“The human torch was denied a bank loan…”


Time to start practicing my regional dialect because guess what, “hon”?

I’m going to be on live TV tomorrow morning. LIVE. TV. As in no do-overs. I promise not to call anyone “hon”, I do wish I had a teleprompter.

About a month ago I was nervous out of my mind because I had to do a taped Kickstarter video where I could make as many mistakes as I wanted and they could edit out all of my awkwardness. Even with all the editing there was still SO much awkward; watching myself makes me cringe a little bit. Now I’ve agreed to speak to someone on live television where there will be no editing.

I have no idea WTF I was thinking.

Over the next less-than-24-hours I will be trying to prepare for a segment that should last no longer than 3 or 4 minutes, but I’m sure it will feel like a decade. Without giving away too many details I am going to be talking about a food product and recipes that I feel very comfortable endorsing, but even that is not doing a lot to calm my nerves. I feel like I have gawky conversations all day long with people when there’s not a camera pointed at my face. This could be a recipe for disaster.

Or it might be awesome. Let’s just hope it’s awesome.

I’ll have a link to share after the whole thing is through and if it all works out maybe I’ll post it. If not it will be stored into the archive of embarrassing moments from my life never to be spoken of again like that time a pair of my underwear flew across the room at yoga class because it was stuck to my mat towel.


Have you ever been on television? Any pointers you can pass along? And even more importantly…how many times have YOU seen Anchorman!? It has to be upwards of 200 times for me.

Have a great weekend, everyone!




Life is just a bowl of cherries! {And a chiro update.}

photo 2

I went just about 36 years without much fruit in my diet at all outside of the occasional smoothie. Actually I talked about this not too long ago when I suddenly became obsessed with apples and needed to know all about which kinds I should try. Thank you for all the suggestions, by the way. My favorites so far are Pink Lady and Gala and I’ve been eating an apple as a snack almost every day.

Since then I’ve been so much more open minded about trying new things and Mr. Salt has been bringing home all sorts of fruit for me to sample. I’ve had…

  • Peaches: The smell alone makes my stomach turn and I can’t get past it. It reminds me too much of this nauseating Body Shop fuzzy peach perfume my friends used to wear in middle school.
  • Nectarines: AKA: Non-fuzzy peaches. I managed to bite into one and didn’t die from it, but the smell was too similar to peaches for me to be able to enjoy it.
  • Watermelon: Meh. I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat it by itself, but it tastes good when paired with other things such as cottage cheese. I think pretty much everything goes with cottage cheese.
  • Pears: NO. Maybe I got a bad one, but I hated it.
  • Red Seedless Grapes: We have these in the house all the time now. So good.
  • Oranges: Tasty!

And quite a few others. Then last night he arrived home with a bag of some of the biggest cherries I’ve ever seen. Apparently cherries are expensive (?) so he doesn’t usually buy them, but when he stopped to get milk on his way home he saw that these were on sale and thought they would be good for Betty’s lunch. She LOVES cherries.

As he stood at the kitchen counter de-pitting them, he handed me one. I was skeptical. These cherries were intimidating. But I didn’t want him to make fun of me, so I accepted it and bit off a tiny piece.



I was instantly hooked, but I also wondered…how healthy are these exactly? The only experience I had with cherries before last night was with the maraschino variety that they put on ice cream and in cocktails and those are LOADED with sugar. As it turns out, there is a huge difference between those sweet little cocktail cherries and the gargantuan ones in my house. They are packed with vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, fiber, contain virtually no sodium or fat and are a great low-cal snack!

I never would have dreamed how beneficial cherries could be to your diet…especially the diet of a runner!

Cherries for Runners

  • They help keep you trim and fit. Cherries contain B vitamins crucial to your metabolism. Plus as I mentioned above, they are low in calories, but pack a lot of fiber so as a snack they leave you feeling fuller, longer.
  • They can aid sleep. If you are anything like me, you might get race-induced insomnia before a big event. Cherry juice could help you sleep a little easier! From a study: Participants drank 30ml of cherry juice 30 minutes after waking and 30 minutes before their evening meal, thereby boosting their exogenous melatonin intake by 85mcg/day.
  • They combat post workout soreness. Cherries/cherry juice contains anthocyanins that are thought to significantly reduce muscle inflammation. This study shows that if you run long distances you are probably destined to be sore afterward, but the cherry juice group reported less post-run pain.
  • And speaking of anthocyanins… These are also thought to prevent cancer, and encourage healthy circulation. And proper nerve function.


I’m about to eat all the cherries in the whole world.

Oh and after talking to my daughter’s teacher this morning I learned that cherries are delicious when frozen and then dropped in a glass of wine. I know what I’m doing later.

How do you feel about cherries? Do you remember that fuzzy peach perfume!?

Also I would like to thank everyone for the kind comments and great suggestions left on yesterdays post. At first I was going to hold off on posting about that appointment until I could process the news a little better, but now I’m so glad I wrote it right away. You guys are so helpful!

Now for some better news:

I went back to Dr. Dave (my chiro) armed with my new diagnosis. He checked out my leg and foot and told me that I’ve already improved 10-fold since I first went in to see him. (Which I believe. My leg is better.) Anyway he wants me to trust him and he said that he can fix it without surgery if I just stick with him for a minute. He did the ART method that a couple of you mentioned (thanks, Judith and Annmarie!) and used an ultrasound on my foot. I go back to see him again on Tuesday.

Last night I dug my old Merrell hiking sandals out of the closet that are still full of dirt from playing around in streams in California, but at least they are much more supportive than flip flops and I can still have open toes on these hot summer days. Hopefully the fact that Dr. Neuro is on vacation for the next couple weeks and the surgery wouldn’t be able to be scheduled right away anyway is a blessing in disguise and I’ll be able to get this under control before any invasive measures are needed. And if it does come to that well then I guess I’ll just cross that bridge when I come to it.


Anatomical Nightmare Salt

Also I just want to remind everyone that I am not a nutritionist or fitness instructor so as always whatever info I post on here about certain foods or workouts are things that I have researched on my own and found interesting. Take what I say with a grain of salt. Pun totally intended.

WIAW: School Lunch Edition {WBAW?}

Welcome to my very first What I Ate Wednesday! Why is it the first one? Because as much as I love food, I don’t usually think to take pictures of it before shoving it in my face. I could show you what I’m having right now, but when you’ve seen one giant Starbucks latte cup, you’ve seen them all. Instead today I’m going to talk about an epic new adventure I’ve embarked on this week that is packing school lunches.

So really this is What Betty Ate Wednesday.

photo 2

This little miss – I’m talking about the one on the left…the one on the right with the bad summer humidity hair is me – is now on her third day at her new school and so far there we have had a few minor adjustment SNAFUs, but overall the experience has been fairly painless. Drop offs are the worst time with some tears involved, but when I call to check in on her they say she’s doing just fine. And she’s still potty trained which was one of my biggest fears.

My other biggest fear was packing her lunch. Betty was in an in-home daycare from the time she was 8 weeks old until just this past Monday and they provided her food. It may sound a little silly, but there are three major reasons why I have anxiety over packing a school lunch:

  • I am the anti-meal planner. I have had about as much success meal planning as I have keeping any kind of plant alive. (I killed a cactus once.) I read some of your blogs and get serious meal plan envy. {Hi Lisa!} In many ways I am very organized, but I couldn’t tell you what I feel like having for lunch today, much less dinner on Friday night. So in order to do school lunches, I was going to be forced to plan ahead. This gives me anxiety.
  • Other parents will totally understand this one. To add an extra scary plot twist into the meal planning, on any given day I’m never sure what my kid is going to eat. Like one day she will be all about something so I’ll think GREAT! And then I will make it again and she won’t eat any of it leaving me to feel like an epic momfail. Another Betty-specific issue is that she won’t eat bread. Sometimes I wonder how she carries my genes seeing how bread is delicious. Anyway the no-bread thing is pretty limiting because SANDWICHES. I’m kind of hoping that if I buy some cookie cutters and make sandwiches into a cute shape, she can be tricked into eating one.
  • And finally…I worry about judgement. Parenting wars exist, you guys. As much as people don’t like to admit it, judgement is everywhere over parenting choices whether it affects their own kids or not. I do not condone this in any way, I’m just saying that the struggle is real. And I worry that if I don’t send her to school with a healthy, culinary masterpiece of a lunch that the teachers will give me the side-eye or the other parents will find out and talk about me behind my back because I put fruit snacks in her bag. I think maybe all the Instagram photos of these perfect organic Bento box lunches that people put together for their children have given me a serious complex. Would I ever judge people for the lunches they send? No, that’s not my style at all. Is this a ridiculous fear? Absolutely and I KNOW that it is, but still this gives me probably the most anxiety of any of the other things I just mentioned.

So the key has been to think of things that are easy to prepare, healthy, and that I know she will at least eat a little bit of. Basically a very daunting task. I let her pick out her own new lunch bag and made a very big deal about it because I thought maybe if I could get her excited about eating lunch she might actually EAT HER LUNCH.

photo 3

A girl after my own heart, she chose Hello Kitty. I also think this strategy worked pretty well because she is SO EXCITED to carry her bag every day and always asks to smell her lunch. What? I have no idea. She likes to smell things I guess. Toddlers are strange.

Anyway, this was part of her lunch from Monday. On the menu we had a banana, carrots, strawberries, some pasta with a little sauce, raisins, and cheese. The great thing about her new school is that they give me a report at the end of every day listing all the things I sent along in her bag and how much she ate of everything. So I was happy to hear back that she ate most of her food.

Yesterday I was informed that it was pizza day, which I guess means everyone gets pizza. I don’t know. I didn’t ask any questions about it because my kid is a bread-hating anomaly who won’t eat pizza. Instead I packed her chicken that I baked the night before specifically for her lunch which was about the most domestic thing I’ve done in a year. Then she also had peas, strawberries, an apple (which she was lucky to get any of because of this), and yogurt. And again I was pleased to hear that she ate most of it.

Holy crap I’m kind of GOOD at this. Screw my own fitness…maybe I should become a toddler food blogger.

Today she has leftover pasta from last night that I made a little more interesting with the rest of the baked chicken, banana, the rest of the strawberries, edamame (fingers crossed on that one…edamame is new to her), Annie’s crackers, and raisins, and I’m so excited to see her report at the end of the day.

They have a program through the school where you can order in lunch when you don’t have time to send one, or you forget, or you are like me and don’t have a meal planner brain. I suspected I would be using this program a lot, but now I’m not so sure. I’m starting to have a little too much fun packing her lunch. So what’s next? Foie gras? A filet with homemade creme friache? Chicken nuggets? The possibilities are endless.


What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Did you have any favorite lunches as a kid? Do you love bread? Do you think I should become a toddler food blogger?

I hope everyone has a tasty Wednesday!