I love it, Hon. {The Friday Five}

So for the past…ever…I’ve typically been a little late with my Friday Five posts because I was waiting to see what showed up on Mar, Courtney, or Cynthia‘s blogs early on Friday morning. Because that’s how I thought you figured out what the topic was.

I’m a dumbass who just realized that Mar has a link to topics for the next two months on her blog.


Anywaaaaaay let’s get down to business.


5 Things I Love About My Favorite City

As much as I’ve never really left the country – except for twice; once for spring break and I hardly remember it and once to marry Mr. Salt – I am pretty well traveled throughout the continental US. I’ve lived on both coasts and explored a lot of the space in between. I’m much more of a city mouse than a country mouse and have enjoyed many fun times in NYC, Chicago, Vegas, San Fran, and Los Angeles (where I used to live). So I kind of want to punch myself in the face for picking this as my favorite city:


Look how pretty, clean, and non-crime ridden it looks!

Yes, Baltimore, Maryland AKA my hometown. Of all the places I could have picked, it always has to be Baltimore. No, I haven’t been drinking. Here’s some reasons why.

1. The Inner Harbor.

The water is unbelievably filthy – I hear that if you fall in, you need to get shots afterward – but as long as you aren’t planning on swimming there is much to see and do downtown around the Inner Harbor. Harborplace has lots of good restaurants, bars, places to see live music, museums, theaters, the aquarium, and plenty of stores where you can buy Old Bay seasoning and shirts with charming phrases like “WELCOME TO BALTIMORE. I’VE GOT CRABS.” I personally love the historic feel of Fells Point (which would be to the right and out of the picture) with its old cobblestone streets (not good for running). There’s also Federal Hill and Canton, which I mostly avoid because I’m not a drunk college student.

The Promenade around the harbor is one of my favorite places to run. I don’t get to often, but I love it every time I do. I’m totally jealous that Lisa gets to run there all the time.

2. The Sports.

(Avert your eyes, Mar.)


Lousy photo quality and a creepy mustache who might be checking me out from behind, but here I am with Poe, the mascot for my hometown team, THE RAVENS!!! In the winter I do football and in the summer?


Dem O’s, hon. Betty knows what’s up.

It was challenging being a fan of both these teams when I lived on the other side of the country. Obviously missing out on games was hard, but also do you even know how difficult it is to find a Ravens jersey in LA? I had to drive halfway to San Diego and the only size they had was a men’s large. I could have put a belt on it and worn it as a dress.

Anyway, GO US THIS WEEKEND. (We play the Pats in our second round of the playoffs tomorrow evening!)

3. The Crabs. 

I know a few people from here that are allergic to shellfish, which would be the definition of my own personal hell.

photo 1

You know what’s hilarious? Watching an out-of-towner at a crab feast. Around here we learn how to pick crabs by the time we’re Betty’s age. If you think about it, the whole process of eating a crab is actually really gross. So I don’t think about it; I just do it. You ask people what that yellow stuff is inside and they will tell you “mustard”, but guess what? That’s not mustard. They are just saying that to make themselves feel better. (I don’t eat the “mustard”.)

If you don’t feel like having to break into your dinner with a wooden mallet, we have crab cakes. And Maryland crab soup. I am such a crab snob that  I won’t order a crab cake or crab soup anywhere other than Maryland because I know it will taste all wrong.

4. The Location.

As if there isn’t enough for me to do around here, Baltimore is a reasonable drive to other big cities such as DC, Philly, and New York. If you don’t feel like driving you can easily hop a train.

Also let’s say I’m downtown and suddenly I feel the need to go run around in a field or go wine tasting or something. I can do all those things in like a half hour. Baltimore City gives way to the county and then before you know it you’re in farmland. We have loads of good wineries nearby (one of my favorites is made right up the street!), and the mountains and the beach are both only a couple hours of drive in either direction. Ocean City is pretty seedy, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

5. The Neighborhoods and People.

The rest of the country has a bad impression of us. Yes we’ve all seen The Wire (I think most people here know at least one person who has been on The Wire), but not every place in Baltimore is like that. As with any city there are areas that you want to avoid, but there are also many up and coming areas too, hip little neighborhoods, and a lot of colorful residents. We have a ridiculous, hideous hometown “HON” accent. If you’ve seen Hairspray you know what I’m talking about. Get a couple cheap beers in me at a crab feast and my inner hon starts to come out. (A crab feast is one of the few places you will see me drinking beer. Wine and crabs is a weird combo.)

It’s dirty and it has issues and I complain about it constantly, but Baltimore is my home. I can move away as many times as I want and for some reason I keep on coming back.

Have you ever been to Baltimore? Have you picked a crab? What’s your favorite city?? 

I hope that all of you have a happy weekend and if your weather is anything like mine…STAY WARM!!




111 thoughts on “I love it, Hon. {The Friday Five}

  1. Jennifer says:

    Ahhh amazing Friday Five post! I lived in Baltimore during college and worked in Fells/Habor East following school. Lisa has the best Baltimore running shots! I love that Ravens stadium is in the city – you can feel the energy and support of the fans (I have to drive 15-30 minutes to Fedex field). And I am with you on not ordering crab soup or crab cakes outside of Maryland…. especially when its on a menu out of state that calls it a “Maryland crab cake”.

  2. Sun says:

    I’ve never been to Baltimore but after reading your post, I totes would like to visit! I’ll have to do some race research to make it a running trip – crab cakes sound like a perfect post-race treat!

  3. kristyjones85 says:

    I am really excited to find your blog! I’m moving up to Aberdeen in the next month or so and will definitely be checking out the runs and stuff in the area. I’m hoping to do some of my weekend runs down in Baltimore! You’ve made the area look fantastic and now I’m even MORE excited about my future adventures in Maryland!

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