NJ Marathon Training Week 9 Recap

9 weeks down…9 weeks to go. I should probably start making travel arrangements. This is all pretty exciting because while I’ll be going up early Saturday for the expo and to get situated, Mr. Salt and Betty will be coming up early on Sunday to cheer me on and then we will make it a little family vacation and stay that night too!

I’m extra keen on this idea because nothing about driving my car several hours home after running a marathon seems like fun at all.

This Week’s Grade: B, I guess? This weather is really starting to get me down.

The theme of the week was treadmill and I’ve officially stopped beating myself up over it. I WISH I could muster up the motivation to run outside and maybe this makes me not-hardcore and people can judge me all they want, but I just can’t do single digits.

Monday, February 16: I made a smart decision and moved my Tuesday 4 miler with the knowledge that the evening forecast was not looking good and that my gym has the worst inclement weather policy in the history of gyms. I took it easy because I was in recovery mode from Saturday, but still this run felt pretty good.

Tuesday, February 17:  Smartypants decision paid off. It snowed an inch overnight and the gym didn’t open until 7am (which is right around when I need to be getting ready for work).

That’s right. The gym opened 2 and a half hours late because of 1 INCH OF SNOW. 


Instead I went to my first Mat Pilates class in the evening.

I was not sure what to make of the class AT ALL when I got there. There were only a few of us and I was the youngest one there easily by 20 years. I was having a flash back to this one time when I inadvertently took a geriatric Tai Chi class at my old gym. Well it ended up being a good workout, especially for my core! I was very pleasantly surprised and already signed myself up to go back this week.

Wednesday, February 18: 4 degrees outside (not counting the windchill) had me on the treadmill again. 7 miles (8:06). This run was great. In the evening I went to my favorite hot vinyasa class with Shino!

Thursday, February 19: 4 miles and I took the opportunity to do some easy 800s. I hadn’t done 800s in awhile so by the end I was exhausted, but it still felt good to push my pace a little.

Friday, February 20: I honestly could not remember the last time I took a completely do-nothing rest day. Even my rest days when I was in Florida included epic amounts of walking. I made sure to do as little as humanly possible on Friday. And it was lazy and glorious.

Saturday, February 21: What an enormous pain in the butt this whole morning turned out to be. I woke up and the temperature was all:


So I went to the gym, completely unaware that it doesn’t open until 6 on Saturdays. I arrived in the parking lot at 5:30. I’m really beginning to dislike my gym.

Mr. Salt has to be at his desk at work at 8:30, which usually means I have to be home by 8. By the time I got ready and on to a treadmill, I had roughly 1 hour and 50 minutes to run 13.1 miles.

No pressure or anything. 

Oh and the treadmills have to be reset after an hour. I used to think it was to keep people from hogging machines for too long, but now I’m thinking it’s because there is a certain level of insanity involved with doing a very long run on a treadmill and they are simply trying to discourage that.

During my first hour I ran 6.8 miles. I felt great the whole time. I thought I had the rest of it in the bag. Then I have no idea what happened, but around mile 4.2  after the reset I started to feel a little like I was going to pass out. I paused the treadmill and drank some of my Nuun and then THE TREADMILL FRIGGING RESET ITSELF AFTER ABOUT 10 SECONDS OF BEING PAUSED. I had no idea of the exact distance or time that had been on the screen. Sara was on the treadmill next to me and watched as I started to completely hulk out.


Thankfully she is a voice of reason and told me that I only had 2 miles or so left. In the end I think I went a little more than a half marathon distance and my best estimate for my time was 1:54-and change. And Mr. Salt even got to work on time.

That day it snowed a whole bunch. I got in some extra exercise playing with my little snow bunny and doing some snowga.

photo 2 (15)

photo 3 (9)

Sunday, February 21: Cross train day. I was all amped up for my first visit to REV Cycle. (Yay for ClassPass yet again!) But then with 10 inches of snow and a layer of ice on top, I was wondering if it would actually happen. My class was at 11:30 and they had canceled some of the earlier morning ones. Just in case I got some excellent strength training in shoveling the very heavy snow from around my car (and a couple other cars too because I’m nice like that) and when I hadn’t heard anything to suggest it might not be happening, I braved the elements and headed downtown.

So glad I did. That class was a BLAST! So much that it was actually called REVBlast. It’s a 45 minute class that features high intensity cycling and then a track where we were doing upper body work with weights. I am not the best at multitasking and almost fell off the bike during that part.

Week 9 Mileage: 28.1

Unfortunately it looks like more of the same this week weather-wise. Sunday warmed up to the mid-50’s and it felt so glorious that I almost wanted to go for a run in shorts. Now it’s back to our regularly scheduled freezing cold temps and everything is supposed to ice over. This week I have 17 miles on the schedule for Saturday and knowing what I know now about the gym opening at 6 I’m going to have to do that run outside whether I like it or not and no matter how single digity the temperature is.  Unless we move someplace much warmer I think this might be the last time I sign myself up for a spring marathon. If I want to run it has to happen before the sun comes up and running before the heat of the day hits in the summertime is so much easier than running before the warm (if you consider 15 degress to be warm) of the day hits in the winter.

Did you get any snow this weekend? Do you hate shoveling? (I actually kind of enjoy it. Is that weird?)

I hope everyone has a happy beginning to their week!




67 thoughts on “NJ Marathon Training Week 9 Recap

  1. SuzLyfe says:

    We didn’t get any snow but it was cold as balls. Thank goodness it was nice during the majority of training, and has only really gotten cold during taper. My friend who lives in Dallas said that they are having an ice day today because it rained and is going to be 30 deg.

  2. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    First of all, running on the treadmill does not make you any less of a bad ass!! Shoot, all of my training has been on it except for one run…I refuse to allow that to make me lost my badass card. In fact, it should make you MORE of a badass for having the mental capacity to endure it!! Rock it mama!

    • runsaltrun says:

      That’s so true. I was telling Mr. Salt yesterday that I feel like it was building mental toughness!
      I’m just going to continue looking at it the same way that you do. 🙂

      I do love the treadmill though. And I am so freaking tired of the word “dreadmill”.

  3. Movin' it with Michelle says:

    I’m with ya on this weather….all my friends have disowned me I think, because I refuse to run in these temps. The treadmill and I have broken up, but I continue to run on him anyhow. LOL. Praying for some relief as I have an 8 miler this weekend, and my 6 miler last weekend on the treadmill was more painful than I can express. LOL~~

  4. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine says:

    Last year I was able to handle running outside all winter but not this year. I’m over stressing about where I can run to avoid ice or how many layers I need to wear.
    Where did you take pilates? I went to Ojas last Thursday. And I finally went to Rev this morning! I’m trying to decide what classes to take over the last few days of ClassPass. Planning on doing Purebarre again on Wednesday, and maybe try to get back to Rev another day this week!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I’m doing the same thing! And now we have zero sidewalks so I’m already stressing about this weekend because I know it won’t melt much this week. Just so over it.
      The class was at Ojas!!! I love that place (I’ve had massages there before and it always smells so good). I’m going to try out a yoga class there on Wednesday too I think.

      What did you think of REV and which class did you do? I wish I had time to get down there one more time before my pass is up (Friday), but I also think I’m going to sign on for another month. When all is said and done with this I’ve gone to like 13 classes total.

  5. Mar on the Run! says:

    I attempted 8 on the treadmill yesterday not realizing the 60 minute limit. With my cold it was just rough. I quit after 3 and hit outside, slush and all. Boo! Seriously, winter can go away at any time. Glad you’ve gotten so much out of ClassPass! !

  6. Judith / soveryslightlymad says:

    It’s so seriously annoying that gym treadmills cut off after an hour (my one at home goes to 100 minutes — slightly less annoying). I tried to figure out how to override the system, but the manual instructions I found online didn’t seem to work.

    I feel extra grateful that my gym is open no matter the weather. They cancel classes sometimes, but the facility is always open. I feel bad for the employees who have to make it there on bad snow days, though.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Canceling classes is one thing because sometimes a certain instructor can’t get there or whatever, but it’s literally like they are on a school schedule. Like if schools are closed or late, so is the gym. I wish my office operated that way. ::shakes fist::

      100 minutes is definitely slightly less annoying. I wish they would let the ones at the gym go for even that long!

  7. sarahdudek80 says:

    Rough training season! Way to go with the treadmill. I too hate everything you mentioned about the mill, 1 hr limit, resetting, and don’t forget the annoying ones where you hit the bar by accident and it stops on you. But I will still gladly keep using one til it warms up here. Rock actually completely threw his back out during the blizzard we had here. He literally crawled like a snail for a week around here and I had to miss work because he couldn’t move. It was awful!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I have been known to hit that stupid little red peg that is barely held on by a flimsy magnet a time or two and jolting to a halt. But yeah. More of that this week because it’s the only way I can run with a smile on my face right now.

      What happened to his back!? Was he shoveling?? I hope he feels better! At Body Pump this morning the teacher was going over all these different ways to modify the class if we were sore from pushing snow around.

  8. Chaitali says:

    The single digits are really making this a hard training season 😦 Yay you for getting everything done, especially with the gym frustrations. I used to love pilates but I haven’t done it in a while. I might need to look back into that.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you. It is definitely frustrated and I’m tired of being such a Negative Nancy about it, but it’s starting to feel like it will never end. I’m getting scared that these temps will hang until April and the rest of my training is going to be on snow and ice with negative temps. I wish we would just have one of those warm Marches like we did a couple years ago.

  9. klregan says:

    The weather is really getting to me too. Long runs are just slogs through the funky snow and I hate treadmill running SOO much, especially at the gym I go to (I’m a grad student, so I use the one at ND’s campus). We got some snow this weekend, but there are already a few feet on the ground, so any more is really just adding insult to injury. Spring can’t come fast enough.

  10. Corinne says:

    We got snow in Columbus. I have no idea how much at my house exactly because I was too lazy to go outside and measure. However, I can tell you that it goes up to the dog’s butt exactly. Poor thing couldn’t squat to do any of her business until I went out there and shoveled out a little spot for her! It’s somewhere around 8 inches probably. I was on call this weekend at work, which meant I was busy all day everyday on the phone, but at home thankfully! It snowed all day Saturday too! I hate shoveling snow with a burning passion so imagine my surprise when I saw that my neighbor’s two girls had decided to shovel the driveway for me! I gave them a couple bucks and some hot chocolate for their hard work 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      Hahahaha I love that the dog’s butt is a unit of measurement. 🙂 That’s so sweet of those girls to dig out your drive and sweet of YOU to reward them for it! I don’t think the neighbors knew it was me, but I can guarantee that no one would have made me hot chocolate!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I felt so strong yesterday! Haha I set out to do my car and then didn’t want to stop. I’m glad I’m not the only one. 🙂 I’m glad you’re being safe out there too. Injury definitely has made me more careful!

  11. Karen says:

    omg I laughed outloud [in class] at your geriatric tai chi class. My dad and I took a free yoga class at the ymca a few weeks ago, and we were easily the youngest two there (my dad is 55).

    sounds like you had a great week despite all those setbacks. I’ve been on the treadmill lately too. ugh winter and its single digits.

  12. Lauren says:

    The weather has seriously gotten me down. I haven’t gotten a longer run in the past two weeks because I can’t seem to bring myself to do it on the treadmill. The ice is the worst now, and the sidewalks near me are not all cleared. Ugh. Bring on spring!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Don’t get me wrong…I don’t like other people to be miserable, but I’m also glad I’m not the only person who is down on this winter. We have zero neighborhood sidewalks right now and I’m hoping that changes this week, but with this cold rolling back in it’s not looking good!

  13. DarlinRae says:

    Bummer about your gym being so wimpy. We don’t have that problem here in the frozen North 😉 We got a decent amount of snow this winter, but thankfully, my father in law has a tractor with a plow, so I don’t actually have to do much shoveling these days, hooray!

    • runsaltrun says:

      SO WIMPY! None of the other ones around here are this bad! I know I’m not the only one complaining either. It’s really inconvenient for a lot of people. I need to make friends with someone who has a plow. That’s awesome!

  14. Nora @ 2 Generations Running says:

    Haha, not gonna lie – that is kind of weird that you like shoveling! 🙂 I’m so sick of it by this point. We only got about an inch or so this weekend which was a nice change of pace. great job getting your long runs in even though you were confined to the treadmill! I don’t think that makes you wimpy, if I had a treadmill, I’d be on that thing everyday in the winter. 🙂

  15. Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles says:

    Half way through…so exciting! I am SO SO SO over this Winter too, I swear I had tears in my eyes on Saturday when it started snowing again. I am not a sun worshiper at all, but I’d kill to feel the warmth on my pasty white skin right about now!

    And…running on the treadmill doesn’t make you any less bad ass, you do what you have to do to train safely!! No need to slip and hurt yourself!!!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I just wish I was feeling more confident. I’m honestly not expecting much out of this race at this point beyond finishing it. The winter is making me feel really sluggish and out of shape. BUT POSITIVITY! There will be a medal at the end. 🙂

      I saw that the Saturday snow was moving up toward you guys and I thought of you. If anyone has had enough, it’s the northeast!

  16. fitnessmeetsfrosting says:

    Long time no talk friend!!! I’ve missed your sense of humor! Geriatric Tai Chi PAHAHAHA!!! Totally something I would do too. I’m not going to tell you what the weather is like over in CA. I might get hate mail 😉

    • runsaltrun says:

      YOU!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!? I’ve missed you!!! Oh trust me, I have been kicking myself repeatedly for moving back east. I know exactly what kind of gloriousness you have going on over there right now. ❤

  17. Running Boston and Beyond says:

    Your picture of the one measly degree makes me feel guilty about saying that 20 degrees was super cold. Sounds like you’re quite the rock star in dealing with the weather – that stuff is brutal. The only way I stayed sane when I lived in Iowa and training for a spring marathon was to run the 1/10th mile track at my gym. I ran 20 miles on that sucker. Sending you some warmer weather – I hope!!!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Honestly I think temperature is all relative. I feel bad complaining about 1 degree when runners in the midwest have -20 without the windchill. Or Boston with three feet of snow to deal with. It’s all about what your body is used to. My body is NOT used to 1 degree.

      I really wish my gym had an indoor track, but I guess it’s not like it would ever be open for me to use it. 🙂 Thank you! I will take all the warm weather vibes I can get!!

  18. Shawna says:

    your yoga poses on insta are so sweet, girl. i wish i could move like that! i’m with you on the “thankful they exist but hating the fact that i’m not outside right now b/c of this dang cold” relationship with the treadmill lately.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you!! I am having so much fun with this challenge. They said it was supposed to be 30 days (I think), but they also said that it ends on March 8, which does NOT equal 30 days (instead I think it’s 35). So I hope everyone can tolerate an extra 5 days of yoga from me.

      I just read your Miami post. It’s such a crazy rude awakening coming back from Florida to this grossness!

  19. bobbyjessica2319 says:

    I don’t blame you for going all hulk.. I would have lost it. I hate when little things like that happen. grrr. lol
    but good job on your overall running week.!
    you guys look great out in the snow 🙂 love the pose. ha

    • runsaltrun says:

      Haha if I hadn’t been like 11 miles in I might not have reacted so poorly, but I was all full of adrenaline and just wanted to be done! Thanks, lady! Betty had the best time playing out in it. (Until she got too cold and flipped out.)

  20. Karen @ runningfifty says:

    This is the first weekend in ages that we didn’t get snow and it was actually warm (i.e. in the 30s!!). This winter has certainly made running and training an adventure! Good luck!

  21. Amy says:

    You say you aren’t hardcore because you choose treadmill over freezing cold, but those outdoor runners suffer the cold at least partly because they’d go nuts after hours on the treadmill….so you ARE hardcore! At least that’s how this treadmill runner likes to think of it. 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      I can just kind of turn my brain off during treadmill runs. I completely zone out and then the run is over and I’m like…what just happened? YOU are hardcore too! Thank you, my friend. 🙂

  22. Lauren @ ihadabiglunch says:

    Lol tai chi…that’s slow enough as it is I can’t even imagine a geriatric version!

    That RevCycle class sounds killer! My cup of tea for sure. I can’t believe you ran a half marathon on a treadmill! Crazy kid. I love that you’re turning your race into a mini-family vacation 🙂 always a good idea to make the most of those moments together, right?

    Your gym needs to get it together! What could that 1 inch of snow have possibly done to affect the opening time? Sounds like the owner just wanted to hit snooze a few more times 😉

    • runsaltrun says:

      Luckily I looked online to see that it had closed (I probably would have gone otherwise, but since I didn’t need to run it wasn’t a huge issue) rather than driving over there like every other time. 🙂 Must be nice to just show up late to work so often! It’s a big gym too so I’m shocked that they do this all the time!

      Half marathon is definitely WAY too long to have run on the treadmill and I know other people have gone longer! Crazy!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    I am hating this weather so so much, I am ready for spring. I feel you on the pause button reseting the treadmill at the gym. I never understand what the purpose of the pause button is!

  24. Jennifer says:

    Way to go! Beautiful snowga haha… love that word! I usually end up shoveling, but I like to shovel throughout the day vs. at the end (a. it freezes over or b. too heavy for me to lift). It was nice that the snow practically melted away (the sidewalks at least) on Sunday.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you!! Ugh shoveling when it’s a frozen mess is the worst. I was hoping that earlier in the day on Sunday would be okay, but there was a sheet of ice on top of everything already! I would say maybe half of what fell melted, but there’s still plenty around here to look at. (And it’s all dirty and gross piled up everywhere. Blah!)

  25. Sweaty Mess says:

    I actually enjoy shoveling too. But I also dont live in Boston…if I did Im sure Id have another opinion. Hey i was just thinking, if you want, Charlotte and I could hang with Betty while you get your super long runs done so you dont have to freeze. Char has gym class in the AM but we could hang with her after. Just throwin it out there. I thought I was going to die during my second 4 miles. I was totally going crazy, but breaking it in half helped.

    • runsaltrun says:

      You are the BEST. I very well might take you up on that coming up. This weekend I’m going to brave it, but when I get to my 2 sets of 20’s that might be an awesome alternative. I know I will also be switching a long run or two to Sunday when Mike is off, but I can’t think weekend or next because this weekend is our anniversary and the next weekend is my birthday and I’m sorry, but I’m not running 18 miles on my birthday. Thank you for this wonderful offer!

      Taking that little break does help. I never realized how much mental strength it takes to do these treadmill runs until this winter!

  26. Jess@Flying Feet In Faith says:

    No. You ARE hard core. I can not do 13 miles on a treadmill lol but we have had icy snow. Makes for dangerous driving so I can’t even drive to our gym. I was forced to run outside. I swear. If I ever have to run 18 miles in snow again… Ha nice week lady and I’m loving your snowga and snow bunny pics!

  27. Hailey @ Striding Strong says:

    I kind you’re not liking the snow right now, but I do like your snow pictures:) Betty is too cute and I love the way the snowflakes look in your snow picture, pretty! You my friend, are my hero for training for a marathon during this time of year, treadmill or not you get the job done and that’s all that matters:)

  28. kristenk says:

    Congrats on a great week! We had the opposite weather here in Alaska (it’s been a while since it’s gone below freezing!) BUT the ground is frozen so all the melting snow and the rain ends up turning into ice. I did manage to run outside this weekend though and it was so much fun! Good luck with 17 outside next weekend, I’ll pray that your snow calms down!

    And FYI, I don’t find treadmill running wimpy at all! I don’t run outside when it goes below 10 degrees because I’m just miserable and in pain. I’d rather just get my run done as happily as I can instead of trying to be badass and running in crazy conditions.

  29. ambertherunner says:

    I’m equally not as hardcore as you when the temp is in the teens or lower. Just no. I totally feel you on training for a fall marathon over spring too for the exact same reason. I guess luckily I can usually do my long runs in the afternoon in the winter since I don’t have a husband or child- but early morning summer runs are much more enjoyable 🙂
    What is with treadmills and that 1 hour cutoff!! So annoying. You may have a point about the slight insanity needed to run long on the mill, but please let us embrace our sanity rude treadmill makers.
    That REVBlast class sounds like so much fun! I love cycling, but wish it had more of an upper body workout, so that sounds like the perfect combo.

  30. Eat Pray Run, DC says:

    girl…you are hardcore but this mess is for the birds. honestly, the reason i didn’t sign up for a spring marathon this year is solely because winter marathon training is SO SO hard. like you said, i don’t think i’ll do a spring marathon again while i’m still living here. or i’ll at least rotate years. i just couldn’t stomach the idea of 21 miles in ice (like last year) AGAIN. so yes, i totally understand! 🙂

  31. Jess @hellotofit says:

    I was in northern VA visiting family, so yes – definitely snow! That’s awesome you did some mat Pilates. I used to take it regularly, and it really works the core! Have you tried a Reformer class? I feel that more than on the mat….

  32. Sun says:

    Ugh, I hate it when treadmills reset!! I’ve had that happen a few times and it usually causes four-letter words to be muttered. Not cool treadmills!

    Sounds like you made the best of the bad weather week and still got in some great running and cross training workouts. Exciting that you’re halfway to the race!!

  33. charissarunning says:

    I’m so glad you’ve been able to get your running in despite the weather. The treadmill really is a lifesaver even if it’s not everyone’s favorite option.
    I hate that about gym treadmills too – I don’t know why it is they have to have a one hour limit? I asked someone once and they tried to explain it as a health concern thing…but if someone really wants to go longer they’re going to anyway. So the stoppage is really just a nuisance – ugh!
    I desperately hope it warms up soon. This winter is driving me mad and I really need spring to come NOW!

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