Tangled. {Not Disney related…a Cordskinz review & giveaway!}

I am a music runner. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t have anything to listen to while I’m out there (except for maybe if it were a really, really long run), but I definitely prefer it. Music motivates me and can quiet my mind if I’m in a tough spot. I run with my phone and a pair of Yurbuds which are much better than the old pair of iPhone ear buds that I used to use that never wanted to stay in my ears.

Aside from the whole staying put in my head factor, another feature of Yurbuds is that the cords are supposedly anti-tangle. This was a huge selling point for me because I am known to carelessly toss everything into my gym bag when I’m running out of the house and would then end up wasting a good 10 minutes trying to untangle the iPhone ear bud wires. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Yurbuds and I think they are great, but although the are definitely more tangle-free than my old headphones, I occasionally have issues with them.


They were hopelessly tangled when I was trying to get all geared up for my long run on the trail the other weekend and I got so frustrated that I threw them across my car and then had to waste even more time trying to dig them out from under the seat. Then I remembered…rather than go through all this again, why not put the CordSkinz that were so generously sent to me to try out to good use?



Honestly I felt a little Intimidated by them at first. Because CordSkinz are custom fit, they come with a stripping tool that you use to fit the skin around your headphone wire. The package says “simple to use”, but I was still skeptical. As crafty as I can be sometimes I am generally terrible at using tools, putting things together or following instructions and expected that this would end up as some kind of disaster.


This ended up not being the case. Installing my CordSkinz was a breeze. I had both sides fitted and trimmed within a few minutes. But would these really make a difference?

Actually yeah they do. I rolled my wires up the way I usually do which always causes them to become  knotted up in my gym bag. I could shake them out with one hand. No tangles! Pretty cool!

no tangles


The other concern I had was that these would add an extra, unpleasant amount of weight on to my headphones. I really couldn’t tell a difference and then after wearing them on the elliptical at the gym (because that’s what I’m doing during Week 15 of marathon training instead of running…AWESOME) I’ve decided I’m a fan because it keeps the wires from bouncing obnoxiously around.


I’m happy with my CordSkinz. I would also be happy to give one of you a pair.


ENTER HERE!! >>>  CordSkinz Giveaway!

This giveaway runs from right now until next Tuesday at midnight. Good luck to everyone that enters!

Do you run with music? What kind of headphones do you have?



I was provided with a set of CordSkinz to review and one to give away. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

58 thoughts on “Tangled. {Not Disney related…a Cordskinz review & giveaway!}

  1. FLRunnerBoy says:

    I do run with music some of the time and I usually get semi-cheap headphones I haven’t invested in high quality ones yet

  2. Sam @ The Running Graduate says:

    I’ve been running with music more and more lately. I also find that it helps quiet the mental side of running. I also love music and it’s one of the few times lately that I have to just zone out to it. I use some similar yurbuds, but without the over-the-ear part. I’m not crazy about them but they are better than my iPhone ear buds!

  3. lpqueenie99 says:

    Those are awesome!! I purchased a great pair of Bose headphones and love them, but the cord is ALWAYS getting tangled. It makes me so angry, and I know it will lead to the demise of my super awesome headphones. I tried the wireless headphones and I just don’t like them. I’d love the cordskinz!

    • runsaltrun says:

      These would be perfect for you! 🙂
      That’s interesting to hear that you don’t like the wireless. I considered getting some awhile back, but never did. I’ve definitely heard mixed reviews.

  4. Melissa (I Crashed the Web) says:

    I run with music sometimes – I try to stay music free and more alert when I’m running at the crack of down or late at night. But when I have music I love it and I know what you mean about tangled core – the worst!
    I’m looking for new headphones – otherwise, do u recommend your yurbuds?

    • runsaltrun says:

      I absolutely love them! I never thought I would be able to deal with headphones that hook over my ears, but I prefer them this way now. They never fall out. They do make kinds that don’t hook over though and those are apparently great too. 🙂

  5. Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles says:

    I love mine too and use them for my iPhone to talk to people when I drive or voice dictate emails-they have totally kept the freak outs in my car to a minimum when I used to fight with tangled cords everyday and now I only go crazy when I am sitting in hours worth of Boston traffic! 🙂

  6. Meg says:

    Gah! This makes me excited! I had such an awesome run yesterday. I attribute it to the great 55* weather and the fact that I was actually listening to music. I used to be the non-music-listening runner. I liked being aware of what was going on around me and being able to hear cars. I liked not being dependent on the music to get through a run. Well, I started the music a week or two ago and yesterday was so great that I am a believer now!

    There was ONE thing, however, that made my run only a 99% awesome instead of a full 100% awesome. My earbuds. I have these nice, inexpensive Sony ear buds that my hubs put in my stocking a few years ago. (I ALWAYS listened to music at work and my old style iPhone earbuds always seemed to hurt my ears.) They are great. They have the little rubber pieces that kind of forms to your ear. I love them, but not for running. They ALWAYS bounce out unless it is cold out and I am wearing an ear warmer. It will keep them in. The cord is also really long and bounces around. It pulls on the ear part and pulls them out. I try to hold it and it’s always an awkward stiff arm thing I get going on.

    Though a lot of my run, while I was shoving them back into my ears, I was thinking back on your post about Yurbuds a while ago and about my yearly dividend from REI and my 20% off member’s coupon. I was determined to come home and order some. Then I forgot. So THANK YOU for this post! It reminded me to get a pair of Yurbuds!

    Apologies on the novel! ❤

  7. Maddie @ Dixie Runs says:

    Genius! I hate tangled cords. Apple headphones have never ever stayed in my ears… but I just got some Skullcandy Method ear buds after my cheap $10 headphones died (surprise surprise) and they are amazing.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I’ve heard good things about Skullcandy! I have no idea how I tolerated the iPhone buds for so long. Most of the time I was strapping them into my ears with a headband.

  8. sarahdudek80 says:

    These are so cool and how have I not heard of them?! I love Yurbuds and they are the only ones that fit in my weird ears and stay there. But I too sometimes want to throw my Yurbuds across a room, or car, or whatever because they do tangle and it is so freaking annoying….especially if you are making a mad dash for the last treadmill at the gym!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Hahaha I feel like that’s me all the time. The first pair that I had were definitely anti tangle but the wires were so thick. Plus then they were massive and didn’t fit in my ears. I love the ones I have now, but they need some seriously detangling help!

  9. JessD says:

    I usually run with music and love my purple Yurbuds, but I honestly don’t see how they can be advertised as “anti-tangle” because I always have to spend a few minutes untangling the cords before my workouts!

  10. DarlinRae says:

    Interesting! I usually only use music on the treadmill or for very long runs. I’m currently using the stupid apple earbuds and I hate them, but I’m too cheap to buy anything nicer, haha! I currently use a tiny velcro zip tie thing to corral them, but even that doesn’t always keep them from tangling when I unwrap them.

  11. Chaitali says:

    Cool, I’ve never heard of these before. I love my yuurbuds but they definitely tangle. I ran without music a couple times when my phone died due to the cold and I definitely prefer running with music.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Strangely I run more often on the treadmill without headphones because in a perfect world I’m only on a treadmill to do intervals. I wish I could get to the point of a run that long sans music! I think my max so far has been about 8 miles.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I run with music, sometimes. I actually really enjoy running without music when I’m running outside, makes me feel more connected to nature….and now I sound like a hippy!

    When I do listen to music I have to use yurbuds, they’re the only ones that stay in my tiny ears.
    Side note, I was not aware that yurbuds were supposed to be tangle free, because, mine are most definitely not! Haha.

  13. Nicole@TheGirlWhoRanEverywhere says:

    I have those same headphones and I have the same probs you do-I have ears that are so obnoxiously small that iphone headphones never stay in them. So annoying. I do love those, but during my last marathon, they got hopelessly tangled and I ended up ripping them outta my ears at mile 14. So frustrating! I was super angry because I had about 6ish miles to go until my friend met me to finish the race and I REALLY could have used those tunes to get me through those tough miles! GRRR. Now I have bluetooth wireless headphones, and although I love them-Sometimes they don’t work. It’s weird and the bluetooth has days where it’s all “yeah i’m not going to play your music today or I will annoy you by skipping songs” drives me insane.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Wtf it just skips songs on you?? Not cool, Bluetooth headphones! I wanted a pair for the longest time, but now I’ve found happiness with these. Especially now that I won’t be flying into wire tangle rages anymore. 🙂

  14. Laura P says:

    I run with music at races and long runs if I’m by myself (usually I’m with friends). I have those same headphones and I never knew they were supposed to be tangle free! I have the same issues you have, lol.

  15. Mar on the Run! says:

    totally run with music, my yurbuds didn’t make it a month. Drove me crazy. These guys reached out to me to try and I just realized after reading your post – I never responded! oops.

  16. Sun says:

    When I first started running I used to run with my iPod and the earbuds were a nightmare – always tangled and slipping out of my ears. I don’t run with music anymore but if I did I would like this type of product!

  17. Christa says:

    I love running with music! I currently use a pair of Sony headphones that get tangled and fall out, but I am saving up for a pair of Yurbuds.

    • runsaltrun says:

      The ones I had before were definitely anti-tangle, but the wires were so thick and weird. I think these were supposed to be tangle-resistant too, but definitely not in my case!

  18. Alanna says:

    I love running with music. It just gives me that extra bit of motivation especially on a bad day. My husband got me some jaybird Bluetooth headphones for Christmas last year. I’ve been enjoying them. It’s nice not having to deal with cords.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Those were the ones I was looking at when I was still in the headphone market and debating bluetooth. I ended up not getting them due to $$ and no holidays right around then, but I’m glad you love them!

  19. irun4pizza says:

    I’m a music runner, too. I usually do my long runs with a group, but all of the running I do alone is with loud, loud music.

    I use my default iPhone ear-buds and yes, they fall out. Yes, I’ve cursed them out for tangling. I didn’t know this product existed so even if I don’t win I might go buy some!

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