I guess Half Marathon Thursday is a thing now.

This past week I brought myself a long overdue present: a shiny new MacBook Pro! At home I had been writing and designing on the same ancient iMac since 2008 which in human years would be comparable to…

…and it was to the point where that thing made a better paperweight than a computer. It literally would have cost me more money to update it than buy a new one.

I’m thinking that the fact that I can blog from the comfort of my bed at night now will lead to me actually keeping up better with all this. Does that sound really lazy? I don’t care. I’m really lazy right now.



After the debacle that was week 2/day 6, week 3 started off in a VERY sore fashion, especially after piling a long run on top of that on Sunday.

Monday, February 22: I had it mapped out that Mondays would always be 3 mile days, but I think those days are already over. I’ve never done my long runs on Sunday before and yeah…I’m going to need a break. This particular day I did run an easy mile, but then jumped on the Arc trainer for awhile at the gym instead. It was good I guess. Something different.

Tuesday, February 23:  Combo workout – 7 miles. This was the most fun I’ve had on a treadmill in a VERY long time: 1 mile w/u, 3 miles at half marathon pace, 3 minutes of rest (walk/slow jog), 4 x 2 minutes at 5K pace with 90 second recovery, 1 mile c/d. Usually when I run intervals on the treadmill I do them by distance and not time. I think I might prefer them this new way.

Wednesday, February 24: Easy 3 + strength. I was going to go to yoga down in the city, but the weather was crazy; pouring and with some gnarly thunderstorms. It was also February-warm and I wanted to run outside, but the desire to do that was not greater than my fear of being struck by lightning. So I went to the gym and after my run I went to BodyPump class to cover the strength part.

Thursday, February 25: 5 miles, easy hills. The treadmill hill setting has become my new BFF lately.

Friday, February 26: According to my Vivofit I only got like 3K steps in. So yeah…TOTAL rest day. I even got a pedicure to maximize my sloth-ness.

Saturday, February 27: 6 miles. 1 mile w/u, 4 at marathon pace, 1 mile c/d. Then I went to a warm vinyasa class that was FANTASTIC.

Sunday, February 28: Long run – 10 miles OUTSIDE because it was nearly 70 degrees that day although I seemed to be the only person on the trail who got the memo because everyone else I saw had on heavy coats. (Or I was just underdressed.) This run was not my favorite; in fact I feel like a lot of the runs that I’ve done on the trail in recent months have been really tough for me and I’ve concluded that it might be totally mental.


Yeah. That’s pretty much how I feel when I think about running on the trail. I have biked and marathon-trained and marathon-ed all over that trail. I think I’ve seen all the trail that I ever need to see. It’s nice because it’s flat, but I think from now on I’ll stick to the roads around my house.

Total Mileage: 32

How has your week been going? Have you ever found yourself SO OVER a certain running route? How did that affect your performance (if at all)?




It’s Half Marathon….Thursday! #procrastination

Better late than never right? This week has been totally kicking my ass in all sorts of ways. Big deadlines at work + trying to get my workouts in = when I get home the last thing I want to do is sit in front of my computer. So this is the recap of week 2 just in time for week 3 to be almost over.

Let’s see if I can remember everything without having to look at my journal for reference. This should be fun. My brain is fried and I barely know what day it is today.


Monday, February 15: Ummmmmm….3 miles. That’s what my plan told me to do anyway. My other option for Mondays is going to be cross training or rest and I think coming up here pretty soon I’m going to be taking advantage of that, especially now that my long runs are on Sundays.

Tuesday, February 16: Seriously it seems like these days were a year ago. This was an interval day – 6 miles total. 1 mile warm up + 4x1600s with 400m recovery. This was my first time EVER doing 1600s on the treadmill and to be honest I was totally dreading this workout. Like I almost skipped it in favor of 400s instead. I’m so glad I pushed myself though because it went great.

And then after all that I went to Bikram class, which was also great even though I still feel stiff as a board sometimes.

Wednesday, February 17: 3 miles easy. Normally I would strength train on Wednesdays also, but I had just been at Bikram the day before. So I went out to dinner instead.

Thursday, February 18: 4 miles with some hill repeats. Warmed up for 2, 8×30 second hill repeats at 5K pace and then cooled down for a mile. This is also new to me in training…I’ve never done specific hill workouts before. My house is surrounded by hills so like every run I do around here is sort of like it’s own hill workout. Now because it’s still winter and I am a huge wuss in the cold, I’ve been utilizing the hill feature on the treadmill more than ever before. Once it warms up outside, I have a couple local hills picked that I can run up and down on days like this.

Friday, February 19: 


That about sums it up.

Saturday, February 20: This was a fun and interesting day! Plan said 4 easy and I don’t know how “easy” 4 miles is while pushing 75 lbs of kid and stroller, but Betty and I joined a crew out of Charm City for a fun run around the neighborhoods over there.


She was so sassy and fun out there…I have such a cool kid!

Then later on in the day THIS HAPPENED. Almost a week later and I’m still feeling it, especially in my right elbow area. Despite that wipe out, it felt great to get back out on my bike only if it was just for a few miles.

Sunday, February 21: Long run day – 9 miles. My longest outside run since the marathon in November!


This run was GREAT except for one part. I was on my way back home, in the midst of mile 6. Up ahead I could see an old red truck coming and I could hear it way before it got to me…it was a total piece of junk. Anyway, the moment that the truck got next to me the kind and considerate driver hit the accelerator so that a blast of exhaust shot out and into my face. And of course I just had to take a big gulp of air just at that moment, breathing it all in.

Apparently this is called “rolling coal”. Did you know that was a thing!? I have never had someone do something so rude to me while out on a run in my life. I would have rather been catcalled at 100x over.

I was super angry after that so I plowed through the rest of it without even really thinking about my pace. I guess I can thank that redneck piece of garbage for the rage-fuel.

Total Mileage: 29

Whew! I can’t believe I remembered all that. Especially after inhaling all those noxious fumes.

I hope everyone else has had a great week of training! How is it going for you?



Track Attack!


Arguably the best Tom Cruise movie of all time.

In my continuing effort to try new things, last night I FINALLY joined a group of runners for my very first track workout EVER at a local track that I had no idea existed until recently. This group has been meeting all summer on Tuesdays at 6:30and unfortunately for me last night was the LAST NIGHT of the summer session. Leave it to me to be really fashionably late and miss out on all the fun.

I am for real sad that it’s over because I think I may be addicted to track running.

photo 1

I arrived early so I spent some time doing some careful warm up laps and taking stealthy pictures of the track so that no one would think I was a weirdo. I had already done some 400s on the treadmill at my new gym earlier in the day so if I ran at all I wasn’t planning on pushing myself too hard. Having never attended anything like this before, I really just wanted to see what this was all about.

After a mile and some dynamic stretching, some other runners started to arrive and I chatted with one of them while we waited for everything to start. The organizer was a super cool girl named Jen who works for my favorite running store, Charm City Run. I had talked to Jen via email a couple times in the past about getting a yoga for runners class set up for my MRTT chapter (40 strong and growing!!) at our local running store so it was fun to finally meet her in person! She informed the group that tonight we would be running partner Yasso 800s and I was hit by a wave of nervousness. I had never run speed intervals on a track before, but I had heard about these.

Jen asked us what our 5K times were and started pairing us up. Without thinking I told her mine was around 21 minutes and then instantly kicked myself for saying that because yeah…maybe on a good day pre-injury and not today when I still have issues and I already did a speed workout earlier. She assured me it was fine, but not until after I had been paired up with 19 minute 5K guy. He was the fastest one there.

We ran 2 laps to warm up and just before we began we were joined by another guy who was placed in the same group with fast guy and me. As the slower runner of the three of us, I would start first, run one lap alone, 1 lap with the two of them, and then my recovery would happen while they ran 400 meters together. We would do this 6 times.

I’ll be the first to admit…I went out WAY too fast. Total newb mistake; this was SO different than the treadmill speed work that I’m used to. I destroyed my first 400. My partners looked a little terrified as I met them for lap two, which went just as well as the first. Then I was surprised that I didn’t feel too terrible as I waited for my them to complete their lap. The downside – and possibly the upside – to being paired with the fastest fellows was that I didn’t have very long to rest.

We went on and on like this and it was SO much fun. I was feeling good and so thankful that I had taken so much time to warm up. My foot had felt pretty crappy before, but now it seemed to be functioning okay. Every time my one partner would come in to start his rest period he would high five me to go and then while we were running together he was so encouraging which I really needed during interval 5 and 6 because at that point I was sucking wind pretty hard.

And then just like that it was done. I jogged/walked around a bit to cool down, completely exhausted but elated by my results. You can clearly see where I went out too fast like a newb and then burned out, but LOOK AT THAT FIRST SPLIT!


photo 2

One day I want to see a “5” there. Maybe I should have gotten fast guy’s contact info so I could train with him again.

Part of me is really sad that I didn’t know about this group earlier, but even if I had I wouldn’t have been able to participate. I’m just glad that I was able to be well enough to get one good workout in with them before the summer ended. I think that was the hardest speed workout I’ve done in my life.

Thank goodness I joined that new gym because 6am Yoga for Athletes was exactly what my sore body needed this morning.

Do you love track workouts? What are your favorite kinds of intervals to run?

Happy Wednesday and even more importantly


We will be celebrating with a nice dinner out tonight and then the Renaissance Fair on Sunday. I can’t wait!