Finish Foto Friday. This one takes the cake.

What? Would you have preferred Phinish Photo Phriday?

The more races I do the more I like the resulting photos. It’s not that I’ve gotten any more photogenic; just that now I’m better at spotting the photographers and can plaster an “OMG LOOK HOW MUCH FUN I’M HAVING!!!!” smile on my face rather than look how I would actually be feeling, which more often than not is like death warmed over. I would never share my pics from last year’s Zoo Zoom on here for that reason. I’m so glad I’ll get a do-over for those this Sunday. And even more glad that it’s supposed to be warm out. If you consider 40 degrees to be warm.

Which I do.

I wasn’t certain where any of the photographers on the course were last weekend for The Color Run –  probably because I was partially blinded by flying cornstarch  – but I was prepared for those pics to be some of my favorite photos ever taken simply because I was running with Betty. I got my photos back yesterday and I am not disappointed.

One thing that is really awesome about Color Run photos is that they are supremely cheap by comparison to other races. I purchased 3 high res downloads for a whopping $12; about half the price that I paid the last time I downloaded ONE race photo. I don’t even like my face very much in one of them, but I couldn’t say no to the price. Besides Betty looks like she’s enjoying herself and I’m trying really hard to not have a vanity problem.


I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here and if you are color blind, we are in the purple section which was about a mile and a half in. You can tell by my smile that I am loving this; had I known someone was taking my picture I probably would have made more of an effort to not look like such a goon. Betty is  clearly having a blast in her giant sunglasses. This was before we got to the life-ruining yellow section.

This is the photo I was most excited to get back; the actual finish line pic:

color run finish

Wheeeeee! I LOVE everything about it. The smile on my face. The fact that we are covered in so much yellow. The fact that Betty is not crying despite being covered in so much yellow. The fact that no one else is in the picture with us. No offense, anybody else, and I’m sure you’re all lovely people. I just think it’s cool that we’re alone. This picture makes me feel good about myself. I just pushed 60+ pounds of kid and stroller for 3 miles and I’m still smiling.

Because we were back fairly quickly, the finish festival was empty and there were no lines for either of the two photo booth style set ups they had. I couldn’t resist.

finish photo tcr

Just a couple of Color Runners on their way to the gun show. Yes my pants are covered with pictures of cats flying through space. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear them and The Color Run seemed like an appropriate venue for such ridiculousness. One thing this photo does not do justice for is my green-tinted teeth. As Betty would say, “They are green from algae.” I have no idea where she gets this stuff.

Do you have any great new race photos from recent events to share? Link them up in the comments! (I LOVE looking at peoples’ race pics!)

What is the most you’ve paid for a race picture? Have you ever gotten any good ones for free?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and good luck to you if you are racing! (I’m looking at you, Philly runners!)




21 thoughts on “Finish Foto Friday. This one takes the cake.

  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    Whoa, you weren’t joking. That was a lot of yellow! I love that pic of you two at the end. That’s a keeper. I rarely buy race pics but did pay a small fortune for a few from the North Face Endurance Challenge. We were way up and back in a mountain and I wanted something to document my bloody knees and hands.

  2. Chaitali says:

    I love the kittens in space leggings! I can’t believe that you don’t have opportunities to wear them all the time 🙂 That last photo of you and Betty is really great.

  3. Lake Shore Runner says:

    These photos are great! Your daughter is sooo cute. My race photos have been hit or miss. Some are great, others aren’t my most flattering. You can always tell the pics that were taken at the beginning of the race by my happy facial expressions 🙂

  4. Sun says:

    Love your Color Run pics! You and your daughter look like you had the best time 🙂

    I’m super impressed with the 3 pics for $12 – bargain! I usually pass on race pics unless they are amazing (rare) or from Running in the USA because their race pics are super reasonable and you can get your pic made into a ton of random products (stickers! magnets! coasters! puzzles!).

  5. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine says:

    That is such a good deal for race photos! I have never bought any because of the price. I liked my BRF pictures this year but haven’t seen any sales yet. Your pictures are great! As yes, no better time to wear cat pants than a color run!:)

  6. Lauren says:

    I love those leggings and those are awesome pics! I’m glad the Color Run has affordable pics-I know a few half marathons are even doing free finish photos which rocks!

  7. Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles says:

    I love all these pics, but especially the last 2, what great shots and a major score on the price!! I have only bought pics from one race I’ve done so far and that was Boston, I didn’t love them either but because that was my bucket list race I had to buy them.

    Have a great weekend lady!

  8. Michelle says:

    Aww, what great pictures. Betty will love them when she’s older! So fun you could bring her. I want to do a family color run next year!

  9. missadventuresinrunning says:

    Those photos are so great! What an awesome memory! I am not judging the kittens right now. I am currently wearing leggings with characters from the cartoon adventure time.

  10. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Race photos are such a rip off, but a nice perk of the color run is the low cost for sure. There were so many from MCM that I wanted, but I refused to pay $80! It’s really such a bummer! Cute photos of you and Betty!

  11. DarlinRae says:

    These pictures are so great! I was also really impressed with the cheap photos from Color Run. Too bad the one picture they got of me I’m not looking at the camera and making a goofy face!

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