Five Years {The Friday Five}

It’s Friday!!! But not just any usual Friday….


Well for one thing it’s a FREE Friday sponsored by my favorite DC ladies Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia. I assume this means that our Friday Five can be whatever topic we want. This is a very easy choice for me today because they don’t come much more special than today.

This is Mr. Salt:


And me too obviously. He’s pretty handsome right? He’s also a really good guy. Like REALLY good. Patient, understanding, and great under pressure.

You would have to be all those things to be married to me.

And today he has been married to me for 5 years. (Kinda cool because it really is my Friday FIVE today!)



1) He’s such a good daddy. That girl loves him so much and she has him wrapped completely around her little pinky. He works a lot because he wants to provide a wonderful future for her, but the times they do have together are so special.


2) He works super hard. Mr. Salt is a salesman and I don’t think I have ever met anyone in my life who is as good at selling things as he is. He could sell anything. He sells me stuff by accident all the time.

This one time we were on a date and he had just gotten a new phone and was showing it to me. By the end of dinner I COULD NOT POSSIBLY LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT THAT SAME PHONE. It was like witchcraft.

When he asked me to marry him there was no sales pitch required.


3) He listens to me talk about running. Mr. Salt doesn’t run. But he supports everything I do and tries to understand as best that a non-runner can. Because really we are probably all slightly crazy to them.

When I come home from a run he asks how it went and whether it was good or bad. Then  he will at the very least pretend to care about whatever lengthy description I give him.

Of course he’s there for me in every other way too. He’s a wonderful cheerleader.


4. He’s calm. And let’s face it…I’m just not. It is 100% imperative that I be married to someone with his demeanor. I can’t even tell you how many times I have refrained from freaking out only because he wasn’t.


5. He’s a great friend. Mr. Salt and I knew each other for years before we started dating. I always thought he was super hot, but the timing was just never right. And then one day it was.

We actually had a long distance relationship for the first little while that we were dating (like REALLY long as in California to Maryland) and never once during that time did I feel like I couldn’t trust him. He is my best friend and although we’ve had our ups and downs I still can’t imagine my life without him.

To quote our darling daughter…happy five years to my “Prince Charming”. There’s no one else I’d rather be on this crazy ride with.

February 27, 2010: Providenciales, Turks & Caicos.


Destination weddings ROCK. ❤


We will be celebrating this weekend and I hope you all have some fun plans ahead for you too!


Mrs. Salt


108 thoughts on “Five Years {The Friday Five}

  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    Belated congrats. Perhaps it is the pregnancy hormones but your post made me tear up. I love hearing about happy, loving marriages and wonderful men who are great husbands and dads. It is the way life should be and it makes me so happy to read this. You are a wonderful woman and deserve all of that. Congrats to you both and many more!

  2. Lauren @ ihadabiglunch says:

    Oooo destination wedding — how cool! I love this post because it sounds so genuine. Yay for five years!! I definitely need to find someone who will be calm when I feel like I’m losing it! That’s a blessing in and of itself haha

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