Wednesday in a few words: A {very belated} Halloween costume recap.

According to the calendar Halloween is over. According to my 2.5 year old, Halloween is still going strong, evident over the past few days in her repeated requests to watch Hotel Transylvania. I don’t mind. Halloween has been on the top of my favorite holiday list for as long as I can remember.

I used to spend months planning out the perfect costume for myself and now for the past couple years I’ve been enjoying putting all my efforts into cool costumes for my kiddo. Her first year she was a squishy little unicorn. Then last year my advertising-nerd love shone through in her Morton Salt Girl costume. (Pun completely not intended with the “salt” thing.) I mentioned in that post that she won her age group at Zoo Boo so this year I was obviously going for a repeat because I am crazy competitive over weird things. I was facing a new challenge though. This year she has OPINIONS.

Soooo many opinions.

Rather than being a cute little doll for me to dress up, she will protest loudly if I put her in anything she doesn’t agree with. Luckily my kid is rad. She came up with this idea by herself completely unprompted by me.


Nightmare Before Christmas is one of her favorite movies which means I’ve seen it 300 times since September. I’m not complaining because it’s awesome.

Anyway, I crossed my fingers that she wouldn’t pull a two year old and change her mind and went to work on it. I wish I could take credit for her dress, but it was custom made for her by someone I found on Etsy. I almost got her a really cool wig on Etsy as well, but if there is one thing that Betty is not tolerant of it is things on her head for a prolonged period of time. The rest of the ensemble I put together myself. I used a colored hair spray on her hair. Her makeup is eyeliner and a little bit of white cream makeup to enhance the stitches.

To say that she was pleased with herself would be the understatement of 2014. (I’m pretty pleased with myself too.)


Her pail says “Deadly Nightshade”. It’s made out of an oatmeal container.

We attended Zoo Boo again and of course signed up for the contest. She answered all the emcee’s questions about her costume, twirled around the stage, and then proceeded to hug one of the judges. What a HAM. I have no idea where she could have gotten it.


And she won. 🙂 WIth her good ideas, I’m pretty sure we can three-peat next year!

As for me, I wasn’t going to dress up, but she insisted and I had fun being her prop this year.


The Jack Skellington to her Sally. I hope she remembers how much fun we had. ❤

What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? 



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46 thoughts on “Wednesday in a few words: A {very belated} Halloween costume recap.

  1. Chaitali says:

    Awesome costumes! I love that movie, we watched it on Halloween in between giving out candy to trick or treaters. I’m sure you guys will make the three-peat 🙂

  2. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven! says:

    I die every time you post a photo of her she’s so stinking adorable. The costume is a total hit and I love that she thought of it! Kudos on the face paint/make-up and the sprayed hair. I think she’s a winner regardless but this costume just amps it up about 20 notches!! 🙂 And your suit is adorable too!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I got the idea for the makeup from a YouTube tutorial that BETTY FOUND. Haha she had way more to do with all this than I ever imagined a 2 year old would. 🙂 (And thank you! I may have to find some other reason to wear it throughout the year!)

  3. Lake Shore Runner says:

    Oh my gosh how cute!! So happy she won I was going to be upset if she didn’t/

    My favorite costume growing up was Pippy Longstocking. I already had the freckles but my mom added wire to my pigtail braids so they stook out straight!

  4. txa1265 says:

    First – love the costume, and she looks adorable as always … 🙂

    OK, might not make myself popular with this but one thing flashed through my mind … “oh, you’re one of THOSE moms … win at all cost? ” Two 2 year olds – babies – don’t compete, it is the parents .. and it only gets uglier on the soccer and baseball fields, drama clubs, cheer squads and so on … Yikes! Sorry.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I feel the need to quickly defend myself on this one…a crazed soccer mom I will never be. Halloween costumes are one of my favorite things though and a way for me to get really creative beyond what I do at work. So yes in this case I like to win. Much as I do when my creative ideas at my job receive praise. 🙂

      • txa1265 says:

        I get that – and if it wasn’t a ‘blog friend’ I wouldn’t say anything, so I hope you take this all as such 🙂

        A few additional thoughts:
        – Note that you refer to this as your win, not hers. Of course when they are babies/toddlers that is to be expected … but when does it end? When she is 5 or 6 and other kids are doing their own and you are doing hers to make sure she wins? I am basing this on watching this stuff happen year after year with two kids. Not saying you will … just providing some food for thought …
        – It is easy to single oout ‘crazed soccer moms’, but there are a whole lot of variants here … for example:
        > Pinewood Derby for Cub Scouts – I was a Scout leader for several years and don’t know how many times kids couldn’t even pick out their own cars, and others where the kids were very clear that most oof the stuff was done after they went to bed.
        > As an engineer with kids who were in the FiRST Robotics league, I had colleagues in Massachusetts and here in NY with kids on teams in their towns who spent hours working on the projects for their kids. They are controls engineers, so they like to get praise for things they do outside of work, and like to win praise just like for ideas at work (yes, intentionally used your words).
        > And even in the ‘Destination Imagination’ and ‘Odyssey of the Mind’ groups I coached, where rule #1 is ‘no interference’, meaning that the solution had to be 100% from the kids … I felt like herding parents (even when the kids were in high school) was more exhausting than working with the kids! haha And our last year in Mass, we got second in the state and barely missed going to nationals … and it was clear that the #1 team had help – but nothing was provable so on they went.

        My whole thing is that this year you won a competition in your child’s name, or rather she was the canvas for your victory. It seems like an innnocent thing and I really hope I have totally overblown it … but as I note, there is the opportunity in every child activity for parents to ‘live their dream using the child as surrogate’ … and I have seen it in every activity I have been involved with in two different states across the last 18 years. So … please don’t be that mom 🙂

      • runsaltrun says:

        Yeeeeah I think this has gotten waaay out of control. I had fun making her a costume. She had fun wearing it and won a really cool toy and gift certificate. She was very proud of herself, I was proud of her, and also proud of myself for the work I put in on her costume, which she chose. She is apparently good at picking costumes so it would be cool to see what she comes up with next year and have fun making it. And that’s the story here.

        PS. Up there I said what she did in the contest and “SHE WON”. I’m really confused by your reaction to this post. Anyway, I’m done explaining myself. It was a fun day I had with my daughter and I hope she has fond memories of it because I always will.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Unfortunately I don’t really have any except for a couple unfortunate selfies. I was the one holding the camera all weekend! I had so much fun doing both our makeup though!

  5. Change of Pace says:

    I adored her costume, and especially her pride in wearing it!!! Love that she even hugged a judge. Sounds and looks pretty irresistable to me 🙂
    I had so many awesome costumes as a kid. My mom sewed most of them! I think my favourite was the kangaroo costume because I got to take my cabbage patch doll around with me since my mom made her a costume, too, so she could go in my pouch!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Prior to Halloween she was telling everyone we saw that she was being Sally. And then while we were out with her in costume a couple people called her a little frankenstein and she was VERY serious about correcting them…she LOVES her Sally costume! We are definitely keeping it for dress up purposes. 🙂

      That kangaroo costume sounds adorable and what a cute idea to have a little Cabbage Patch kangaroo too! (I loved my Cabbage Patch when I was little!)

    • runsaltrun says:

      She really is! I love how she is such a little creative thinker already. She has informed me that she wants a minion birthday party for her 3rd so I will be focusing on that as soon as the holidays are over. 🙂

  6. charissarunning says:

    So I meant to comment on this yesterday but I forgot!! Your daughter is absolutely adorable!!! And I love that she came up with the idea for her costume herself. She’s so creative and unique. Most girls would choose a Disney princess. She’s quite a character already 😀

  7. Amy says:

    Hahaha…I love your terminology, “I prayed she wouldn’t pull a two year old and change her mind..” I can imagine that would be the toughest part of the whole thing! The costume came out great, and it sounds like you both had a lot fun!

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