Fitting it all in. What I’ve learned so far…

I know I’ve said this about a million times on here already, but I am so happy and proud to be a part of this blogging community. You guys are just great. The comments that were left on my blog from Monday really meant a lot to me and I’m thankful for all your support and kindness.


I’m not going to pretend like I’m some kind of expert at this whole single mom thing yet because it hasn’t been going on that long, but as I’m sure you can imagine we’ve definitely had our fair share of major schedule adjustments which thankfully my little superstar seems to be taking in stride. I had grown very accustomed to waking up in the early mornings and going out for a run or to the gym because there was always someone there to take care of her. Obviously this option is not open to me anymore unless it’s a night when she’s staying with her dad.

So here’s what I can share so far on how I’ve been making it work. It’s my hope that by doing this, I might be able to inspire someone in a similar situation. The more comfortable I get, the more I realize that this IS doable. You just have to adapt and it’s my hope that this will make me an even stronger role model for my daughter.

A Strong Support System

My mom has been my biggest cheerleader through all of this. I don’t know what I would do without her and I know things will be even easier once she moves in. In the meantime she has been available here and there to help me out with Betty. I realize that this is not an option for everyone and I consider myself to be VERY lucky.

Getting it done at home

So early morning runs are mostly out right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get up at my usual time and work out in the comfort of my living room while B sleeps. I have access to online and DVD workouts, weights, and my hula hoop (which is surprisingly REALLY good exercise). I don’t need to go to a studio to do yoga. One day when I don’t live upstairs from people maybe I’ll get a treadmill. In the meantime, I still get to work every day feeling like I got something accomplished.

A Great Gym Daycare

Monday was terrible. I was already stressed out and then work was awful and all I really wanted to do was run out all the bad feels. Luckily my gym has an incredible playroom that Betty actually enjoys going to so that evening she went there to hang for 40 minutes while I logged 5 miles on the treadmill. My mood had already improved 1000% when I went to pick her up and she ran up to me dressed in a pink princess dress and saying that she was making new friends my heart almost exploded. I don’t like to take her there all the time because I would prefer that my evenings were spent hanging out with her after a long day of not seeing her, but it’s nice to know that I have this alternative.


This is probably my least favorite big change. At my last job I used to work out on my lunch breaks nearly every day and was fine with it. Then I went to early mornings and liked that SO much better. Now I’m back to gym trips and runs in the middle of the day and sometimes evenings if it’s her dad’s day to pick her up from school. You gotta do what you gotta do.


Have you ever had to make major adjustments to your usual routine in order to deal with a life event? Are you a morning or evening runner? 




54 thoughts on “Fitting it all in. What I’ve learned so far…

  1. Run Colby Run says:

    That is simply my favorite quote in the world. And one I repeated at least 10 times a day as I was going through my divorce. You can do this Salt. I’m cheering for you! xoxoxo

  2. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    That would be the toughest part. Having to transition from the routine of everything. I’m always a morning runner, like you were, but only because my husband is there to take care of our daughter. Way to make it work girl.!! Gotta take care of yourself so you can be the best for your little Betty. Sounds like you’re already making the transition very smoothly. You’re way stronger than the storm.!

  3. allisonfiorini says:

    You are so inspiring and you are doing such an amazing job! I am a high school teacher and LOVE running in the morning, so summers are a dream for me. Late August, September and May are NIGHTMARE months for me because I am transitioning to running after work in the heat. Once October hits through the winter months, I don’t mind as much because the weather cools down. I tolerate the heat this time of year only because I know being this uncomfortable will only make me stronger. When I can do my AM runs, I will feel better backed by the endurance and strength that came from those horrible, mid-day, hot runs. I had an awful one yesterday and all I kept thinking was, you will thank yourself for this run in a few weeks. Keep doing what you are doing, sister – you are doing GREAT!

  4. DarlinRae says:

    Way to be adaptable and make it happen! I’m so glad your mom is able to help out–moms are amazing! I prefer evening running, but my schedule is usually bananas and changes often, so I pretty much just have to do what I can when I can, which includes runch, early morning runs, and weekend classes.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I am SO lucky to have her.
      I always feel like you adapt so well to everything you have going on. It is just about fitting it in when you can and learning to not stress when there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

  5. Maddie @ Dixie Runs says:

    Sounds like you are adapting really well! Even though it’s tough now, pretty soon this will feel like the new normal for you. I love that quote.. sometimes we have to make really small adjustments and sometimes we have to make huge ones. You can handle anything life throws at you. Just remember… you run marathons, so you are basically superwoman. And you know we all have your back 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thanks, friend. You are the sweetest! ❤ We are getting into a new groove pretty quickly. My ex has a job with weird hours so B and I were never strangers to doing our own thing. I guess in the long run that helps. 🙂

  6. Molly@MotherhoodandMarathons says:

    Sounds like you are kicking butt!! Somedays are going to be challenging, but you’re strong. And I love that quote 🙂 I am an allover the place runner. I run whenever I can squeeze it in, so it’s sometimes in the morning, sometimes lunchtime, and sometimes late at night 🙂

  7. Shawna says:

    i prefer to be a morning runner but i will run in the evenings if i can’t get up in the mornings some days. on weekends i always run in the mornings. it sounds like you are doing a crazyawesome job of adjusting and making necessary changes that still allow you to prioritize your sweet lil B — she’s so fortunate to have such an incredible mama — and doing what you can when you can. you’re so strong and adaptable and inspiring to take it all in stride, and it sounds like you’re doing really well.

  8. Jamie says:

    Having a plan is always so helpful in adapting to life changes. I’m usually a morning runner, because no matter what happens in my day, at least I’ve accomplished something!

  9. wendyistakingthelongwayhome says:

    Somehow I missed the post where you talked about getting divorced, but I knew something was up when you changed your name on FB. I’m so sorry you have to go through this, but it sounds like you are taking it all in stride. One thing my single mom friends tell me is that they like their nights and weekends “off”–they get a lot done! Stay positive. You’re awesome. You are enough!

  10. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    As long as I’ve known you, I have known an extremely strong woman. Inside, and out. You have always rose from any difficult situation with grace, pride and strength and I know this time around will be no different. In your moments of joy, weakness, pain and happiness I will always be here. I know we are a million miles apart but you are always in my heart, and on my mind! I wish nothing but the best for you and Betty!!! And I know you will both achieve it together!! Please drop me an email sometime to talk when you have a free moment (I know they are probably few and far between) I miss your face and connecting darlin!!! ox

  11. Running 'N' Reading says:

    Ugh…I’m such a creature of habit and I do not do well with change; however, I’ve had lots of situations in my life when that has been necessary and, after awhile, I adapt just fine. Sounds like you and B are adapting very well, and that’s AWESOME! I am typically a morning runner (I’m just so lazy after work and running late alters my sleep), but there are definitely times/days when this doesn’t work out and I’ve become better at making adjustments. You’re doing great!

  12. Running Boston and Beyond says:

    Maybe it’s cheesy, but here’s a quote for you: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly, you are doing the impossible.” ~Francis of Assisi

    Change is hard, but you’re very strong and you know what’s important to you. Hugs!! Now get yourself a trainer for your bike so you can do that at home too! 🙂 ❤

  13. hbarnstein says:

    I missed the post and just went back to look. It can be hard but things like this always happen for a reason – you and Betty will do great. I’m glad you’re remembering that you are a priority and that working out helps you – in times of stress a lot of moms forget that!

  14. samantha couch says:

    You already know that I thin you are such a rock star but I’ll confirm it yet again. You will fall in to a new routine and it will be a better routine because you are happier, and made life changes that are the best for you and your betty. I’m so proud of you friend. I’m here for you, any time, day or night. 🙂

  15. Jess @hellotofit says:

    That is a beautiful quote 🙂 I prefer morning workouts, but try to be mentally flexible when I know that AM ones can’t happen. More and more hugs for you and Betty ❤ we're here for you, Salt!!

  16. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    I am definitely a morning runner, but I’d rather run during my lunch break or after work than not at all. Here’s hoping you get it all figured out and find a routine that works for you.

  17. afastpacedlife says:

    I’ve been offline the last few days and mostly offline the last week and a half, so when I read this post, this was news to me. I’ve gone back and read your prior post.

    I’m impressed with how you’re adjusting to the new situation. You’ve done a lot to make things work. Hugs to you and Betty. This is a new chapter and new adventures await you.

  18. 333smp says:

    Love this! Going back to catch up on your story now. Great post and great job adjusting to your new normal!

  19. Alanna says:

    I’m glad you are both adjusting well. That’s great that your mom is able to help out too! Change can be so hard. That’s a beautiful quote btw!

    I prefer to run in the morning but I usually have to work so early that it’s not really possible. This kinda sucks during the summer since it’s so hot by the time I get home, but I suck it up and run anyway.

  20. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs) says:

    I’m so sorry this is going on, although I’m hoping it leads to bigger and better things for you all. ❤

    Life is fluid. No matter what, I think, we are always adjusting and tweaking and finding ways. It sounds like you are all taking things in stride and that's fantastic. Hang in there and it will get easier as time passes.

  21. Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner says:

    Having a major life transitions is so stressful and not easy. As moms we all struggle to fit it all in one way or another. So amazing that you have such a great support system with your mom. How nice for you and Betty to get to spend so much time with her. You continue to set great examples for other single moms out there. You go you!

  22. Movin' it with Michelle says:

    I was a single Mom for several years, and in terms of physicality I am still a single Mom more times than I care to admit. I don’t have family super close, so I do it on my own a lot. I am so glad you have your Mom close by and that she is available to help, that makes a world of difference. And of course, you have all of US!!! XOXO

  23. michelle says:

    I love that quote. Your mom is awesome! Sounds like you have a great attitude. Stay strong, you’ll get it all sorted out!

  24. klregan says:

    You sound like you’re doing great! I always have a lot of trouble adjusting to change, but you sound strong and awesome. Betty is so lucky to have you. 🙂

  25. sarahdudek80 says:

    You are so awesome and this is something I think is so incredible about runners in general. We always find a way to make it work. When we first got pregnant it dawned on me that we wouldn’t be doing many runs together any more and I often (even now with 3 months to go) scheme how we will both get runs in so that we can coach, work, and still do marathons. Life is a balance in so many ways and I think getting those runs/exercise in is part of our sanity…and I’m sure you feel that way especially now. You and Betty make one stellar team!

  26. thesimplepeach says:

    You can power through this! I saw this quote at a race recently that you might like. “Adversity introduces a man to himself.” You my friend are one tough cookie! Sending sunshine thoughts your way 🙂 If I don’t run in the morning I feel guilty and sluggish all day long.

  27. Hailey @ Striding Strong says:

    I’m so glad your mom is able to move in with you and help you and Betty out. And I’m sure Betty and her will love it! Your strength is amazing, you are doing an incredible job at being strong for your little girl <3.

  28. Michele @ PaleoRunningMomma says:

    You are really doing an incredible job, the routine adjustments I would imagine are seriously rattling and unsettling. I’m so glad you have your mom moving in, that will make a world of difference for you and Betty 🙂

  29. Sweaty Mess says:

    You are so strong and you appear to be pulling it off flawlessly. 🙂 There may be some bumps in the road, but you have a ton of support and help. You’ll get through and you and Betty will settle into your new normal in no time. That quote is awesome – Betty is so wise for her age. 😉

  30. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I’m going to have to make some major schedule changes. My hubby will be changing jobs this summer and going back to flying airplanes, so he will be gone 3-4 days a week! HUGE changes for us!! You are doing a great job mama!

  31. Kathryn @ Dancing to Running says:

    You’re doing great, and you’re an even greater role model for Betty. Its great that your mom has plans to move in in order to help alleviate some of the stress. Just remember to keep putting one step in front of the other.

  32. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    Wow you are really doing an amazing job! What an incredible attitude you have! I’m impressed. Your daughter has a great role model.

    I am an evening runner. I don’t want it to be that way, but it’s just what works best, especially in the colder months of the year. It has a few advantages, but I do often wish I could be a morning runner. It took me a while to realize what the real problem is – not the AM running but the AM getting my butt out of bed – and hopefully now that I know what I really need to work on I will be more successful in making the changes necessary to run in the AM. This summer will be like my 5th time trying to make the change. Hey, if at first…second…third…you don’t succeed, LOL

  33. charissarunning says:

    I’m an evening runner because getting up at 5am to run before work doesn’t appeal to me :/ BUT, if I could wake up at 7am every morning and run then, I would! It would sure help me out in the summer months at least.
    I’m amazed at how good you are at fitting everything in! You are an inspiration for sure and I love that quote.

  34. Sun says:

    You’re doing such a good job of fitting everything in! I’m amazed at how quickly you’ve transitioned and adjusted to a new routine. It sounds like you have a fantastic support system with your mom and also having options like the gym daycare, etc. to help you do it all 🙂

    I’ve always been an evening runner but to fit it all in, I also runch on certain days. Sometimes I run in the morning but when I do, I usually feel weird for the rest of the day since it’s not my usual routine!

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