The Streak Goes On!

Well Christmas is officially behind us and it made a half marathon seem like a piece of cake. EXHAUSTING! I hope that everyone who has been celebrating over the past couple days has been having a wonderful time! The best part for me was definitely watching my daughter open her presents on Christmas morning.


Not even 2 years old and already has her own Benz. What a baller.

Throughout this holiday madness/fun my best Helly and I have been keeping up with our streaks and today it’s STREAK PARTY TIME again! As if we all haven’t been doing enough partying over the past few days.


If you have read any of my other recaps, you might recall me being all “OMG this run streak is so great and easy and just the best thing I’ve ever done”. Well Week 4 took a little bit of a toll and I’m not trying to be a Pointy McFingerpointer or anything, but I’m looking at you, Saturday long run.

Here’s a little recap of what I’ve been up to over the past week:

  • December 19: I decide to take to the streets for the first outside run I’ve done around my work in awhile. The sidewalks are still a little icy in patches, but I finish my 5 miles strong. This is the day when I will go nuclear upon my return to the office when I realize someone has stolen all my milk.*
  • December 20: Fridays have quickly become my Wear An Inappropriate Streaking Outfit Day. Last week it was skinny jeans. This week I’m going to a Christmas party so I show up at the gym in the outfit pictured below. I do swap out my boots for my running shoes, but the pearls obviously stay on.


  • December 21: Saturday Long Run. I decide to take advantage of the “warm” weather that has moved into the area and go for my longest run yet (if only by like .4 miles). I finish up 14 miles feeling fantastic. This feeling will be relatively short lived.
  • December 22: I stop by the gym to run 1 mile before heading to my yoga class where thankfully our regular Sunday instructor has returned. She informs us that she heard we did a lot of arm work the previous week while she was away and so this week we are going to do LOTS OF LEGS. I almost start to cry.
  • December 23: It’s raining and I don’t even feel like dealing with it. I run 7 ugly-feeling miles on the treadmill and decide that I’m not loving this whole Streak thing very much right now.
  • December 24: Speed day, my hip hurts, and I’m feeling like a total Debbie Downer. I pull it together for my usual 5 miles of 800m repeats and then practically limp my way out of the gym. Later in the evening, my husband and I exchange our gifts and he surprises me with NEW YURBUDS! Maybe it’s the delicious martinis I’ve been slugging back, but suddenly I’m not in as much pain anymore and I can’t wait to go running tomorrow. Funny how things can change in an instant.
  • CHRISTMAS DAY: I had only planned to do 1 mile, but I really want to break in my new headphones. I put on a silly pair of Christmas socks, throw together a playlist of some of my favorite Christmas tunes and head out for 5 miles because running more miles is definitely what you should do every time you’ve been in pain for a couple days. I know…I’m kind of an idiot, but guess what? It was fun! There were lots of people out and about for me to wave to and smile at. I could tell everyone really liked my socks. I mean, how could you not?


  • December 26: Usually I would be posting the Streak Recap, but instead I will be chasing my toddler around all day which is a workout in itself. I get outside for a 10K run before my husband goes to work, making sure to start off slow and take my time. I realize later that Santa has brought me a slightly belated Christmas gift…the beginnings of Runner’s Toe. It’s funny how whatever feelings of disgust I might have had in the past about my toenail starting to turn black have been replaced by a feeling of pride.

Total Streak Mileage So Far: 147 miles and change.

I AM SO EXCITED THAT IT’S A REST DAY. I plan to run my 1 mile on the treadmill so slowly that I will practically be walking. Today marks the 34th day of my personal Streak and I have decided to keep going until I hit 52 days for a couple of reasons:

1) 50 would have gotten me to a Sunday, which is normally a rest day. I already run on Mondays and Tuesdays and I’m not going to stop at 49 because that would just be crazy.

2) 52 happens to be one of my lucky numbers, so it all works out for the best anyway!

Are you still Streaking? We want to hear about it! Link up with Helly and me and we can keep each other company!

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* Milk Story Update: I FOUND OUT WHO TOOK IT! It was a good friend of mine who used it by accident and also just so happened to not be here when I freaked out (but heard all about it…I think I’m infamous at this point). She feels so terrible about it and wants to replace my milk. I’m not even mad anymore, but I think it’s pretty awesome that she fessed up. 🙂


Merry merry, everyone!

It’s Christmas Eve!! I am very much looking forward to drinking some of these and eating some of these while watching this as I curse my way through putting together this for my little Monet. Then completely unplugging tomorrow, opening presents with my girl, and spending time with family. (And working my run streak mile in there somewhere of course. Can you believe there is essentially only one more week left!?)

Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, I hope your day tomorrow is spectacular. I am very much looking forward to seeing what Santa brought all you runners! My wallet? Not so much.


The Official Salt Family Holiday Card! Edited of course.
They went out in the mail with our real names.

Santa Visits: Then and Now

Confession: I’m one of those obnoxious people who has already put up Christmas. I did it last Friday. In my defense, Thanksgiving is SO LATE this year, but also I just love the holidays so much and couldn’t wait another minute to start reintroducing Betty to them. Last year she was still too young to care.

This year is definitely different. She LOVES her “kissmist tee” and pointing out her Bubble Guppies, Elmo, and owl ornaments to any parent, cat, or doll that will listen. Christmas movies and music have started to play in our home and we’ve been decorating presents for family members. I have grand plans to take her to Festival of Trees this weekend and get hot chocolate down on 34th Street in the city. Last Saturday we visited an epic annual holiday train garden and she was even more enamored than I could have hoped. I have a feeling we will be there multiple times before they take it down.

The little upscale mall that hosts the train garden is also well known in our area for having a really great Santa. Last year she sat and smiled on Santa’s lap with no problem, but at that point she hadn’t really developed the stranger danger part of her brain. Judging by how my kid is now when other people try to hold her when I’m nearby and her reaction to a toy Santa that my mom presented her with the other day, I expected this year’s photo could be one worthy of sending in to the Ellen Show.

Color me shocked when she wasn’t reduced to a crying mess as soon as she laid eyes on him. He was walking back to his post after a cookies and milk break – or whatever Santas do in their downtime – when we ran into him. He was different than the one they had last year, but I liked him immediately. He seemed really kind and Betty was more curious about him than anything else. I made the snap decision to go for the Santa pics right now because who knows what kind of reaction she would have on any other day. Toddlers like to keep you guessing.

Maybe it was because he had just been on a break or maybe I’m just a holiday nutcase with Christmas on my radar way before most normal people, but there was only one other family waiting for pictures. No line = even better with a toddler. So we waited our turn as the little boy in the family before us lost his mind when his parents tried to put him on Santa’s lap. Betty watched all of this pan out with great interest. Awesome.

Then it was our turn. I pulled out a brush and fixed both our hair just in case I ended up in the photo too. My suggestion to go sit on his lap was immediately met with loud protests and attempts to climb up my leg, and I decided not to push the issue. We were having such a great time together and I didn’t want to ruin it. As hilarious as meltdown Santa photos can be, that’s not how I wanted either of us to remember this day. I asked if she would sit with him if mommy came too and while she still seemed unsure, she didn’t object. I’m glad I fixed my hair and I’m even more glad the photographer caught a big smile!


*Insert typical parent statement here about how I can’t believe how much she has changed in a year!*

My mom suggested that I Photoshop myself out of the picture, but I kind of love that I’m in it. We don’t have all that many pictures together as it is – especially professional ones – and she can look back on it fondly as the year that mommy made sitting with Santa okay. 🙂

QotD: Have you or your kids ever taken a hilarious Santa photo? Am I the only crazy who is all about Christmas this early?

~ Salt