The Friday Five – Favorites Edition!

Since I’ve been suffering from a massive blogging fail lately, obviously I’ve missed out on a ton of fun including my favorite link-up EVER…THE FRIDAY FIVE!


Gosh I hope they still use the same badge or I’m probably going to look a little silly. I’ve missed Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney so much! This week’s prompt is FAVORITES and maybe I should have read up on this before raving about my new shoes and socks the other day because that would have been half a post right there. Then again, who knew that I’d be posting TWICE IN ONE WEEK this week. I certainly didn’t. I’m just happy to finally be shaking some of the dust out of my brain.

Shoes and socks would have been so obvious anyway. Without further ado…5 favorite things lately, completely random edition.

These Bangs.

I’ve been going through a little bit of an identity crisis lately. When those happen, along with reevaluating my life to see what sort things I might like to work on I also might alter my appearance in some minor way such as getting a new tattoo or changing my hair and when I was younger, sometimes I would piece a new part of my face. Because I’m fresh out of tattoo ideas at the moment and haven’t pierced anything since I was 27, new hair won. I hadn’t had it cut since the summer anyway.

I ended up finding a great new stylist and got my hair cut with bangs for the first time since I was pregnant with B. I LOVE THEM. I feel like I have all the hair options right now. They are long so I can sweep them to the side or pin them back or wear them down if I’m feeling particularly emo that day.


I was probably listening to The Smiths or something when I was taking this photo.

This song.

I listen to Pandora – and I really do listen to The Smiths sometimes – while I’m at work and I’ve learned about more awesome bands that way. Kongos is not a new band, but even though this song was released in 2012 I managed to never hear it until like 2 months ago. It is my current favorite song and one of my favorites to run to.

Here’s a YouTube link if you feel like listening to it like I probably am right now.

This sushi roll.

I have been eating at this sushi restaurant for like 8 years and for some reason – most likely being that I’m completely oblivious just like how I was with that song that was released in 2012 –never saw this on the menu until like 2 weeks ago. It’s called a Hotter Than Hell roll.


I don’t think it’s particularly hot, but it is definitely more deliciouser than hell. That is crab meat and spicy tuna with white tuna on the outside and some kind of wasabi and citrus madness. It’s also supposed to have tobiko on it, but as much as I love sushi, I just can’t even with fish eggs.

Power tools.

I’m serious. So you guys know I have a job right now that I love so much that I wouldn’t have even quit had I won the Powerball. Without giving away too many details because stalky mcstalkersons are all over the internet, said current job has to do with power tools. Before I started working there, I knew nothing and was making jokes about hanging out in Lowe’s to do my homework. Over the past couple months, I’m picking up things left and right without even really trying. I’m learning all about brushless motors and recip saws and got my dad a spectacular new hammerdrill for Christmas. I feel incredibly manly. Maybe one day I’ll actually renovate something.

Lite Brites.

Remember these?


When my mom said she got Betty one for Christmas I kind of wanted to strangle her. All I could envision were thousands of those little colored pegs stuck in the carpet and in the bottoms of my feet.

However, much like every other toy I had as a child, Lite Brites have been rendered far less dangerous. For one thing, you no longer have to plug them into the wall and hence no electric shock risk. For another, all the pegs (which seem to be considerably less stabby now) can be stored in a handy little case that attaches to the side where they cannot become lodged in my skin. Betty and I have had hours of fun with that thing. She gets to be creative and I get to relive my childhood without making the same kind of ginormous mess that my mom used to have to clean up after me. It’s a total win.


Plus the little pieces come in other fun shapes now rather that just the boring old peg kind.

Did you have a Lite Brite as a kid? Do you love sushi? (And if so, what’s your favorite roll?) Have you ever had bangs before or renovated something in your house?

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Thanks to the DC girls for hosting! It feels so good to be back.





The Streak Goes On!

Well Christmas is officially behind us and it made a half marathon seem like a piece of cake. EXHAUSTING! I hope that everyone who has been celebrating over the past couple days has been having a wonderful time! The best part for me was definitely watching my daughter open her presents on Christmas morning.


Not even 2 years old and already has her own Benz. What a baller.

Throughout this holiday madness/fun my best Helly and I have been keeping up with our streaks and today it’s STREAK PARTY TIME again! As if we all haven’t been doing enough partying over the past few days.


If you have read any of my other recaps, you might recall me being all “OMG this run streak is so great and easy and just the best thing I’ve ever done”. Well Week 4 took a little bit of a toll and I’m not trying to be a Pointy McFingerpointer or anything, but I’m looking at you, Saturday long run.

Here’s a little recap of what I’ve been up to over the past week:

  • December 19: I decide to take to the streets for the first outside run I’ve done around my work in awhile. The sidewalks are still a little icy in patches, but I finish my 5 miles strong. This is the day when I will go nuclear upon my return to the office when I realize someone has stolen all my milk.*
  • December 20: Fridays have quickly become my Wear An Inappropriate Streaking Outfit Day. Last week it was skinny jeans. This week I’m going to a Christmas party so I show up at the gym in the outfit pictured below. I do swap out my boots for my running shoes, but the pearls obviously stay on.


  • December 21: Saturday Long Run. I decide to take advantage of the “warm” weather that has moved into the area and go for my longest run yet (if only by like .4 miles). I finish up 14 miles feeling fantastic. This feeling will be relatively short lived.
  • December 22: I stop by the gym to run 1 mile before heading to my yoga class where thankfully our regular Sunday instructor has returned. She informs us that she heard we did a lot of arm work the previous week while she was away and so this week we are going to do LOTS OF LEGS. I almost start to cry.
  • December 23: It’s raining and I don’t even feel like dealing with it. I run 7 ugly-feeling miles on the treadmill and decide that I’m not loving this whole Streak thing very much right now.
  • December 24: Speed day, my hip hurts, and I’m feeling like a total Debbie Downer. I pull it together for my usual 5 miles of 800m repeats and then practically limp my way out of the gym. Later in the evening, my husband and I exchange our gifts and he surprises me with NEW YURBUDS! Maybe it’s the delicious martinis I’ve been slugging back, but suddenly I’m not in as much pain anymore and I can’t wait to go running tomorrow. Funny how things can change in an instant.
  • CHRISTMAS DAY: I had only planned to do 1 mile, but I really want to break in my new headphones. I put on a silly pair of Christmas socks, throw together a playlist of some of my favorite Christmas tunes and head out for 5 miles because running more miles is definitely what you should do every time you’ve been in pain for a couple days. I know…I’m kind of an idiot, but guess what? It was fun! There were lots of people out and about for me to wave to and smile at. I could tell everyone really liked my socks. I mean, how could you not?


  • December 26: Usually I would be posting the Streak Recap, but instead I will be chasing my toddler around all day which is a workout in itself. I get outside for a 10K run before my husband goes to work, making sure to start off slow and take my time. I realize later that Santa has brought me a slightly belated Christmas gift…the beginnings of Runner’s Toe. It’s funny how whatever feelings of disgust I might have had in the past about my toenail starting to turn black have been replaced by a feeling of pride.

Total Streak Mileage So Far: 147 miles and change.

I AM SO EXCITED THAT IT’S A REST DAY. I plan to run my 1 mile on the treadmill so slowly that I will practically be walking. Today marks the 34th day of my personal Streak and I have decided to keep going until I hit 52 days for a couple of reasons:

1) 50 would have gotten me to a Sunday, which is normally a rest day. I already run on Mondays and Tuesdays and I’m not going to stop at 49 because that would just be crazy.

2) 52 happens to be one of my lucky numbers, so it all works out for the best anyway!

Are you still Streaking? We want to hear about it! Link up with Helly and me and we can keep each other company!

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* Milk Story Update: I FOUND OUT WHO TOOK IT! It was a good friend of mine who used it by accident and also just so happened to not be here when I freaked out (but heard all about it…I think I’m infamous at this point). She feels so terrible about it and wants to replace my milk. I’m not even mad anymore, but I think it’s pretty awesome that she fessed up. 🙂

Helly & Salt Present the Streak Week 3 Recap!

It’s time for another Streaking Party! Link up with Helly and me as we take on another week of the Streak!


Week 3 of the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak is behind us and I feel like the time is FLYING by! All the fearful feelings that I had in the beginning about running every day now seem a little silly. I’m having a blast with this and I hope you are too!

Today marks my 26th day straight of running. I told my coworker this and she looked at me like I had three heads, which of course makes me feel extra proud of my accomplishment. Here’s a little recap of my past week:

  • December 12: I must be smoking crack because running on the trail sounds like a super doable thing. I waste most of my lunch break driving to the trail, getting out of the car, seeing that the trail is a sheet of ice several inches thick, getting back in my car, and then driving all the way back to the gym. I end up running 5 miles on the treadmill, but seriously what was I thinking a trail would look like after all that bad weather we just got? Duh.
  • December 13: SKINNY JEANS 1-MILER! I pop by the gym right after a work lunch, don’t even bother changing my clothes, and learn that I can run an 8-minute mile while wearing very unforgiving pants. People probably sneak cell phone photos of me looking like a total moron. Maybe I’m on a website somewhere. #caringnotcaring
  • December 14: Quite possibly my favorite long run ever. I finally get back outside. It’s not too terribly cold, but it’s still snowy so everything looks super pretty, plus we have more snow in the forecast for that day so everything is quiet and peaceful the way it gets before a storm. It is early enough that I can run in the street and (mostly) avoid icy sidewalks. And I get to enjoy everyone’s beautiful holiday lights. In fact, it is so enjoyable that I don’t pay any mind to my watch the whole time and end up running 10 miles in just under 1:20 which is a new personal best for me.
  • December 15: I stop by the gym for 1 mile after the HARDEST YOGA CLASS OF MY LIFE. I’m so glad the person teaching the class was subbing for my regular instructor because I kind of wanted to smack her the whole time. She was just awful.
  • December 16: The wind chill is in the teens and I’m feeling like a big wuss so I run 7 miles on the treadmill. It is my longest treadmill run ever. Is that brag-worthy? Probably not.
  • December 17: Need for speed! 5 miles of speed work on the treadmill. Those 800m repeats are getting easier!
  • December 18: Cross train day in full effect! I run an easy mile, followed by 12 on the bike, and then hit up my aerial yoga class in the evening which leaves me super relaxed and at least an inch taller. I needed that!

Total Streak Mileage So Far: 103 miles and change (holy crap)

That brings us to today! I’m not even going to pretend like the trail is passable – plus I asked in one of my running groups yesterday if anyone had any info on it and was informed that it was painful even wearing Yaktrax – so I will be keeping my Streak alive with 5 miles on the pavement. We are expecting some VERY unseasonably warm weather the next few days (like 70’s on Sunday? WTF is that!?) so I’m hoping that will cause a massive melt and I can resume my normal outdoor running schedule. Fingers crossed!

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