Here’s the Kicker {ShoeKicker Review}

Last month I read a post on one of my most favorite blogs highlighting a new website called ShoeKicker and if I remember correctly I thought the idea was completely brilliant. Think, but specifically for running shoes. You all probably know how I feel about new running shoes. You probably feel the same way about them as I do. This site had the potential to be very dangerous.


Then a super cool guy named Dave emailed me and asked if I would be interested in testing out the site for myself. Of course I would because  RUNNING SHOES.

The concept is simple: you type in the shoe that you are looking for, your size, whether or not you have a man-foot or a woman-foot, and then ShoeKicker magically finds you the best price that the Internet has to offer on that shoe. After tooling around with it for awhile, their database of shoes available for search appears to be pretty endless.

Let’s say that I’m looking for a new pair of Hoka One One Clifton. This is a pretty typical situation for me to be in.


The best price was found on Amazon. It shows me the Amazon price compared to the regular retail price and how much money I would be saving (which in this case happened to be $10). Then, because the folks at ShoeKicker apparently have a fun sense of humor, there is a little blurb about what my savings equates to. On this particular search it was 1,458 race pins. Just think of how many bibs you could pin on with all those pins.

I could opt to click the great big, blue “GET ‘EM” button and buy new shoes right then OR I could create an alert where ShoeKicker will email me if the price drops below the best listed one they were able to find for me. Pretty cool! I did set one up in this case because I’m not quite ready to buy them yet.


Below the best price winner there is a line up of the competition. Sure I could still shop at any of those places for my new shoes, but why would I? It says right there how much they would charge me. To the right of that there is the DNF (or Did Not Finish) box listing stores that don’t carry the Hoka One One Clifton in my size so I shouldn’t even waste my time looking there.

Another cool thing about this site? SHARE FOR SHOES! Not only are the people at ShoeKicker cool and funny, but they are also very generous. On the first day of every month they give away a FREE pair of shoes! You enter your name and email address and receive a unique code to share. The more you share, the better your chances are of winning! I know what I’m doing every month now.

I am a total bargain shopper and while I will probably still conduct my own searches in addition to using ShoeKicker, I think this site is a great and easy way for any shoe addict to compare online prices. It’s also very mobile friendly for on-the-go shoe shopping emergencies!

I can’ t be the only person that has those.

Have you tried ShoeKicker yet? What would be the first shoe you would look up on there? Have you ever had an on-the-go shoe shopping emergency?




17 thoughts on “Here’s the Kicker {ShoeKicker Review}

  1. Annie at says:

    I love running shoes AND I love love LOVE finding a good deal so this sounds like a fun site. My problem, however, is that when it comes to running shoes (and running shoes only) I feel a huge loyalty to my local running store. They are the guys that looked at my running gait, feet, etc. and recommended my shoes and I would feel guilty price-shopping online to buy a replacement pair for a few dollars’ savings.

    Recently I spent $10 over the Zappos price to buy my shoes from my local store AND I waited a week for my preferred color to get shipped to the store. Zappos had free overnight shipping. Does this make me insane?? Possibly. 😜

    • afastpacedlife says:

      I know how you feel, Annie, because I also believe in supporting local businesses. If it were only a few dollars difference I can buy from a brick and mortar no problem. But for my latest pair of shoes, ShoeKicker got me a $60 in savings, which was over a 1/3 off. I really couldn’t ignore the savings.

  2. Eat Pray Run, DC says:

    i really like the shoe kicker concept and the team seems super nice. i enjoyed emailing back and forth with dave, i think? however, when i checked the site out there were major problems (that hopefully they’ve fixed)…like them quoting a shoe for 100 when clicking the link revealed it to be 180. the problems w/pricing happened twice. i reported the problems and then gave up…

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