A week of workouts, the happiest race pics on the planet, and a big life change.

You all have no idea how glad I am that it’s Friday.


Half marathon training is in full swing! So much full swing actually that I ran nearly an entire half marathon last weekend with two months to go. It was a great gauge of where I am right now.

Survey says? Needs work.

At least I had fun. More on that in a minute, but first my week shaped up pretty well workout wise!

  • Saturday, August 9: CHUCK 12!
  • Sunday, August 10: 50 minutes on the bike at the gym.
  • Monday, August 11: Ran a mile to the gym, hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes, and then ran back to the office. Did some strength training at home that evening too.
  • Tuesday, August 12: YOU GUYS I DID SPEED WORK. For the first time since June! 1 mile warm up and then 6x400s. Total was 4 miles. I managed to hit all my paces for each interval too and felt like a superhero when I was finished. When I’m complaining about speed work in the next couple months, someone please remind me how much I LOVED it on Tuesday, August 12.
  • Wednesday, August 13: 5 miles in the morning at 7:52 pace. I had to work for it, but it was so good to see that improvement in my time from the last time I ran 5. It made me feel like I’m getting stronger. Then my awesome Muuyu yoga class with Alyson McWilliams in the evening!
  • Thursday, August 14: 5 easy miles on the trail. I went out with the intention of running 4, but it was such a beautiful day yesterday that kept going.
  • Today: Resting and I’ll be taking tomorrow morning easy too. I have a 10K on Sunday! It’s part of my run club’s Grand Prix Series so hopefully I can pull together something resembling a decent run.

Back to the fun from last Saturday. I mentioned previously that I had gone out that day with no real time goal in mind; I just wanted to finish, get my medals, and have fun. Mission accomplished. Then the other day I received an email from Chessie Photo informing me that the pictures from the day had been processed and I cringed because that’s what I always do before I see my race pics. Usually my race pics are terrible.

However these pictures? ARE AWESOME. For the first time ever, I wanted to buy ALL the photos. But that would be expensive so I settled for 3 of them, which is still many more than I have wanted to shell out money for in the past. ChessiePhoto offered us a really awesome discount (40% off!) so I had to take advantage.

This one might be my favorite running photo ever taken although it probably wouldn’t have been if I wasn’t wearing the glasses because this was during mile 12 and my eyes were about to start bleeding. You would never know by that smile on my face though! I was so happy to be running! Also that’s the best backdrop ever…the USS Constellation which is a historic ship in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Also…THUMBS UP! If you missed my post about that, I do this weird thing where I run with my thumbs up. I’ve tried to control it, but it’s impossible. These thumbs do what they want.


Now this here is what happens when there is a big sign posted that announces the presence of a photographer. Am I a big dork? Absolutely, but at least I’m having fun! The guy behind me is giving the kind of smile that one reserves for people they feel kind of sorry for.


And finally my finish line pic. I was relieved to be done, but also just so elated with the whole experience.


My arms look pretty beastmode too, which makes me like the picture even more. HOORAY FOR GOOD RACE PICS! I love you, ChessiePhoto!!

As for the big life change? Well in a couple weeks you guys will be seeing a little less of me around here. I know that probably makes you super sad or not. Either way, that office behind me up there in that first pic is soon to be my office no longer because


I have been at my current job for 6 years and I’ll just say in the nicest way possible…I’m over it. I was lucky enough to be snatched up by a really great company. I will be doing design for them, but also project management, art direction, and even some writing!! I’m nervous. I want to do such a good job for them and I know the position will be challenging, but so much more creative than what I’m doing now and I believe in the end it will be such a rewarding move.

Plus it means NEW RUNNING ROUTES FOR MY RUNCHES! Is it weird that I’m giddily excited about that?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and if you are racing please shout it out in the comments below so I can cheer you on!

Have you ever made a scary career move that ended up being so worth it in the end? Do you get crazy excited about new running routes? Have any cool new race pics to share?

Happy Friday, friends!



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89 thoughts on “A week of workouts, the happiest race pics on the planet, and a big life change.

  1. Sun says:

    Congrats on the new job! Sounds like an awesome opportunity and it will be fun to learn some new skills.

    I’m so impressed with anyone that takes such cute race pics – adorable! 🙂

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