NCR Marathon Training Week 9: HALFWAY THERE!

Between the more relaxed approach I’m taking this time and the fact that I jumped in a few weeks late, this  training cycle is FLYING. Because I’ve already done this twice, it’s kind of nice to not feel crushing dread when looking forward to my bigger long runs. I will say that I have 16 miles scheduled for this weekend and I’m NOT looking forward to that because


Hashtag OHHELLNO. Even without the hurricane hitting yet, the forecast for Saturday morning is sideways rain and 30 MPH winds. I always said I’d never run that long on a treadmill again, but I think I’m going to have to make an exception.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Here is a recap of what happened last week even though I am already well into week 10:

Monday, September 21: I had a very bad day and sometimes when I have a very bad day, I don’t exercise which is counter-intuitive because exercise always makes me feel better. Hal Higdon would have told me to rest anyway, so I did.

Tuesday, September 22: 5 miles in the rain in the early morning washed away some of my anxiety. Then later in the evening I went to spin class and after that I felt about a billion times better about life in general.

Wednesday, September 23: 7 miles on the treadmill at marathon pace and then in the evening I went on an easy 10 mile bike ride with the Dude and his friend.

Thursday, September 24: With the NCR Half marathon coming up and two days where I had done doubles behind me, I decided to take two rest days beforehand to give my legs a break. Does 20K+ steps count as a rest day? Probably not.



IMG_1457\ IMG_1436

The Dude and I spent the day in NYC visiting the 9/11 Memorial and being a couple of tourists. I hadn’t been up to visit the city for a decade. It was really the best day.

Friday, September 25: I actually rested. It’s amazing how tired your legs can feel just from walking around all day!

Saturday, September 26: NCR HALF! Recap here. It’s nearly a week later and I’m still on cloud 9.

Sunday, September 27: My legs didn’t feel nearly as bad as I expected them to post-race and the weather was absolutely gorgeous so I headed to the trail with my bike for a 25 mile ride.

One of my favorite parts of this day was that the NCR 20 Miler was happening on the trail and headed south as I was going north. I love being a cheerleader and I was able to encourage the runners as I passed them. I kind of wish I would have volunteered at a water stop or something.

Total Miles: 25+
Grade: A

I guess my biggest focus for the rest of this week should be staying dry? Ugh this weather stinks!

How is your training going? Any good runs in the rain lately?




NCR Marathon Training Week 8: I promise Week 7 actually happened too.

I’m just going to come out and say it…I have been kind of a train wreck lately. Life hasn’t been particularly wonderful to me and now I’m trying to refocus my energy. I won’t bore you with any icky details, but at least two things have remained constantly good: my awesome kiddo who loves me so much that sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve her and marathon training. At first I was on the fence about signing up for a big fall race, but now I’m so glad I did. Without the training to focus on, I feel like I might be a lot worse off than I am.

Anyway, Week 7 went just fine and week 8 went even better albeit the fact that I ran on the treadmill more than was probably necessary. It was my biggest mileage week since right around New Jersey. The amount of stressed out I am usually corresponds directly with my mileage total. Here’s how it all shaped up:

Monday, September 14: 3 easy miles on the treadmill and about half of a BodyPump class.

Tuesday, September 15: One of the highlights of my week: my first intervals since the middle of the summer! Half mile warm up, 6×400’s with recovery at 7:17 overall pace, and a half mile cool down.

Wednesday, September 16: 7 miles on the treadmill. I told you it was a lot of treadmill this week. This run was solid and I was pretty proud of myself for getting it knocked out before I had to be at work.

Thursday, September 17: 4 miles (treadmill yet again) and then another half of a BodyPump class. It kind of sucks that I can only stay for the first part during the week, but at least I get to escape before lunges. The only thing I hate more than lunges is burpees. And bacon.

Friday, September 18: My regularly scheduled rest day.

Saturday, September 19: 


Foot selfie of epic proportions! This was my 12 mile long run with three super great friends and hanging with them on the trail that day was perfect for my soul. I laughed and smiled so much that not only did my legs hurt afterward, but my face kind of did too. Smiling and laughing and running rocks. I need more of all three of those things in my life.

Sunday, September 20: I FINALLY got to take an entire BodyPump class, but before that I ran 2 miles and then followed the class up with 2 more miles on the treadmill. This was definitely a workout combination that I want to try again.

Total Mileage: 34
Grade: A

My main focus this week is a half marathon on Saturday, but I also want to work on being a more relaxed person in general. More happy, less worry. Not only will that be better for me in the long run, but for everyone else around me too. This sounds like something that I’ve said before (on here and in real time), but it’s about time I really took action on it.

Do you tend to run or work out more often when you’re in a funk? When was the last time you had a great group run?

I hope everyone has had a great start to their week!



NCR Marathon Training Week 6: Racing While Training Part 1

This week my focus was on taking it easy in the days leading up to the Charles Street 12, also known as something that I had been looking forward to the same way that almost everyone else I know looks forward to Pumpkin Spice Lattes.


Fun fact about me: I loathe pumpkin and pumpkin flavored absolutely anything. Don’t hate. More for you guys.

So let’s get down to non-pumpkin flavored business:

Monday, August 31: Body Pump. Nothing spectacular, but I can finally feel the chest track getting easier. It’s nice not feeling like I’m going to cry or throw up for those 4 minutes of class.

Tuesday, September 1: 3 miles on a hilly neighborhood route. One thing I don’t love about where I live is that there is literally one route I could take out of my house that is not completely uphill for the first mile and it just so happens to be my least favorite. Regardless this was a good-feeling run with negative splits. Probably because I was hauling down a hill on the way back.

Wednesday, September 2: Plan said 6, but I kept it to 5 and I did this on the treadmill with the speed set at the pace I hoped to achieve on Saturday. I made a note in my Believe journal that I probably shouldn’t hold my breath, but in the end I actually came pretty close to making it happen!

Thursday, September 3: 3 miles on the treadmill again, followed by Body Pump class where I backed off on my squat weight a little bit to give my legs a rest. My hamstring was feeling pretty good!

Friday, September 4: Some core work, but otherwise I rested my legs.

Saturday, September 5: CHARLES STREET 12!! There are a couple things I wish had gone a little better, but overall I am SO SO SO happy with how this race went! My legs didn’t hate me nearly as much as I thought they would for the rest of the day either.

Sunday, September 6: 3 mile slow recovery run on the treadmill. At first my quads were angry about it, but then I felt so much better. Also 25 minutes on the elliptical.

Total Mileage: 26.
Grade: A.

During week 7 my mileage takes a big leap. Tuesday and Thursday 3 milers become 4 milera. The Wednesday 6 miler goes up to 7. Saturday I’m attempting 14 which will be my longest run since April. Then we are attending a wedding on Saturday night so it looks like heels with my dress are out if I am interested in being able to move around at all. Which I am because weddings are fun and this one is going to have a penguin at the reception because my friend is getting married at the zoo.

Do you like working races into your training? How do you feel about pumpkin? 

I know you have my back on the pumpkin spice thing, Sara. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong…I love everything else about fall!