Life is just a bowl of cherries! {And a chiro update.}

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I went just about 36 years without much fruit in my diet at all outside of the occasional smoothie. Actually I talked about this not too long ago when I suddenly became obsessed with apples and needed to know all about which kinds I should try. Thank you for all the suggestions, by the way. My favorites so far are Pink Lady and Gala and I’ve been eating an apple as a snack almost every day.

Since then I’ve been so much more open minded about trying new things and Mr. Salt has been bringing home all sorts of fruit for me to sample. I’ve had…

  • Peaches: The smell alone makes my stomach turn and I can’t get past it. It reminds me too much of this nauseating Body Shop fuzzy peach perfume my friends used to wear in middle school.
  • Nectarines: AKA: Non-fuzzy peaches. I managed to bite into one and didn’t die from it, but the smell was too similar to peaches for me to be able to enjoy it.
  • Watermelon: Meh. I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat it by itself, but it tastes good when paired with other things such as cottage cheese. I think pretty much everything goes with cottage cheese.
  • Pears: NO. Maybe I got a bad one, but I hated it.
  • Red Seedless Grapes: We have these in the house all the time now. So good.
  • Oranges: Tasty!

And quite a few others. Then last night he arrived home with a bag of some of the biggest cherries I’ve ever seen. Apparently cherries are expensive (?) so he doesn’t usually buy them, but when he stopped to get milk on his way home he saw that these were on sale and thought they would be good for Betty’s lunch. She LOVES cherries.

As he stood at the kitchen counter de-pitting them, he handed me one. I was skeptical. These cherries were intimidating. But I didn’t want him to make fun of me, so I accepted it and bit off a tiny piece.



I was instantly hooked, but I also wondered…how healthy are these exactly? The only experience I had with cherries before last night was with the maraschino variety that they put on ice cream and in cocktails and those are LOADED with sugar. As it turns out, there is a huge difference between those sweet little cocktail cherries and the gargantuan ones in my house. They are packed with vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, fiber, contain virtually no sodium or fat and are a great low-cal snack!

I never would have dreamed how beneficial cherries could be to your diet…especially the diet of a runner!

Cherries for Runners

  • They help keep you trim and fit. Cherries contain B vitamins crucial to your metabolism. Plus as I mentioned above, they are low in calories, but pack a lot of fiber so as a snack they leave you feeling fuller, longer.
  • They can aid sleep. If you are anything like me, you might get race-induced insomnia before a big event. Cherry juice could help you sleep a little easier! From a study: Participants drank 30ml of cherry juice 30 minutes after waking and 30 minutes before their evening meal, thereby boosting their exogenous melatonin intake by 85mcg/day.
  • They combat post workout soreness. Cherries/cherry juice contains anthocyanins that are thought to significantly reduce muscle inflammation. This study shows that if you run long distances you are probably destined to be sore afterward, but the cherry juice group reported less post-run pain.
  • And speaking of anthocyanins… These are also thought to prevent cancer, and encourage healthy circulation. And proper nerve function.


I’m about to eat all the cherries in the whole world.

Oh and after talking to my daughter’s teacher this morning I learned that cherries are delicious when frozen and then dropped in a glass of wine. I know what I’m doing later.

How do you feel about cherries? Do you remember that fuzzy peach perfume!?

Also I would like to thank everyone for the kind comments and great suggestions left on yesterdays post. At first I was going to hold off on posting about that appointment until I could process the news a little better, but now I’m so glad I wrote it right away. You guys are so helpful!

Now for some better news:

I went back to Dr. Dave (my chiro) armed with my new diagnosis. He checked out my leg and foot and told me that I’ve already improved 10-fold since I first went in to see him. (Which I believe. My leg is better.) Anyway he wants me to trust him and he said that he can fix it without surgery if I just stick with him for a minute. He did the ART method that a couple of you mentioned (thanks, Judith and Annmarie!) and used an ultrasound on my foot. I go back to see him again on Tuesday.

Last night I dug my old Merrell hiking sandals out of the closet that are still full of dirt from playing around in streams in California, but at least they are much more supportive than flip flops and I can still have open toes on these hot summer days. Hopefully the fact that Dr. Neuro is on vacation for the next couple weeks and the surgery wouldn’t be able to be scheduled right away anyway is a blessing in disguise and I’ll be able to get this under control before any invasive measures are needed. And if it does come to that well then I guess I’ll just cross that bridge when I come to it.


Anatomical Nightmare Salt

Also I just want to remind everyone that I am not a nutritionist or fitness instructor so as always whatever info I post on here about certain foods or workouts are things that I have researched on my own and found interesting. Take what I say with a grain of salt. Pun totally intended.

My little summer vacay from running.

And unfortunately no…not because I want to.

The injury fairy has struck again.


Not great about it, Injury Fairy. Thanks for asking. I hate you.

A couple weeks ago I noticed some pain in my right knee that started after a particularly hard speed work session. I kind of figured it was runner’s knee and cut back on my mileage, but still ran as much as I could without pain. Then some pain/tightness migrated into my shin. I kind of figured it was a shin splint, taped the hell out of it, and continued to keep my mileage low. Then last week I started having some numbness in my second toe which – even with my mileage waning to practically nothing – quickly progressed to a sharp, stabbing pain so intense that I felt as if I was being electrocuted. I never knew when it’s going to hit and when it did it was sometimes bad enough that I almost threw up.

Obviously it was time to see a doctor.

I called my awesome chiropractor, Dr. Dave, and he was able to fit me in for an appointment yesterday morning. Dr. Dave rocks. He asked me about my symptoms and I described the painful timeline of events, plus told him what I thought the problem might be because I had started doing a little research on my own. He grabbed an anatomy book off the shelf and opened to the correct page without even looking for it. It was like magic. The page showed an illustration of a leg and foot with all the tendons, muscles, and nerves exposed. He pointed to one of the big nerves that ran down into the foot and confirmed what I had been suspecting:


And in case you don’t know what that is, basically it’s a pinched nerve. The tricky part here was figuring out where it was pinched. Because I had also been experiencing the shin and knee pain, the likely story was that it had originated further up my leg and not in my foot, or even in my lower back and I just didn’t realize it. And there I was feeling like a dumbass because DUH…of course all those pains were related to one another.


I never claimed to be the sharpest crayon in the box.

Anyway, after checking out my range of motion and doing some tests to see where I could feel any kind of sensation vs. total numbness, Dr. Dave decided that the problem area is located in the upper part of my right calf. I got my back adjusted anyway which was fine by me because I love having my back adjusted. Then I had an ultrasound treatment on my leg and I was asked to flex and point my foot in a whole bunch of ways as he pushed on my toes. The pain was EXCRUCIATING, but after a few minutes of massaging my calf muscle, it let up a little. I asked how long it takes for a pinched nerve to heal and he told me 6 weeks.

My reaction was pretty much exactly what Ariel is doing up there in that gif.

BUT then he said that the majority of the healing takes place within the first couple weeks and the rest of it is just cleaning up the remainder of the problem. Okay. That I can handle.

So yeah…no running for probably two weeks at least. I can bike as long as I don’t have pain, I can do yoga, and I can strength train as normal. Unfortunately none of those things are running.

I’m feeling a little differently about this break than I was about the other one I was forced into at the beginning of the year though. More optimistic, I guess. I know if I’m patient and keep up with my appointments with Dr. Dave, this will get fixed and I will still have plenty of time to train for Baltimore if I don’t keep aggravating the injury. In the grand scheme of things 2 weeks is not such a long time. I didn’t really take any time off after Bob Potts so I’m overdue for a break anyway.

Maybe I should enjoy this opportunity to drink wine, relax, and sleep in a little bit on Saturdays because once I’m healed up there are going to be a lot of long runs in my future.

Until then…more opportunities to wear my PR Soles with my work clothes.

Have you ever had a pinched nerve? (IT HURTS!!)



I’m FREE!! And I have winners!

Wow yesterday sure was disgusting. But today I’m back and feeling at least a little bit better. Perhaps even good enough to try a short run on my lunch break because…


I’m sorry, but no amount of dry heaving is going to make me let that go to waste.

Just kidding. No dry heaves over here. Just a mild headache and maybe a little sunshine and endorphins will take care of it.

Today is full of not just good weather news, but also good chiropractor news!

I’M FREE!!!!!!


That’s what I’m talking about, Ray.
He’s my favorite football player of all time, you know.

Yes I have been officially released by Dr. D who does not want to see my face again for a very long time. As much as I love that guy, I don’t particularly want to see him again either. Obviously I can’t throw myself right back into running the way that I was before all this happened, but as long as I start slow I should be okay. Today I feel no negative effects of the 3.1 miles I ran Saturday morning, so I’ll take that as a good sign. Kelly St. Shamrock 5K, I’m coming for you this weekend! (Though maybe a little slower than I might like.)

Oh and I also have winners!


Thanks to everyone who played along with my Hydrapak SoftFlask and GU giveaway and thank you so much to Hydrapak for providing me with such a great prize! I should mention that these are available at REI stores everywhere in case anyone wants to go find one and doesn’t feel like ordering it online because they are impatient like me.

There are TWO winners today. The first one will receive this lovely 500ml SoftFlask:


And that person is:



Thanks for tweeting about this giveaway, Tessa! You win! I hope this will solve all of your dehydration problems.

And then also I have a winner for the grab bag o’ GU products:




You’ve been GU’d!! I hope you enjoy them and thanks for liking me on Facebook. 🙂

I will be contacting you both shortly to coordinate your prizes!

Is anyone else running in a St. Paddy’s Day race? How is your running weather today? Tell me about it!

~ A slightly-less-sick Salt