Happy Random Friday! {It’s the Friday Five!}



And we all know that means DC Trifecta Link Up Time!!


Those would be my lovely friends Mar, Cynthia, and CourtneyWHO IS GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND! (Make sure you stop by her blog and give her a big congrats!)

This week’s topic? Well…there’s not one. Basically it’s Blogger’s Choice or any 5 random things we feel like posting about. I am supremely unfocused this morning – NEED MORE COFFEE – so this works out just fine for me.

1. 2014 Fall Training Blogger Directory

It’s up and running and I’m so excited to have more than 40 AWESOME BLOGS added to it so far! I wanted to thank everyone for the great response and for sharing it with your Twitter and Facebook followers too. I’m going to be creating a badge for it for my own blog and anyone else is welcome to use it as well if you want. If you haven’t seen the list yet, you can access it here (or by clicking the tab in my nav bar) and if you would like to be added on, you can message me through my contact form or email me directly at runsaltrun@gmail.com with your blog and race information!

2. Fit Foodie!


I am a proud Ambassador for Cooking Light & Health’s Fit Foodie Race Weekend in Fairfax next weekend and I’m getting pumped for my mini-racecation. I will have all sorts of fun events to attend from a cocktail party on Friday night to a celebrity fitness instructor led yoga class on Sunday morning. Plus obviously the 5K on Saturday morning followed by yummy food and wine tasting! And as if it could get any better than running and wine, I will finally be meeting some of my fave bloggers, Cynthia, Sue, and a newly married Courtney!

3. Flashback Friday

Everyone thinks my daughter looks like Mr. Salt. That is…until they see pictures of me when I was little.

Salt circa 1982

Salt circa 1982

Is that Betty or what!? My mom posted this as a Throwback Thursday on Facebook yesterday and even though I know that she looks like me, my mind was still blown. I showed it to Betty and even SHE thought it was Betty! Genetics are cool. Also I wish I still had that swimsuit. And that I was at a beach right now.

4. Speaking of Betty…


photo 2


And that’s as much as I’ll talk about potty training on the Internet because you don’t need the gory deets. It sure has been a process that I’m glad to never have to go through again. I will say that I’m considering setting aside all the money we would normally spend on diapers and then paying for her college with it because those things are Ivy League EXPENSIVE.

5. A New Learning Adventure

In other Betty news, she starts a new school on Monday. She has been going to the same in-home daycare since she was 8 weeks old and we figured it was time to move her to an environment that has a little more of a structured curriculum. I have a feeling this switchover is going to be a lot harder on me than it is on her; she’s been talking about going to her new school for weeks and lights up like a firecracker when we so much as drive past it.

For the first time ever I will be undertaking the huge task of packing school lunches and to be honest I have ZERO idea what I’m doing. So if any of you parents have some easy ideas for me (that don’t contain peanuts…she doesn’t have an allergy, but it’s a nut-free school) those suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

6. And one more random thing…

I have my first post-Potts race this Sunday. It’s just a small run club 5K and I’m not PR hunting, but it is part of their Grand Prix Series so I’m hoping to at least finish decently in my AG.

Whatever you have on tap for your weekend, I hope it’s marvelous!

Do you have any random thoughts to share?





My little gymnast, a baseball game, a new big girl room, and a Bondi Band winner!

So much stuff to talk about!! This weekend was a whirlwind, but it pretty much rocked.

It all started out with a nice 8 mile run on Saturday morning and aside from some seriously tight calves I realized I was starting to feel a little bit more like myself again. After that it was off to Betty’s gymnastics class and SHOW WEEK! Basically what this entails is that family can attend and the kids show off skills they have learned on the beam, bars, and mat. Betty was all about participating and she did such a great job. I was so proud! But then of course I am a total mom fail and really I had completely forgotten it was SHOW WEEK! so I wasn’t prepared to take photos. Luckily a friend of mine was there to get some of Betty receiving her ribbon. (Please thank your husband again for me, Sara!!)

This is how we stand on the podium.

And this is how we stand on the podium.


We hung her ribbon up in her room along with a medal she received from running in a kids race last year, just like how mommy has her medals hanging on the wall. 🙂

Then it was off to a birthday party where we got to hang out with some wonderful old friends that I haven’t seen in a VERY long time. Like so long that we hadn’t even met each others’ kids yet and the oldest of these kids are 4! As is her MO, Betty charmed the pants off of everyone. At cake time she opted for the gluten free, all natural mango and coconut option that they had and who am I to argue with that? Eat all the cake you want, kiddo.


Saturday night we had tickets to the baseball game and no babysitter so Mr. Salt kindly offered to stay home so I could go with my best friend, Favorite.

These seats were cool because they were right next to the bullpen, but we ended up going to sit in my friend's seats after one inning which were behind the O's dugout.

These seats were cool because they were right next to the bullpen, but we ended up going to sit in my friend’s seats after one inning which were on the opposite side of the stadium behind the O’s dugout.

Baseball selfie.

Baseball selfie.

AND WE ACTUALLY WON!!! We hardly ever win when I go to the game! I just posted on Friday how much no winning tends to occur when I’m there! When I got home, I told Mr. Salt that it must be him because it’s definitely not me. I think I still feel bloated today from drinking beer – I never ever ever drink beer and I’m pretty sure my body was like WTF where’s the wine? – but it was still so much fun.

Yesterday I had kind of a headache in the morning (thanks, beer!), but was able to mostly sweat it out at the gym and then we went to one of my most favorite places on the PLANET…

All they need is a Starbucks, a wine bar, and a Target next door and I would never have to leave.

All they need is a Starbucks, a wine bar, and a Target next door and I would never have to leave.


Betty has been in a big girl bed since February, but the rest of her room still had all the makings of a nursery; changing table, her rocker, her big dresser. Basically a whole bunch of big people furniture. Since she was very small, I’ve been interested in making her room into a Montessori style room*.

*In case you don’t know what that is, the basic premise is having everything on her level so that she can explore and use things in however way she wants. In a true Montessori room, everything would be at her eye level including pictures on the walls, but as you’ll see in a sec we didn’t go to all that great length yet (although I’d like to once we find a house to move into).

We picked out all sorts of new shelving and fun extras too like a folding tumble mat because as you know she’s an award winning gymnast now and needs someplace to practice her somersaults.

Here’s the final result!



What I should have done was taken a video of her running around in circles yelling “MY NEW ROOM!! MY NEW ROOOM!” because that was her awesome reaction to all our hard work. Then I think I had one of the most restful nights of sleep that I’ve had in a long time because her new room is also a lot safer this way.

Oh and then after Betty went to bed I watched some of the Miss USA pageant and was subsequently very ashamed of myself.

Now…on to the WINNERS of my Bondi Band giveaway!

DitdsvHnrjR8Y6IhVr4RWt-Fj8HSq2NrDRS02WcRMAAThree winners were picked at random, and those people will get to choose based on the order that they were picked which band they would like for me to send them.


A great big thanks to Bondi Band again for providing me with the bands to give away and a big thanks to all of you too for entering! And the winners are:


CONGRATULATIONS, LADIES!!! I will be in touch with the three of you this morning to coordinate your prizes! And if you didn’t win and still would like to get a great deal on a Bondi Band, don’t forget to use coupon code SWEATPINK at checkout for 10% OFF your order!

What did you do this weekend? Have you ever heard of a Montessori Room? When was the last time you went to a baseball game?



Wednesday in a few words: My How You’ve Grown.

Because we all know that Salt is to wordless as Amanda Bynes is to sanity.


Whatever. Analogies are fun.

This past weekend was jam packed full of awesome with my family. Sunday included early morning cuddles with a sweet little Betty, Mother’s Day breakfast, a great time had by all at the baseball game (even though we lost), and lobster tails for dinner. On Saturdays Mr. Salt works all day, so Betty and I got together with my mom/her Nana for a yummy lunch and a trip to the Strawberry Festival in Baltimore.

The Strawberry Festival is put together by an area church and it has been around for as long as I can remember. I used to go all the time as a kid and it hasn’t changed a bit. It’s not very big – just about one neighborhood block long – and includes vendors who have set up tables where people can buy handmade items, a BBQ where you can buy hotdogs and hamburgers, games for kids, a bounce house, and a little petting zoo with pony rides. You would think that there would also be strawberries or strawberry related items for sale, but I’ve never seen any. The name of this festival is misleading.

Anyway, Betty had her first ever pony ride there last year when she was just barely over a year old. Of course I took lots of pictures because I’m her mom; I have about 2,000 pictures of her in my phone right now and that’s only from like the past 2 months. This year we were determined to get a photo of Betty riding the pony again and that we did. In fact, my mom did such a great job of capturing the photo that when I did a side by side comparison I realized that she had taken it not only in the same pose, but in almost the exact same spot. I’m half-tempted to Photoshop it so that it looks like the same horse too.


Nice job, Nana!

Never mind that she has a creepy arm growing out of her back in the first photo; I was hanging on to her for dear life thinking she was going to topple off that horse at any moment. This year she didn’t need my help at all.

Look how much she’s grown!

I see this little girl every day so sometimes I forget that she was ever so small. But here she is one year later in the exact same moment and it almost makes my head (and heart) explode. I always thought the whole “they grow up so fast” thing was kind of cliché, but they really do grow up so fast.


Riding off into the sunset. Or just over to the bouncy house.

As with everything else, I’m fashionably late to the Mother’s Day party this week, but I sincerely hope that all you moms out there had a beautiful weekend with your loved ones!


4 Generations of Salty Ladies!

PS. The woman on the left is the original Betty, my wonderful grandma whom my little Betty was named for. She passed away in 2005 and so obviously never got to meet her, but I have no doubt that they would have been BFFs.

Have you ever been back to a particular spot to take a photo years later? (I LOVE doing that!)