It’s Like Magic. {Kohler review}

Over the past year I have been asked to review some things. Sometimes these things are running related, but sometimes they are not due to the nice nod I got from Sometimes they are things that are obviously very useful to me and then sometimes they are things that I never would have imagined I would need. Or even that I knew existed.

Such was the case with Kohler Touchless Technology.

Yep. It’s a magic toilet.

At first I was like….


But then the more I thought about it, it made perfect sense. Because:

  • I have a potty trained toddler.
  • When I asked said potty trained toddler to flush the toilet when she was done using it, she would attempt to touch literally every square inch of the toilet. Somehow this never included the flush handle.
  • Ummmm MAGIC TOILET. Did I really need any other reason?


The kit arrived to my house and I handed it over to a very skeptical Mr. Salt who was able to easily set it up in a matter of minutes. You do have to have a compatible toilet for it to work, but I would think that most of them would be compatible by this point. Basically if your toilet has one of those big rubber ball contraptions, you’re out of luck. Or one of those toilets with a push button flush on top, but does anyone really have one of those?

Anyway the set-up included removing that pesky handle that Betty never seemed to want to use and then installing a sensor inside the tank. That’s pretty much it. Now if you use the bathroom at my house you would only need to wave your hand over the back of my toilet and TAH DAHHHHHHH! It flushes! Mr. Salt proceeded to flush the toilet about 20 times because he was so fascinated with it. I can’t blame him.

Betty already knew how to take herself to the bathroom when we installed the Kohler, but from a potty training standpoint I am pretty sure this would trump any sticker chart around. I’ve suggested it to quite a few friends who are so deep in potty training drama that M&Ms just don’t work anymore. B quickly became so used to her “magic potty” that I had to explain why she can’t flush all the toilets with a wave of her little hand although I’m now of the belief that every public bathroom should have these installed. Much better than those handle toilets that I always flush with my foot and those fully automatic ones that give you a heart attack when they go off without any warning.

Because Kohler is apparently a friend of all parents of potty training parents and people who like to go to the bathroom in the dark everywhere, they also hooked me up with another amazing invention that I never would have thought I needed until it arrived to my house.

Meet the Toilet Nightlight.


I know you all want to come over now. I have the most fun toilet on the planet.

Installation of the nightlight is no more difficult than switching out your regular seat. The result is a pleasant, blue LED lit toilet that keeps my daughter from falling in the bowl when she gets up in the middle of the night. Or me from falling in because Mr. Salt forgot to put the seat down again.

Just like the touchless flush, the nightlight runs on 4AA batteries and you can set the cycle so that it only turns on when you need it. As a result we are still on the same original set of batteries. We have had to swap the touchless batteries once – probably because Betty likes to flush the toilet so much  – but the system gives you plenty of warning that the power is running low. If you get caught with a non-flushing potty because you didn’t change the battery…well that would be on you.

Additionally it’s worth mentioning that among other options, Kohler also has a fantastic transition seat that would also be extremely useful for potty training, but it is not available with the cool nightlight.

Before I started potty training my child, toilets were about one of the last things I ever thought about. Now that I have a toddler I feel like I’m always hyper aware of them…location, cleanliness, ease of use for my daughter. I can’t change every potty on the planet, but it’s nice to know that at least the one we have at home is extra user-friendly for her.





2 thoughts on “It’s Like Magic. {Kohler review}

  1. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    I love Kohler products, and had no idea that the magic flush was an ad-on kit. I assumed you had to buy a whole new toilet. I can only imagine how much a toddler would be motivated by a magic toilet!

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