Not Quitting My Day Job {That time I took a pole dance class.}

I’ve mentioned on here a couple times over the past two weeks that I recently tried out my very first (and quite possibly my last) pole fitness class thanks to ClassPass Baltimore. (Shout out to ClassPass Baltimore! You rock and I love you!)

Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t likely my last class because I hated it. It was fun. It’s just that although this blog may dictate otherwise, I’m not the biggest fan of making a complete ass out of myself in public. At least not anymore.


There are multiple Pole Pressure locations in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and North Carolina. I attended class in Ellicott City. It is located within the Quest Fitness there and I should have paid more attention to the directions where they specifically said it was within the Quest Fitness or I wouldn’t have been driving around the parking lot for 20 minutes all confused as to where I was supposed to go.

Shorts are encouraged for the class, but I did not know this ahead of time so I was dressed in my usual workout gear. There would be no crazy-high clear platform heels (thank goodness). The classes are 18 and over, and can be co-ed, but spectators are not allowed. Pole Pressure is technical dance and gymnastics based; basically two things that I am not. Don’t let the yoga fool you; my yoga mat is the only place on the planet where I might be considered somewhat graceful.

I got all checked in, dropped my stuff in a locker, and joined a small group of women in the studio. There was a mirror along one wall and 8 poles in the room. Maybe? Honestly I didn’ t count them.  All I know is there were 5 of us including the instructor (who was wearing a very distracting pair of leggings that made it look like her muscles were on the outside of her body) and plenty of poles to go around.

The class began with a warm up where what little rhythm I have was put to the test. I felt uncoordinated right away and we hadn’t even gotten to the pole part yet. The instructor, who was extremely sweet and welcoming – as were all the other girls in the room – had choreographed a routine and we would go through it step by step. The first move – an easy swing around the pole – was doable for me. I looked somewhat in charge of my body and was pretty proud of myself! On the website they say that you’ll be “addicted from your first spin” and I can see how that would be true. Then it was all downhill from there.


But I still had fun. The class was relaxed and everyone was laughing and joking and I never felt judged. At the end we put all the moves together for a short little performance set to a Britney song.

One that involved even more dancing. I’m not sexy and I know it.

I did try everything with varying degrees of success and failure, but even more I watched in awe as these women tackled these crazy gymnastic moves. I guess I never really appreciated how beautiful this type of dancing can be and I DEFINITELY didn’t take into account the full-scale of flexibility and athleticism you have to have to achieve it. My arms were burning so badly the next day that I could barely lift them above shoulder height. Let’s not even talk about how bruised my ego was.

If you look at the website linked above there is a video on the top right featuring a girl named Jessalyn. She was my teacher and it’s pretty obvious from that performance how out of my element I was. She’s insanely talented.

I give myself a 0 for performance, but that workout was a 10. If you have a chance to take a class like this, I highly recommend it.  As I was leaving everyone said they hoped to see me next week…which was last week. And yeah they didn’t see me last week because I was in Florida, but maybe I’ll go back again if I can get over myself.

Have you ever taken a pole fitness class or considered it? How do you think it would go for you?

Happy snowy Tuesday everyone!




69 thoughts on “Not Quitting My Day Job {That time I took a pole dance class.}

  1. Farrah says:

    I adore pole dancing! ❤ It's definitely an awesome workout and a whole ton of fun. It's great that you tried it out, and seriously, it doesn't matter if you make a complete ass of yourself (I'm sure I did all the time when I first started; I still do!). Everyone's gotta start somewhere! :]

  2. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Hahaha, I’m not sexy and I know it. That is exactly me! I would have been horrified I think. No way I have the ability to do this. More power to you for actually trying it!

  3. Kathryn @ Dancing to Running says:

    Your experience was very similar to my one and only pole dancing class. A couple of my girlfriends took me to a pole dancing class as part of my Bachelorette party. It was quite an interesting experience, and let’s just say that was 3.5 years ago and I haven’t been back since. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and my girlfriends and I all had a couple of good laughs, but its definitely not my forte.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Haha “interesting” is a great way to describe it and that does sound like a fun thing to do for a bachelorette! I’m right there with you though. Let’s stick to running. 🙂

  4. funmotherrunner says:

    I tried a place once that offered pole dancing and floor/chair dancing. I could barely do a spin on the pole (zero arm strength) so I just stuck with floor/chair for a while (maybe a year or so?). A lot of the chair moves made for a great ab/core workout.

    • runsaltrun says:

      That’s cool that you stuck with it for so long! I’m not sure if this place has chair or not, but I would be willing to try that out. I can get on board with anything that is a good ab workout!

  5. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven! says:

    I would have LOVED to have done this with you!!! I don’t know that I’d be brave enough to go on my own – so kudos for you ten fold!!!

    I would have been laughing my ass off, at myself the entire time, I think. I love dance, but I’m not sure I could tackle the pole! 🙂

  6. sarahdudek80 says:

    This sounds like so much fun but given my coordination it would have been a disaster for me. I love hearing your stories and that you try all of these classes out. I think for the better of everyone I will avoid trying this!

  7. Anna @ Piper's Run says:

    I don’t even know if there is a pole “fitness” class around here…..but pole dancing yes 🙂 Good for you for trying it…not sure I would as I think I’d fail at everything! It’s great that the vibe of the glass was fun and supportive.

    • runsaltrun says:

      We have that around here too. Haha definitely a different sort of thing.
      The vibe was what made it though. If they weren’t so awesome I probably wouldn’t have tried anything!

  8. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine says:

    You’re so brave! I would be way too nervous to go to this class. I saw it on the class pass schedule and didn’t even consider it. I wish I had the guts to step out of my comfort zone a bit more! But at this point with only a week left of class pass there are still so many places I haven’t gotten to…and this weather isn’t helping!

    • runsaltrun says:

      This weather is definitely NOT helping. I’m so glad I didn’t sign up for anything this morning. It’s like the whole world is closed right now. (I am going to miss this ClassPass so much…I’m pretty sure I’m signing up for another month. With my birthday coming I can justify it!)

  9. elenajvance says:

    I took a class about 6 years ago and have never been back!! It was so much harder than I thought it was going to be and I was so bruised too! It was fun and yet I am like you and not a dancer! There was absolutely nothing sexy about my workout!

  10. Betty says:

    I’m dying laughing and SO happy I’m not the only one who won’t be quitting my day job! 😉 I took a few classes at Xpose with a friend; floor, chair, and pole and felt like a complete dork in all of them! Coordination is definitely not my strong suit! But I did have fun and would be open to the occasional class to mix up my fitness routine!

    • runsaltrun says:

      It was definitely different and a nice way to mix things up a little. Part of the reason I’ve been enjoying the ClassPass thing so much is that I’ve been able to try a lot of new stuff that I wouldn’t normally think to do. I wonder if I will ever get any more graceful with it or if I’m just out of luck haha!

  11. DarlinRae says:

    This is such a great post, and really encapsulates how I feel about it too. I did one pole dancing class as part of a private bachelorette party for a friend. The instructor was super nice, and yes, I wore 5 inch plastic stripper heels. I have some dance experience and lots of “pretending to be sexy” experience from years in the theater, but I still felt super uncoordinated and really weak. It takes so much strength to pull off some of the moves. I was sore for days afterwards! I would definitely give it another go, but there are no studios near me, and it’s kind of expensive to go on the regular.

  12. Corinne says:

    Sounds like this place needs to offer different levels of classes, i.e. beginner, intermediate, advanced. A lot of newer pole fitness places I’ve seen don’t really specify that it helps to have certain background abilities before taking certain classes! Beginner level works on building up your strength before going into the crazy fun stuff! I worked as a bartender in a strip club just outside of Towson/Parkville (yes I really was a BARTENDER and NOT a dancer) and learned a lot of stuff from the girls there. I was amazed at how much strength it required and how incredibly athletic some of these girls were! It’s a fun workout to try once or twice if it interests you, that’s for sure!

  13. Change of Pace says:

    Lol- love this class review! It sounds like a lot of fun, but man I’m horrible at choreography. I’m sure I’d humiliate myself!
    Crazy what a good arm workout it was, especially considering you’re so toned!

  14. Lauren says:

    I took a couple pole dancing classes once via a groupon. It’s really hard and takes a lot of grace and upper body strength. I also can’t nail down trying to look sexy while doing it, haha. I definitely was not great at it , but it was fun to try tout!

  15. Hailey @ Striding Strong says:

    I could barely climb ropes in elementary P.E. so I’m pretty sure I would be out of my element with the pole dancing as well haha. I think it would be really fun to try with a group of close girl friends, but I don’t think I could do it in front of people I’ve never met before. Very brave of you!

    • runsaltrun says:

      OMG I could NEVER climb those stupid ropes!! I haven’t thought about that in years. No wonder I was so terrible at the pole dancing. I love reading how many people have done this for bachelorette parties. The thought never crossed my mind that it would be such a great thing to do with a group of girl friends like that!

  16. Lauren @ ihadabiglunch says:

    Hahaha I lovvvvve that “no spectating allowed” had to be explicitly said. There are so many weirdos out there.

    This is something that would TOTALLY be out of my comfort zone. Props to you for trying it! I’m sure you did better than a 0 haha but I can only imagine that some people show up and are completely talented at it and it’s intimidating.

    • runsaltrun says:

      You know there has to be a reason they put that on the website. Creepers gonna creep.
      I honestly didn’t even know it could be coed until I followed up with their site for this post!
      Thank you…okay maybe I will give myself a 1. My first spin was pretty good. 🙂

  17. Sun says:

    Lol – your review of the class sounds about how it would go for me. I’m seriously uncoordinated so I can only imagine the laughing that would result.

    And the classes are really coed?? Hilarious!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Reading all the comments on this blog make me feel better. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is all aboard the un-coordination train. 🙂 I couldn’t even believe the coed thing!! I didn’t know that before I went in for the class and only found out later. I’m pretty glad there weren’t guys there when I was there. I wonder how many they get?

  18. alsoranagain says:

    OMG. Okay, first off, thank you for making me giggle out loud at this, my first day back at work after the long weekend. Second, good for you for trying it! I don’t have the guts to try a pole dancing class, even though I’ve heard it’s an incredible core and arm workout. I already feel like a bit of an acrobat at Pilates (albeit not a sexy acrobat). I think I would laugh too much if I tried pole dancing.

    • runsaltrun says:

      YES! I was hoping I would get some laughs at my expense today. 😉 I’m still laughing at myself 2 weeks later. I actually took my very first ever Pilates class tonight…that was TOUGH! The 100 nearly killed my core!

  19. missadventuresinrunning says:

    That is hilarious! At least you had fun and got a good workout! Trying new things can be both exciting and terrifying!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who felt really awkward in a class like this! I should have taken a friend along for support! (Very smart thinking!)

  20. kiwiyogirunner says:

    I really feel like I would fail miserably at this! I’m not coordinated at all and my upper body strength definitely needs some work too so combined I think it would be a bit of a fail 🙂 good on you for trying it though!

  21. gaeaphilia says:

    I have always wanted to take a pole dancing class, but never had the guts or money to do it! I can dance (I think), but I’m also not well coordinated so… I’m not sure how it would go for me.

  22. kristenk says:

    Hahaha I love this recap – this sounds like what would happen if I took a class! I have 0% gracefulness and 0% arm strength so this is a big no for me. But hey, the one yoga studio in Anchorage has pole dancing (not even kidding) so I can’t rule it out 😉

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