Your feet will thank you. {Herbacin Review}

I’m just going to come right out and say it.

My feet are so incredibly gross.

I guess that’s not unusual for a runner. Typically I am sporting at least one bruised or busted toenail and callouses so thick that I could probably walk across broken glass and come away unscathed. I would love a pedicure if I didn’t feel like dying of embarrassment the whole time. It’s just a bad situation.

I’ve used various foot care products at home, but nothing ever seemed to work all that well. Then a representative for Herbacin contacted me asking me if I wanted to give some of their stuff a try.


I agreed, but honestly I didn’t expect to see any noticeable results. With my marathon training coming to a close, my feet were about as unruly as they ever get and I figured they would be beyond help.

So let’s talk about Herbacin for a second. They are one of the oldest natural cosmetic brands in Germany, which I – and my 5 years of German in high school and college – think is awesome. The fact they have been around for such a long time speaks volumes. People worldwide trust them provide products containing the best natural ingredients. They have a face, body, and even a hair care line and – as I have recently learned – they have some fantastic products made specifically with your feet in mind.

I was sent three different tubes of product to try.

Foot Cream

foot cream

Containing organic camomile and natural avocado and almond oil, this moisturizer is advertised to be the ultimate for highly stressed feet. And yes you read that correctly…it contains urea which I totally gave the side-eye to at first before learning that urea is a common component of dermatological products that re-hydrate your skin. Seeing as my feet definitely fall into the “highly stressed” and in dire need of re-hydration category, I was excited to give it a try.

This foot cream did a number on my callouses. I have been asked by pedicurists in the past if I wanted them to get rid of the callouses for me, but I don’t because they help protect my feet when I run. This moisturizer has softened them up immensely without having to file anything away. The result is that I feel a lot less self-conscious wearing flip flops which is good because flip flop season is upon us! It’s about time.

Foot Peeling


I was a little terrified of this stuff at first. What exactly would Foot Peeling do to my feet? Was my skin going to slough off zombie-style? How would something like that affect my marathon performance?

I think I might have been over-thinking it a little bit.

The Himalayan salt scrub is very gentle and has done a wonderful job smoothing out my skin. I almost wish I could use it on my face, but since it’s a foot product obviously I won’t be doing that.


This product also contains the same natural oils and camomile as the foot cream to prevent your pretty new skin from drying out.

Cooling Gel

cooling gel


Oh my god THIS STUFF.

I have enjoyed using all these products, but I’m saving the best for last here. According to Herbacin, the Cooling Gel is for “heavy or tired legs” and I there is no better description of how I was feeling after the New Jersey Marathon. It quickly absorbs into the skin and the menthol, menthyl lactate and camphor make your feet and legs feel fresher almost instantly. It contains red vine leaves and horse chestnuts which supposedly enhance blood flow. I never knew that horse chestnuts could be so useful. Or even what a horse chestnut was.

I have the Cooling Gel in my bag all the time (and it’s actually sitting on my desk right now). When I finished my race on Sunday and went back to the car to swap out my shoes, I slathered it all over my feet and legs and literally breathed a huge sigh of relief.

So where can you buy it? 

I was pleased to learn that Herbacin is available at Harris Teeter; more than 220 locations to be exact in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Delaware and DC. This means that I can stop in and pick up some more right after spin class whenever I run out, which will probably be soon because I use these products almost daily.

If you don’t live anywhere near a Harris Teeter and still want to try these for yourself, you can purchase online on the Herbacin website.

Have you ever tried Herbacin products? What did you think of them? Do you have a Harris Teeter near you?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend? Is anyone racing? Shout it out so I can cheer you on!



I was provided with these products by Herbacin in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

31 thoughts on “Your feet will thank you. {Herbacin Review}

  1. aliceruns says:

    I have to try those out! I have been neglecting my feet since… ever. I think it’s about to start taking some care of them now that I rely on them so much with running.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Yep that pretty much sums it up for me too. My feet have never been pretty, but now they are just a fiasco. Or they were until I started taking better care of them.

  2. allisonfiorini says:

    I might need to make a purchase. My feet are so mangled and ohmigosh. My one toe on my right foot is just…it’s just not right. Toes should not look like that. So thanks for a great review and seriously the right time, sister!!!

  3. Run Colby Run says:

    I was just looking at my paws and my 9.5 toenails. Once that last one grows in, I’m throwing on a wig and sunglasses and heading for a pedicure. This stuff sounds fantastic! I’ve never heard of it….Must purchase….:-)

  4. DarlinRae says:

    I used to have a peppermint foot spray that I loved to use after a run or after a show, but I haven’t been able to find it in a while. Methinks I should pick up some of that cooling gel!

  5. fitnessmeetsfrosting says:

    Do you have a before/after pic 🙂 I occasionally get these hideous callouses on my big toes from blisters- prob need to switch shoes since it doesn’t matter how much I break in the shoes…back to my point- I hate summer when I have to wear sandals and show my feet!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I should have taken one, but I don’t want to break the internet with my zombie feet. (Although they do look better now!) I am feeling pretty confident in my open toed shoes today although I could really use a pedi!

  6. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    haha perfect thing to advertise to runners. What runner doesn’t have nasty feet. lol. I do use foot stuff sometimes, idk what brand though. but this is a great idea for the summer.!

  7. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    Love the Mean Girls reference!

    As a former manicurist that had to work (hard I might add) through many pedicures, I know for a fact your feet aren’t as bad as you think. TRUST ME, I’ve seen some shizz in my day! 😉 I love foot scrubs – I’m overly ticklish and pedicures make me so uncomfortable (I don’t like the foot file, AND most of it but the foot scrub part, is heaven!!!! Thanks for posting about these!!

  8. sarahdudek80 says:

    This look awesome. My feet are scary. I have built up runner’s calluses. I went to a new podiatrist who mentioned that he noticed I have really good insurance and then went on to say that my calluses are a sign that I need some serious orthotics and he would make me some. He said I would end up with a serious injury if I don’t. I knew then he was a quack. When I tell you that I am 22 weeks pregnant and still run 40 miles per week you should assume I will have calluses!

  9. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Believe it or not I don’t have gnarly feet. I’ve never lost a toenail. My calluses are pretty bad though and the nail techs always want to shave them off!! No way, I need them, but it sounds like that lotion is what I need too to help with them! I may be visiting Harris Teeter today 🙂

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