NJ Marathon Training Week 12 Recap

In summary:


Week 12 Grade: A+ x infinity

Way good considering that I was sick for most of the week.

Monday, March 9: MEGAbarre. I was back on that crazy torture contraption again only this time the class was way more fun. Probably because I wasn’t a bumbling idiot with no idea what I was doing.

And let us not forget a fun evening fro yo date with Mar!

Tuesday, March 10: 5 miles @ 8:03. It was a little chilly outside. The route I had planned is mostly uphill for the first couple of miles, then loops around and heads back mostly downhill. I had a nice little progression run going…8:33, 8:02, 7:58…I was cruising along and then suddenly ICE ICE ICE EVERYWHERE. I didn’t even see it until I was trying to run on top of it. One of my legs shot out from under me, but somehow I managed to stay upright. Mile 4 @ 8:03. I finished up mile 5 in 7:36, really happy with how it had gone, but for some reason I was feeling much more exhausted than I normally would after 5 miles. It would become apparent why as the day went on and a pinching sensation started in my throat and my glands started to swell in my neck.

Swollen glands or no, I wasn’t going to miss my Floyo Combo class that evening which I recapped here in all its Ugg boot wearing, surfboard yoga-ing glory.

photo 4

Wednesday, March 11: 8 miles and YEP definitely sick. I’m also definitely stubborn and don’t like to admit illness so I figured it would be okay if I just did my run on the treadmill rather than outside. I would have an easy out if I needed to call it quits early.

The run started off okay. I was playing with my pace and hill settings to keep from getting too bored. Then about 3 miles in this guy got on the treadmill next to me. He was familiar; I see him around the gym all the time. Anyway I was instantly super annoyed because there are about a hundred treadmills and plenty of them were open.

After a little while though I didn’t mind him so much. It was clear that he was pacing me because he would look over at my display ever so often and adjust his own treadmill. So I decided that I was going to have a bit of fun and pushed a little harder than I normally would. This was supposed to be a pace run, but I was already way ahead of marathon pace.

I finished up my 8 miles in 1:02:54 (7:51 pace) and as I was cleaning up the sweaty mess on the treadmilll, guy next to me smiled and said “That was a great run!” It was a nice compliment, especially since he had kind of been invading my personal space. I almost forgot I was sick until around 10 am when I had the worst headache ever and could feel a fever coming on. It hurt to swallow. I took Advil and pushed through, even going to hot yoga that night in an attempt to sweat out whatever it was. I felt a little better afterward, but not much.

Thursday, March 12:  woke up at 1 am with a fever of nearly 102. Took more Advil, went back to sleep, and when my alarm rang at 5:15 there was just no way conceivable way that 5 miles was happening. My alarm went off again at 6:30 and somehow I managed to get myself dressed and to work where I sat at my desk for a couple hours before finally admitting defeat and going to the doctor. It took about 5 seconds to get a diagnosis. I already knew what it was before they told me.


I didn’t have to go back to work that day so I picked up my multitude of prescriptions and headed home to sit on the couch. After the painkiller they had given me kicked in and I was feeling much better and it was so warm and pleasant outside. My windows were open and the birds were singing. Maybe I could lace up my shoes and go out for a little walk. Fresh air might be good for me.

I got to the end of my drive and thought…hey I feel pretty good right now. I had my watch on and everything. Maybe I could go for a little jog. I would take it really slow and easy and not worry about my pace. So that’s what I did and I was shocked when my watch signaled that I had gone a mile and I looked down to see that it said 8:19. I felt fantastic. I might as well keep going right? Mile 2 and 3 in 7:34  I have no explanation for what happened during mile 4 beyond maybe the pharmacy accidentally swapped my z pack for steroids.

photo 1

This was the fastest mile I’ve run so far this year.  I paused my watch and saved the run. I wanted to stop while I was ahead. Instead I treated mile 5 as a cool down and despite my efforts to keep it slow my pace was still 8:06.

So yeah running was maybe not the best idea that day, but I felt awesome afterward and I’m not going to lie…I was completely out of my mind elated over it.

Friday, March 13: LEGIT REST DAY. I was feeling much better, but I had pushed my luck enough for one week.

Saturday, March 14: And as anyone around here who ran a Rock n Roll race in DC that day can tell you, it was freaking pouring. I had a half marathon planned and wasn’t about to drag myself through the rain for 13.1 miles after having just been sick. Off to the gym I went with that same time pressure I had from a few weeks ago. 2 hours to get it all in before Mr. Salt had to go to work.

The time was a total non-issue. I finished in 1:47:05.

photo 3

That’s one of my fastest half marathons. While I wasn’t keeping track of my laps, I do know that it was negative split after negative split because I was adjusting my pace and elevation through the whole run.

Sunday, March 15: REVBlast!!!! I love REV Cycle so much and it was even better this time around because it sounded like they got a new sound system in there and my ears didn’t feel like they were getting assaulted.

I’ve noticed something over the past couple weeks: since I started back to spin class, my running times seem to be improving. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but  I’m going to continue to keep it at one of my main cross training activities just in case.

Also yesterday I went to a restorative yoga class that was so restorative that I literally fell asleep for a few minutes in the middle of class. Then I got a massage, which I was way overdue for and hurt like hell, but I can tell some of the kinks got worked out. She must have really gotten into my muscles though because this morning when I woke up I could barely move.

Week 12 Mileage: 31.1 although if you count the week from Sunday to Saturday I had my highest mileage week EVER at 49.1.

I am SO EXCITED, you guys. Throughout the past 12 weeks I’ve had some runs here and there that felt good and gave me a little bit of confidence, but this whole week was my far the most solid altogether. Everything felt great – workout wise. Obviously the strep throat did not feel great, but I’m feeling nearly 100% now and ready to take on Week 13!

How is everyone else’s training going? Do you run/work out when you’re sick? Do you take spin classes? When was the last time you had a massage? Does it annoy you when someone gets on the treadmill RIGHT NEXT TO YOU at the gym!? 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that this new week is wonderful for you all!




Baby, it’s cold outside. {The Friday Five}

That song is creepy. 

Anyway, WELCOME BACK, FRIDAY! I would say I have missed you, but this week went by way fast. I can’t believe it’s almost February already. I better get started on preschool Valentines!


I laughed a little bit when I saw the topic that Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney have for us this week:

Favorite indoor workouts.

My Cliff’s Notes answer to this question:



So this is more of a list of 5 of my favorite workouts in general. Some of these might happen outside sometimes, but just not right now.

Because January. I hate you, cold weather.

1. Hot Yoga

It has happened outside once or twice, always at some point between June and August. Hot yoga of any kind is definitely one of my favorite ways to work out especially during the winter months for obvious reasons. I went to a class on Wednesday and walking into the studio was like a huge sigh of relief.


I’m pretending I’m there right now.

I always prefer my classes hot to not. The heated room allows my muscles to warm up so much faster and stretch so much farther. It’s excellent for flexibility. My favorites are hot vinyasa classes which are typically heated to around 90 degrees and Bikram which is 105.

2. Barre

Here’s something that only happens inside. (To me anyway…I think I recall Courtney saying something about an outdoor barre class once or I’m going crazy.)

I’ve only gone to barre class about as many times as I can count on both hands – mostly because it’s preposterously expensive – but I have never been disappointed by the workout I get while I’m there. I will never forget my first class when I thought it looked like a piece of cake and then I couldn’t walk down the stairs correctly the next day.

3. Body Pump

Also strictly an inside thing, Body Pump has quickly become a cross train of choice. Up until I started going to class back in August I hadn’t done much with actual weights and relied heavily on body weight for strength training. I love it because I can actually SEE how much stronger I’m getting in the form of the plates that I’ve been able to add on to my bar.


My usual warm up weight.


One other odd thing that I’ve noticed since I started taking Pump: my chair poses at yoga class are pretty much perfect now. That was an area I’ve struggled in for years. I’m guessing it’s all the squats.

SO many squats. 

4. Aerial Yoga

Let me begin by saying that if you ever have the option to attend an aerial yoga class, do not ask questions…just sign the waiver (because they will make you do that first) and jump right in. It is arguably the most consistently enjoyable class I’ve ever taken. How can you NOT have a good time when you get to suspend yourself upside down from the ceiling in trapeze fabric?


I’m a gazelle. No really, that’s what this is called.


All fun tricks aside, aerial is an incredible workout. The support of the fabric allows you to bend and stretch farther than you might normally be able to. It’s a great upper body workout as well.

5. Don’t Judge Me…


I love it. I really do. I know I’m not the only one either (Sue).

It’s freaking freezing outside. More power to all of you who like to freeze your eyelashes in sub-zero temps, but given the choice between that and wearing shorts in my comfortably heated gym while watching TV, I’ll let you guess which direction I’m going. Those 12 miles I ran last weekend in the ice and slush were out of pure desperation for wanting to get my long run out of the way. If my gym had opened on time I probably would have been there instead.

In hindsight I am glad I got that long run in outside though because I have already been on the treadmill all week and looking forward to the 6am temp tomorrow morning (12 degrees/-5 windchill/15MPH winds) I’m pretty sure that’s where I’ll be for my 9 miler too.

I cannot wait to run in Florida next weekend!!!!

Are you a chicken like me when it comes to running in the cold? Have you ever tried aerial yoga? Barre? Body Pump? Do you find that song as creepy as I do?

I hope you all have the best weekend ever and STAY WARM!




It’s a fitness dream come true! {ClassPass Baltimore!}

I think it was just a couple days ago when Mar posted something about using her ClassPass and I was jealous all over again. DC fitness fanatics have been able to enjoy their ClassPasses for a few months now while all of us a few miles north in Baltimore sat around sadly wishing that we had a ClassPass of our own.

Well guess what? NOW WE DO!


We are so happy you’ve arrived!

It seems like every time I’ve been thinking about something cool lately, it ends up showing up in my email. Maybe I need to start thinking harder about a million dollars.

For anyone who may not be familiar with what ClassPass is all about, it is a monthly subscription (between $79 and $99 per month depending on where you live) that gives you access to a seemingly endless variety of classes all around your city and beyond if you have the ClassPass Flex. Thousands of different fitness experiences could be at your fingertips.

With ClassPass you are allowed to visit the same participating studio three times in each monthly cycle and once it automatically renews, you get to start all over again. All reservations can be made on the ClassPass site (they even have an iPhone app!) and you can cancel any reservation without penalty just so long as it’s not any less than 24-hours in advance. There is no annual fee or long-term commitment like this awful rip-off gym I used to belong to a couple years ago. You can cancel at any time or can even put your membership on hold for the nominal fee of $19 a month, which saves you from a reactivation fee later if you want to come back. You still get to sign up for one class during your hold period and $19 is less than the price of a drop-in barre class around here. Totally worth it.

I have the extreme good fortune of being able to try out ClassPass for the next month and my head almost exploded when I logged in today and saw what it had to offer. I already have four classes on my schedule through next Tuesday night; two different yoga classes and two others— that would be MEGAbarre and Pole — that I’ve never attempted before.

Yes I’m taking a pole class and I’m probably a little too excited about it.

Due to being as awesome as it is, ClassPass usually has a waitlist which is not great for impatient people such as myself. Maybe YOU are impatient like me and really want to sign up for ClassPass right now. If that’s the case, I have just the thing  for you. THIS LINK will allow you cut in line, which is totally rude in real life, but all fair when it comes to ClassPasses. If you are from the Baltimore area, you will be thrilled to bits to see such favorites as Charm City Yoga (all locations), barre., Beachfit Baltimore, Bikram Yoga Mid Atlantic, Pop Physique, Ojas Wellness, Pure Barre, REV Cycle, and so many others on there. Classes open up for reservation a few days in advance and clearly I’ve had no trouble filling up my calendar.

If you sign up let me know and we can meet up for a class!

Has ClassPass come to your city yet? What would be one studio that you would visit over and over again? 

Happy Wednesday, everyone!