Life Lately… {The Friday Five!}

Just when you thought you had heard everything you would ever want to know about me from my Wednesday post – including my aversion to peanut butter and cannibalism – my beautiful DC friends, Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney, drop a Friday Five-Things-About-You challenge!


I figured instead of five random things about me (since I posted way more than enough of that the other day) I would talk about five things that I have going on lately that DON’T include marathon training. Sometimes I feel like that part takes up way too much space in my brain and definitely all the space on my blog! It’s nice to touch base with all the other things going on in my life besides running.

1. Vacation! 


Newsflash: It’s winter. It’s cold where I live and right now there is snow on the ground and more snow on the way tonight. It’s not even February and I’m already over it. Good thing Betty’s Nana (aka: my mom) is the BEST FREAKING PERSON ON THE PLANET.

Guess what our Christmas present was this year!?


SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY AT THE BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY!!!! Our magic bands are already in our hot little hands and I could not be more excited for this trip. It kind of stinks that I had to defer marathon weekend until next year, but by going to Disney now I will be able to enjoy all of Betty’s firsts without the stress of having to wake up at 2am every day and running all those races. And I’ll be able to walk around the parks because, well, I’ll be able to walk.

I WILL be running while I’m down there though. I have a 14 miler on my schedule for that weekend and the knowledge that I will be running in warmth should get me through my workouts over the next couple weeks.

But wait.I wasn’t going to talk about running in this post. So…

2. My Job.

I have a job. I usually don’t talk about it on here. I think the last time I mentioned any work related things was when I was miserable at my last job and then I got a new job and fell off the face of the blog planet for awhile. It took me a bit to get used to my increased workload; the last thing I wanted to do after a long day was come home and sit in front of another computer.

I’m happy to report that despite the fact that it goes a mile a minute in there and my commute is 3x longer than it was previously, I LOVE IT. I even kind of love the little bit of extra me-time I get during the commute. This was an excellent career move and there is so much potential with this job. I get to be so creative, I work with super nice people ,and it just kind of feels like a big family in there.

In case you are new to my blog and wondering what is it that I do…I’m a phone psychic.


Just kidding. I’m a graphic designer.


BETTY IS ALMOST THREE!!! This is the first post I ever wrote about her on the blog. She was 18 months old. Then I blinked and now I have a diva:


I can’t imagine where she got that from.

Fun fact: Betty’s birthday is only three days before mine. I had a caesarian and was supposed to stay in the hospital for four days afterward, but I was able to convince the doctors to release me on my birthday. It was the most gorgeous 75 degree day. Early March is so weird around here…it’s either 80 or -10 degrees and makes planning for outdoor birthday parties impossible.

Anyway, a special girls day is already in the works for B and me (and B’s Nana) on the Saturday between our birthdays. Mani/pedis, Frozen hairstyles, dress-ups, bouncy houses, a special lunch together, and more. I CANNOT WAIT. I might be almost as excited about this as I am about Disney. Almost.

4. 5 Years as a Mrs.

February 27, 2010:


Remember the other day when I said I wished I was in Turks & Caicos? This is why.

Mr. Salt and I will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary at the end of next month. Some days I feel like I have been with him for a lifetime, but then others I can’t believe it has only been a mere five years. Obviously there have been ups and downs, but for so many reasons (most especially B!), he was the best decision I have ever made.

Mr. Salt is not a runner, but he’s still my biggest cheerleader and I love him for it. ❤

5. A Treat Retreat

Oh boy do I have something to look forward to this weekend:


I have been invited to a special Sunday afternoon retreat at the Still Point Spa at Haven on the Lake in Columbia, Maryland where I will indulge in some mini spa treatments and attend either a Yoga Wall or Barre Essence class. This decision is a tough one, but I’m thinking Yoga Wall because I’ve never done it before. From photos it reminds me a little of aerial yoga which I have a lot of experience with and LOVE.

There is the potential that I may have to set a new personal long run record on the treadmill again tomorrow morning, so the knowledge that this will be waiting for me on Sunday will help me make it through. I’m sure I’ll have lots to recap next week!

Have you ever taken a yoga wall class? When was the last time you went on vacation? Do you remember Miss Cleo!?

I hope everyone has a happy and relaxing weekend!






68 thoughts on “Life Lately… {The Friday Five!}

    • runsaltrun says:

      I’m so glad that you made a good change too! I was so afraid of making it because I had been at my last job for a long time, but now I’m so glad I took the leap. 🙂
      Blog friends are AWESOME. It makes me feel great that people still wanted to come by and read even after I had to take that big break!

  1. Chaitali says:

    What a great Christmas gift! You guys will have so much fun at Disney World, especially without the early morning wake up calls 🙂 I’ve never hard of yoga wall before but I just got a groupon for aerial yoga earlier this month and I’m going to try my first class in February. Can’t wait!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Exactly! I can save those for next year. 🙂
      Oh my gosh you will LOVE aerial yoga! I’ve been practicing for a couple years and it’s so much fun! You’ll have to blog about it!

  2. SuzLyfe says:

    Well isn’t this a big bowl of HAPPY. Good. for. youuuuu.
    But seriously 😀 Of course we are still here for you! Hello–that’s because we are fortunate enough to have real friends out here. And also because we are totally nosy.
    I’ve never been to Disney–I’ve been to Seaworld, but that is it. Miss Cleo told me I would go, but she lies.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank youuuuuu!!! And thank you for always being my wonderful, supportive friend even when I couldn’t be online so much. ❤ Miss Cleo is so full of it. Isn't she in jail or something now? I'm surprised she didn't see that coming.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I am SO jealous about your trip to Disney. First because I have never been to Disney and really want to go, and two because it will be warm! My old job had a conference in Miami every January and it’s one of the few things I miss about that job! Have so much fun at the spa! A relaxing weekend sounds amazing!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I cannot wait for warmth!! Ugh a Miami conference is definitely an awesome perk. I would miss that terribly too!
      This weekend was absolutely so relaxing and great. 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful one!

  4. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Ahhh! So jealous about Disney! I want to take the boys so badly!! You are going to have a great time!! And enjoy your spa day, I could really use one of those!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I haven’t been since I was 21 and now I don’t know who is more excited, Betty or me. It’s going to be such a blast. Also get me the hell out of this awful weather!

    • runsaltrun says:

      It actually ended up reminding me a bit of aerial yoga only with a wall right there. It was interesting and pretty fun! The class was an abbreviated one, but I definitely want to take a full class soon! I’m jealous of your parents too. Especially now that we are supposed to get more snow dumped on us again tonight. Ugh OVER IT.

  5. DarlinRae says:

    Haha, “Call me now fah ya free readin’!” I’ve never heard of yoga wall–you’ll have to do a post about it after. Fun fact: Ben and I have never taken a vacation together, just the two of us. Hoping to remedy that soon!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Ohhh Miss Cleo. You think she would have seen all that bad stuff coming. 🙂
      I hope you and Ben get to take a vacation soon! Now that he’s done with his student teaching (yayyyy!) maybe you guys can plan a little getaway to celebrate!

  6. Kristin says:

    Ohhhh going to Disney!!!! Yaaay!! Was there during Thanksgiving!! Did lots of running in warm, beautiful weather!! It was amazing!! You’re going to have such a good time and I loved wearing my pink magic band!! Adorbs!! Have a fun time!! XOXO

    • runsaltrun says:

      I saw your post about it and it made me even more stoked to go! Disney rocks! I cannot WAIT to run down there.
      Betty picked pink for her magic band and mine is orange. She is so excited to wear it. (And so am I!) I hope you had the best weekend, lovely!

  7. Sun says:

    Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming days/weeks – a spa retreat, Disney vacation, birthdays for you and Betty – all the excitement will make the winter go by just like that 🙂 Looking forward to reading about all the adventures!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I really do feel like time is flying! Which right now is fine with me. Spring can hurry up and this awful cold weather can see its way out. It will be marathon time again before I know it!

  8. Hailey @ Striding Strong says:

    Disney!?!? Lucky lucky you! That’s so fun that you and Betty have your birthdays so close! My sister’s is the day before mine, so we’re 14 years and one day apart. I always thought I was super cool celebrating it with her when I was younger…not so sure she felt the same when she was a teenager though ;). The last vacation I went on was a couple of years ago to San Diego…only I was going to escape the heat ha

    • runsaltrun says:

      I’M SO EXCITED!!!!
      That’s so cool that your sister’s birthday is so close to yours too! I have the same hopes for Betty and myself…lots of big celebrations as she grows up. Frankly I could care less if people recognize my birthday anymore. I’ll just pretend like I’m not getting any older. 🙂
      I wish I could go to San Diego again. I miss it!

  9. Mar on the Run! says:

    gosh,I love Betty – she is so precious. And since you’re birthday is the day before MINE (HOLLA!) I propose we do something to celebrate them together. Boordy vineyards anyone?! So exciting you’re going on vacation in a couple weeks. In less than a month I’m heading to Myrtle Beach – SQUEEEEEE!!!

    • runsaltrun says:

      You know I’m down for Boordy! Let’s do it! That would be so much fun to do a little birthday celebrating this year! (March birthdays rock.)
      YAY for Myrtle Beach too! It needs to be nice and warm wonderful weather for both of our vacations!

  10. FLRunnerBoy says:

    Bahahaha Miss Cleo 😛 see Salt, now that’s why I looooove your blog, it’s like a back in the day buffet … A stroll down memory lane ha! Old school memories. My last vacation was when the fam and I went up to Maryland last November. Next vacation is in June. Annnnnnndd ummm you are going to be about just 2 hours from my neck of the woods next month. I’m in the Tampa/Clearwater area.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Honestly I hadn’t thought of her at all until the other day and now I can’t look at that picture without laughing. She was hilarious. Such a scam!
      DARN IT you should decide to come to Disney while we are there!!

  11. Sweaty Mess says:

    Yeah for Disney!!! I’m so Jelly! I was just telling Brian today that right now would be the most magical Disney time for Charlotte – we should try to go to Florida and just take her to Magic Kingdom for a day. I’m usually on the verge of happy tears every time I think of how esited (her words not mine) she would be.

    I went to the beach last summer, but it didn’t feel like a vacation. Yoga Wall sounds interesting…can’t wait to hear all about it! Maybe I’ll see you at the gym tomorrow AM. Ugh.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I keep hearing mixed things from people. Some are like OMG THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO GO and then cynical jerky people are all “she won’t remember it”. I’m sorry, but I remember things from when I was 3 so why wouldn’t she remember it? I know exactly how you feel. I cannot wait to see Betty’s face.

      I will have to do a total fill in on yoga wall, but I will say that we need to do a girls day down at that spa and take a class. It was AWESOME. AND they have childcare so we could take the kiddos too. That place was like paradise.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you so much. 😀
      I really do love my job. It is a lot of fun. (Challenging and sometimes crazy, but it’s all part of the package!) Antigua is definitely on my list of places that I MUST go! All the pics I’ve seen look beyond beautiful! I am very lacking in the Vitamin D department right now myself haha.

  12. charissarunning says:

    Aw yay! So much fun stuff coming up. Betty is adorable like always!! I’m really glad you’ll get the chance to do Disney with her 😀 And it’s awesome you have a great job! Having a good job makes life so much better.

    My boyfriend’s not a runner either, but it kinda makes it easier for racing sometimes. They can carry extra clothes and all the necessities at the finish line 😀

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you! It wasn’t an ideal situation at first, but I think everything has worked out for the best.
      Haha and it definitely does make things convenient to have someone there to hold my stuff. 🙂

  13. Karen G says:

    I love Miss Cleo!! And, seriously?! Disney, and a Spa day to look forward to? I just may be turning a little green with envy over here… 😉
    And I have 2 kids with March birthdays, parties are impossible to plan!

    • runsaltrun says:

      SO impossible! For her second my husband was like “Let’s do it at the zoo!” and I was like…yeah there could be a foot of snow on the ground. No way. That’s always how my birthday was growing up. Sometimes it would be crazy warm and other times school would be closed for a blizzard.

    • runsaltrun says:

      You’re telling me! At first I just heard “Disney” when it all started coming out and I panicked thinking it was Florida. Thank goodness it wasn’t. I feel so badly for anyone being affected by all that right now. 😦

  14. missadventuresinrunning says:

    I am very jealous of your upcoming trip to Disney! That will be awesome! That picture of Betty is so adorable!!

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