What I did on my summer vacation. {The Friday Five}

When I stopped by Mar’s blog earlier to see what the Friday Five topic was, I was instantly crushed by the realization that summer is almost over. Wasn’t I complaining about the freezing cold temps and running on sheets of solid ice just the other day? Where did this year even go?


This week Mar, Courtney and Cynthia are reminding me a little bit of every teacher I had in elementary school who wanted me to write an essay about what I did over my summer break. I hope I was more interesting as a kid because it seems that as an adult my life is a total snoozefest. Summer break doesn’t exist in my world. I mom. I work. And then in whatever spare time I have I run, workout, hang out with the dude and friends and do whatever else I like to do which mostly does not include enough sleep or any real vacations since February.

There have been some high notes though. At least I was pretty sure when I started writing that I could nail down five for the sake of this post.

Five Things I Did This Summer

By: Salt
Grade 482
That’s about what grade I’d be in now, right?

I got a bike!


I hadn’t owned a bike since 2008 when I lived in LA and I’m pleased to have been logging some seriously hot, muggy Charm City summer miles on my bright yellow Salsa Warbird. I LOVE this bike and I think it has helped my running immensely.

Fit Foodie!

So maybe this is a little pathetic, but The Fit Foodie 5K Race Weekend was the closest thing to a vacation that I got all summer.





It didn’t really matter that it was pretty much right down the street. A great event with great food and even more importantly GREAT FRIENDS made for a fantastic time. I had so much fun hanging out with Mar, Courtney, Kathryn, Amy, and Erika!

I had started goal setting for this race shortly after the marathon in New Jersey and I was able to do exactly what I set out to do. That second place finish felt PHENOMENAL!


Media Stuff Happened!

Runner’s World Zelle. Pinch me because I feel like I’m still dreaming this one.


Lily Trotters Kickstarter Campaign.


That completely random time I was asked to come on TV, prepare food, and talk about healthy summer barbecues.



I am a very awkward person by nature. Put me in front of a whole lot of people, a camera, or–even worse–in a live television interview situation and it’s a recipe for healthy summer food and complete disaster.

I think I managed to hold my own though and every bit of it was a fun experience.

I signed up for Marathon #3

Even though I said I wouldn’t be running any more marathons this year. I think that’s how it usually works.NCR-Trail-Marathon-Logo-clear

I’m an official NCR Trail Blazer and starting to get really excited. Currently I’m finishing up week 5 of my plan and wondering why I never considered a November race before. All the longest training runs are scheduled to happen during the best possible weather/temperature conditions around here. I’m looking forward to not running a 17 miler on the treadmill during this training cycle.

God I hate you, spring marathon training.

And of course…

SO many fun Firsts with this girl!!

First 4th of July Fireworks…


First trip out on a 2-wheeler…


First movie in a theater (Minions!)…


First time bowling…


First concert (One Direction!)…



And a first crack at playing t-ball…


I couldn’t get a picture during it, but she was so good that I signed her up to play this fall! She’s so excited and I can’t wait!


That little glove. I die.

You know what? Who cares about vacations. This summer has rocked pretty darn hard!

What has been your favorite part about Summer ’15? Did it go by as quickly for you as it did for me? 

I hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend and enjoy what little bit of this summer that we have left!




46 thoughts on “What I did on my summer vacation. {The Friday Five}

  1. txa1265 says:

    It is all in what you make of it … something I have believed my whole life, had to teach Lisa early on (she was more of a ‘checkbox’ person at first), and what we have taught our boys as well.

    Love the pics and GREAT summer for you and B. 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      This has been one of my favorite posts to write in a very long time…stopped to think about everything in detail makes me appreciate the things that happened so much more. And of course the memories with my girl are invaluable!

  2. Chaitali says:

    I love all those firsts with the girl! You guys have had a big summer 🙂 And the Summer has definitely gone by way too quick. I’m loving the cool mornings for running but feel sad because I’m not ready to let Summer go yet.

  3. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    Well, it’s good to know I’m not the only boring person! My 2 halfs were not technically in summer, although they were in May I suppose I could have included them.

    Still sounds like your summer was way more exciting than mine!

  4. Kristin says:

    SALT!! Wow, sounds like a fabulous summer! I seriously missed you! Glad to be back blogging! 🙂 All the media stuff…WOW WOW WOW!! Congrats! You’re amazing! XOXO

  5. thesimplepeach says:

    What an incredible summer! So many great things to be thankful for! We did a lot of traveling this summer and it made our first year of marriage that much sweeter 🙂

  6. Mar on the Run! says:

    Everything about this post has made my heart so happy! It’s not about “stuff” it’s about friends and family and all the memories you create. You have that in spades 🙂 love you ❤

    • runsaltrun says:

      I will definitely be there no matter when it is. 🙂 I will not miss out on that fun again!
      You are the sweetest and I’m so glad we’ve gotten the chance to hang out!

  7. Jamie says:

    What an awesome summer you had!! It definitely went by WAY too fast – but I like to think I made the most of it! Now I’m ready to relax and enjoy fall 🙂

  8. Running Boston and Beyond says:

    My wallet is lucky I don’t have a girl child. Those little pink things are so irresistible, my budget defenses would be useless against them.
    So cool to read about your awesome summer!!! Yay!!! We have been trying to have an EPIC year, so this summer was pretty cool for us. Playing baseball with my kids at Field of Dreams probably tops the list.
    And another marathon – rockin’ it. It’s hard to resist. We understand 🙂

  9. piratebobcat says:

    Glad you’ve been having so much fun with your daughter! And you’re so blog famous now! Please don’t forget those of us that were there from the beginning 😉 So cool about the marathon training. Unfortunately fall marathon training in Texas is MISERABLE. I’d happily trade it for a spring marathon! Our winters aren’t so bad. Salty Salt Salt! Glad you’re well!!!!

  10. Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder says:

    I feel like my summer was pretty ordinary- I haven’t been on vacation since March! I took a second job at a running store part time for the awesome discount on shoes and have been working and running a LOT. And since it’s hot AF right now here in Florida, there aren’t any races and running hasn’t been that great. So yeah…I’m glad fall is here 🙂

  11. sarahdudek80 says:

    You had an incredible summer. But I am totally with you. It flew by. And now that I am no longer pregnant and ready to hit the beach…..its just about over. Sigh. OMG I love that bowling pic. That is most definitely frame worthy. I swear she is a doll.

  12. Pippa @ Mind, Body, Work, Travel says:

    Wow, you’ve really smashed it outta the park this summer! I’m at that stage with summer where I’m kind of OK it’s coming to an end, and looking forward to autumn. But when proper miserable British autumn gets here I know I’ll wish for sun again!

  13. kiwiyogirunner says:

    I loled at the grade you’d be in! Me too! We would rule the grade 🙂 I am sooo jealous of Betty’s unicorn helmet!!! Seriously girl has style. Summer 2015 hasn’t happened yet down here in the Southern Hemisphere but this summer I will be spending my first Christmas with my boyfriend in New Zealand! So exciting!

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