Lily Trotters are LIVE!

It’s the announcement that I have been SO EXCITED to make!!

Courtesy of Lily Trotters.

Courtesy of Lily Trotters.


If you would like to check out the awesome story about how these socks came to be, the process by which they are made, meet their fantastic founder, Susan, and see me in all my totally awkward glory, click the banner above. Or click this link right here. Whichever floats your boat.

And get involved! Lily Trotters needs to raise $20,000 in 30 days in order to be funded and considering that they’ve almost raised nearly that amount today alone, I’m thinking that there are going to be some fabulous new socks in our futures. They have different packages available on Kickstarter that will allow you to back the project OR get yourself a pair (or pairs!) of Lily Trotters with your donation. So many cute designs to choose from that it will probably be the toughest decision I make all day.

Enjoy!! And don’t make too much fun of me. I am terrible at having a camera in my face. 🙂

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and I’ll be back soon with workouts updates. My internet has been very spotty which has been making posting pretty difficult!




#IRun4Meadow & some other random coolness

Wednesday night was the best evening of my whole week. That’s when I received the email that I had been matched.


I signed up with the IR4 organization at the tail end of last year after seeing so many of my running friends build beautiful relationships with their buddies. Every week the wait list would be updated and I would check to see where my name was and wonder who I would be lucky enough to be matched up with.

Well I have my match and let me just tell you guys…she’s PRECIOUS. Obviously I don’t want to give out any details here without her family’s permission, but I am so excited to dedicate my miles to Meadow. Seriously, could her name be any cuter?? Betty and I are gearing up to run our first race for her tomorrow morning at The Color Run!

If you aren’t familiar with IR4 and want to get involved, I encourage you to check out their site and watch the video there. It’s truly life changing!

And then there was the day I got cheese mail.


This has got to be one of my favorite things about my Fit Foodie involvement. Sartori makes some of the most amazing cheese on the planet and because they are a sponsor of the Fit Foodie 5K Weekend, they have generously provided a beautiful spread of cheeses plus some other fun goodies to their Ambassadors. The merlot (second from the right) is probably the best cheese I’ve ever had in my life. I feel like I should have a fancy party and invite you all to it.

Then just when I thought that my week couldn’t get any more awesome there was more to come.


You’ve probably heard me rave about my Lily Trotters before. I was lucky enough to learn about this awesome local business from one of my friends and since then they have become my go-to compression socks. I wore them in New Jersey and got a handful of compliments from other runners while out on the course! And I also got to hang with my sock twin that weekend:


I LOVE this girl!

Now I don’t want to say too much about what I have coming up—mostly because I have no idea if I’m even allowed to talk about it yet—but let’s just say that I will be working with Lily Trotters on something in the very near future. I’m over the moon excited and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Is anyone else racing this weekend? Do you have an IR4 buddy? What is your favorite kind of cheese? (Wanna come over and help me eat all this cheese!?)

I hope that everyone has a WONDERFUL holiday weekend!



Running on Cloud 9. {Hoka One One Clifton Review}



And good luck to all the wonderful people running today. I’ll be thinking of you and following some of you online! (AMBER! TANTRA!)

Now it’s time to talk about shoes again.


Please meet my new Hoka One One (pronounced o-nay o-nay just in case you all were saying it like the number…which I did for a very long time).


They are the Clifton model. I’ll be honest…when I found out I was going to be reviewing this shoe, I was hoping I would receive this color. Aren’t they awesome?

This is not my first go around with Hoka. I purchased my first pair of Clifton awhile back after posting on an online running message board asking for opinions. I had heard that they are a great neutral shoe for runners with various aches and pains and if you’ve been around my blog for awhile you’ll know that I’ve got the market cornered on aches and pains.

First let’s look at the stats.


  • Ultra-Lightweight No Sew SpeedFrame Construction
  • Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry
  • Full Length HIP CMEVA Midsole
  • Full Ground Contact Design
  • Strategic Hi-Abrasion Rubber Zones


The Clifton has a heel/toe drop of 5mm (28mm heel/23mm forefoot) and weighs in a whopping 6.6 oz. I was completely astounded the first time I picked one up. At a glance, the midsole, which is up to 2.5x the volume of a standard running shoe – they call it “maximalist” rather than “minimalist” – makes the Clifton appear to be heavy as a brick. Instead the lightweight, greater-rebounding foam makes you feel like you’re running on a cloud. For a runner with wonky legs, the extra shock absorption is a welcomed thing.

The little arrows on the shoe illustration up there refer to the signature meta-rocker geometry. One of the things that the Hoka One One design is known for is transitioning a runner away from a heel strike. I am not a heel striker so right out of the box running in them feels pretty natural for me although getting used to having so much shoe under my foot was a bit of a learning curve. See also: this post from the other day when I talk about falling down. There was a little bit of a break-in period with the Clifton as well, but that’s because the more I wore them the more my foot formed into the cushiony midsole. That is one of my favorite features of this shoe; it almost feels as if they are made specifically for your feet. I didn’t realize how worn out my old Hoka were until I put on the new ones.


I think this progressive run is a pretty great illustration of how versatile the Clifton can be.

Due to all that aforementioned cushioning, the Clifton has quickly become my long run shoe of choice. Interestingly enough though, because they are also so lightweight, I have also done intervals in them (after getting  used to the size of the midsole of course…that would NOT have been hilarious to take a spill on the treadmill during one of my repeats). Since I’ve been dealing with my lower back injury and subsequently keeping my fingers crossed for some kind of miracle recovery before this weekend, I’ve been wearing the Clifton a lot because they are the most comfortable shoes in my closet.

One other thing to consider…I’ve found that for me personally, the Clifton runs large. I typically wear an 8.5 in running shoes and after sliding around in my first pair of of Hoka for a couple days I realized that an 8 would be the perfect fit for me. (And they were nice enough to let me exchange them.)

I think I’m a Hoka One One fan for life. They even look good with dress pants.


The Clifton retails for $130 on

 Have you tried Hoka? What do you think of them? Are you following the marathon today??



Runner’s World provided me a pair of Hoka One One Clifton for review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. These shoes are fabulous!