently this is called “rolling coal”. Did you know that was a thing!? I have never had someone do something so rude to me while out on a run in my life. I would have rather been catcalled at 100x over.

I was super angry after that so I plowed through the rest of it without even really thinking about my pace. I guess I can thank that redneck piece of garbage for the rage-fuel.

Total Mileage: 29

Whew! I can’t believe I remembered all that. Especially after inhaling all those noxious fumes.

I hope everyone else has had a great week of training! How is it going for you?




NCR MARATHON TRAINING WEEK 5: It was kind of like a taper.

For the most part this week was sooooo much better than last week. Those crappy long runs sure make us appreciate the good ones. I scaled back my mileage a little bit and slowed myself down due to a 12 mile race this coming Saturday morning followed up by a 5K in the evening because I’m insane.

Let’s recap…

Monday, August 24: I hadn’t been to MEGAbarre in awhile so I figured why not? And I learned a valuable lesson: When you don’t go to MEGAbarre for awhile, chances are good that you will be in a MEGAworldofpain afterward. My core was so sore for the next few days afterward that it felt like I had been hit by a MEGAtruck.

Tuesday, August 25: 3 miles which I ended up making a 5K. I think this week might be my last week of easy 3 milers on Tuesday and Thursday and I’m going to miss them dearly.

Wednesday, August 26: My hamstring was sore and I had 6 miles on the agenda. I ended up doing them on the treadmill because that surface is a little easier on my legs. This run was nothing spectacular, but then are treadmill runs really ever that spectacular?

Thursday, August 27: Another 3 miler turned 5K. I did this one on the treadmill as well because I also wanted to hit up BodyPump class. Later on that evening I did a video at home that focused on glutes in the hopes that if I get stronger in that area my hamstrings will stop screaming at me so much.

Friday, August 28: 


Rest day. I ended up walking a lot that evening though because I took Betty to the state fair and exercised my right arm throwing darts at a wall of balloons to win her a stuffed unicorn.


Saturday, August 29: The Hal Higdon I am loosely following said 12 miles. Because the operative word there is “loosely”, I decided on 8 because I’m not trying to overdo it before all the races this weekend.

I made plans to meet my friend Michelle at the trail. Before Saturday I had never done a training run over 5 miles with another person and I’m definitely going to need to do it more often; we had so much fun! The time flew by as we chatted and we even managed to negative split everything from mile 3 on.


Between the Renaissance Festival that afternoon and the Ravens game that night, I was on my feet for pretty much the rest of the day but my legs never let on. I felt fantastic after that run and like I could have kept going for miles.

Sunday, August 30: Cross training day. I started off with 30 minutes on the elliptical at the gym to loosen up my legs from the day before even though they didn’t really need it. Then after attending a wedding shower for a very dear friend of mine who is getting married in a couple weeks, I crammed my giant Salsa Warbird in the back of my teeny tiny Fiat and headed back to the trail for 16 miles.

I won’t be setting any course records on a bike or anything, but it was the best ride I’ve ever had. My legs felt excellent and completely unlike I had run at all the day before. I finished filthy, happy, sweaty, and covered with dead insects. Also I really need a rack. The only scrapes and scratches I sustained were from trying to get my bike in and out of the car.

That includes on my back bumper. Oops.

Total Mileage: 20+/16.
Grade: A.

My focus this week is obvious: Saturday. I am supposed to have a 6 mile pace run on Wednesday that I’ll probably knock a mile or two off of that so that I don’t burn myself out. I’m getting so excited!! Charles Street 12 is one of my favorite races and if I play my cards right I should be able to PR considering that last year I was running on a busted foot.

Do you have a race coming up this weekend? Which one? Long runs with friends or solo?

Happy September, everyone!



Summer running…had me a blast! Just kidding. It was horrible.


The closest thing to accurate about that gif is the head wiping. This weekend was BRUTAL in Charm City. 90+ degrees with heat indexes over 100. I knew it would be and yet I still decided I was going to go for my first longer outside run in awhile on Saturday morning.

The plan was to go 9 miles; I had it mapped out and everything. Let me just tell you that it took all of about 2 miles for me to realize that there would be no 9 miles. Even at 8am the humidity was out of control and sweat was literally dripping off my clothes.


Hahaha. Yes.

So 8 miles. I could do 8 miles. I knew exactly where on the route I could cut corners to knock off that extra mile.

I got to 4 when it then it became a matter of getting to the closest convenience store because I was already SO DEHYDRATED. It was there that I shut down my watch, got some water from a kind lady who look petrified that I might just drop dead right there at the counter, and took a nice long break. I only made it 5 miles into my run and it was the smart thing to do. As soon as the gloriously cold water went down my throat it popped right back out on my skin. It was the coldest sweat I ever remember having in my life.

After about 10 minutes of milling around the parking lot of the store and probably looking extra creepy, I decided to be on my way. I was still a little more than 3 miles from my house if I finished out the route that I had planned and I managed to make it all the way back fairly easily thanks to the water break. That run though?

Overall not cool.

So I know this has been a topic that has been done to death already, but just a few things to remember about running in the heat. Especially now that many of us are into the most terrible heat of the summer, ie: that which drove me inside to the treadmill yesterday because I was not about to have a repeat of Saturday:

1) Give yourself time to get acclimated.

Which is something I did not do. I am a self-proclaimed treadmill lover and have been spending a lot of time running in the nice, temperature controlled gym this summer. I should have worked up to that 8 mile a lot more steadily than I did.

2) Hydrate, YOU FOOL!

And by “you fool” I mean me, although it is important for all of us to remember that in the hottest of the hot days  of the summer we should  be upping our water consumption. Even if we think we might not need water on our run…we might need water on our run. And again by “we” I mean “me”. I should never have left that water bottle sitting on the counter.

3) Take it Easy.


Here’s a handy chart. I loved this chart for winter and was pleased to see that they have one for summer too. Let’s just say that according to my watch I was not paying one bit of attention to any of this on Saturday morning.


It’s like I had somewhere to be or something, which in reality I did not. I probably would have been able to complete 9 miles—or even not split up my 8—had I dialed back my pace.

And of course I don’t think any of us really need this particular reminder, but wear as little clothing as you can comfortably (or legally) go out in public in.

All this stuff is basic knowledge, but just like with pretty much everything else in my life I need to learn to take my own good advice. I’m hoping that by writing these out it will help keep me accountable for next time. 🙂

How are you dealing with running in the summer heat? Any additional tips to share?

I hope everyone had a great weekend and STAY COOL out there! It’s going to be another hot one today!