Muuyu: I’ve never done yoga at home like THIS before! {And free classes giveaway!}

I may work in a field that revolves around technology, but I am not afraid to admit that I am amazed almost daily at the new concepts that people come up with. I was born in the late 70’s, carried a pager in my early college years, and didn’t even have a computer at home until I was in college (and even then it wasn’t mine…I didn’t have my OWN computer until I graduated).

Meanwhile my two year old can log on to the iPad and navigate to any Peppa Pig episode her little heart desires on YouTube. Nothing is ever going to impress her.

Anyway, when it comes to fitness great workouts are just a click away. The Internet has become an important resource for me because as a working mom and wife to a Mr. Salt who works late hours, I can’t always get to the gym or the yoga studio. Often I rely on videos at home after Betty goes to bed or when she is napping if I want to do some strength training or get a yoga session in. There are some tried and true ones that I do all the time, but I’m always in search of interesting new ones. The same thing over and over can get so stale.

And that’s why I’m so freaking excited about Muuyu.


Muuyu is a website that offers yoga classes for significantly less than one would pay for a studio class. These aren’t your standard YouTube videos though…these classes are LIVE and hence never exactly the same. You pick a class on the site, sign up, and then you log in at the prescribed time to take your yoga class. They will even send you a reminder of your class time which is really convenient for those of us that are forgetful. Standard class size is set at 12 participants so there might be that many other people taking the class or there might be less.


There are currently 55 fully certified and insured instructors on the site from all over the world who teach a vast variety of different yoga styles for all different levels.

I was lucky enough to have a class set up for me; hot vinyasa for runners taught by an instructor named Alyson McWilliams. I created an account – which is totally free; there are no subscription fees or contracts to agree to – and booking was a breeze. There are a couple ways to do this including using a credit card, your Paypal, or paying out of your “Muuyu Wallet” which is just like a class card that you would find at any studio. You add money on to your account and then use it when you are ready.

Mr. Salt took Betty out to dinner and I quickly converted our living room into a hot yoga studio. Meaning that I moved the rug, rolled out my mat, opened the slider to let in the August air and cranked the heat up a little. It definitely worked. I’m sure my family was very pleased when they got home.

Then I got my computer ready. Muuyu requires a simple plugin that took about a minute to install. For this reason, Muuyu will work on any laptop, desktop, or TV that has a built-in or external camera (or you could connect your laptop to your television using an HDMI cable), but not on a tablet, smart phone, or iPad as none of those devices currently accept plugins.

The website ran some checks on my computer including the mics and video. It was then that I realized how legit this whole thing is. I expected that I would be watching a live instructor, but I had no idea that she would be able to see me too! So cool right!? I’m sorry if I just disappointed anyone who might have been considering taking a Muuyu class sans pants. I was taking a private class, but generally you can expect to be taking one with at least a few other people. Everyone will be able to see the instructor and vice versa, but the other participants will not be able to see each other.

Anyway, with a few seconds to spare I logged into my class and there was Alyson getting all set up in her studio! Cue me having one of my ‘OMG I’M IN THE FUTURE’ nerd attacks. Seriously what’s next!? FLYING CARS?

But I was here to do some yoga so let’s rein it in.

I really liked Alyson right away; she was so nice and obviously extremely knowledgeable. The class was 45 minutes long and featured lots of sequences that I’m very familiar with, but also ones that stretched various muscles that I sometimes don’t spend enough time on, such as my psoas. Because I was as visible to her as she was to me – mostly anyway…my slider was behind me and the room looked kind of dark to her which we joked about – she was able to adjust my poses. It was beyond cool and exactly what I needed after my race on Saturday and then pushing myself through some pretty solid runs the past couple days. I would have felt like I was in an actual yoga studio if not for my obnoxious cats walking across my mat every couple minutes. After the class I was able to chat with her for a few minutes and ask questions just like I would at one of my regular studios.

I really can’t say enough great things about the whole experience. They have even the most minor details covered such as a live chat function that allows you to instant message with a Muuyu representative if you encounter any problems. I tested it out and the response was immediate.

A few of the running bloggers that I follow and love have been expressing recently that they really want to take yoga classes, but either don’t have access to a studio or can’t find classes at times that work for them. Muuyu is such a fantastic alternative to doing the same boring DVD or YouTube video over and over again. I am so excited to share this website with all of you  – and just yoga in general – and because they are so kind and generous they have set up something pretty darn amazing:

I have a special promo code that I can give away to 10 winners. This awesome promo code will get you 5 FREE CLASSES. That’s a whole lot of yoga.

Here are the ways to win this code!

And here’s the Rafflecopter:


This giveaway ends on Tuesday at the stroke of midnight. Everyone in the world is eligible.

Giving yoga to people makes me smile. ❤




37 thoughts on “Muuyu: I’ve never done yoga at home like THIS before! {And free classes giveaway!}

  1. Chaitali says:

    Wow, this is so cool! I love that the instructor can actually see you and offer feedback. Was it an individual class or are there other people doing it with you so that the instructor sees multiple people at once?

    • runsaltrun says:

      Great question and I made sure to clarify that in the post. I believe the standard max class size is 12, but there may not be that many people taking the class. The instructor will be able to see everyone, but everyone won’t be able to see each other. (I hope that makes sense!) The class I took last night was set up specifically for me, which was really awesome. I’ve never taken a private yoga class before!

  2. northernambitions says:

    I really love that their live. I sometimes (and by sometimes I mean rarely ever) yoga videos online but they are the same ones and it gets ridonk boring. This is much better. And I trust your judgement so I will be looking into it. Thanks my dear

  3. samantha couch says:

    this is probably the coolest concept i have heard in quite a while. thanks for sharing! i don’t yet have a fav yoga pose becuase i’m new to the yoga game. i’ve done hot yoga a few times and i do the p90x yoga dvd once/week but i’m still quite new and not at all flexible.

  4. HC says:

    I’ve tried a number of online yoga videos and found a handful I keep going back to, but I always knot what’s in store because I’ve done them before. The idea of live classes is completely new to me and a great way to keep challenging yourself. Thanks for this detailed review!

  5. Mary says:

    This is amazing! I was so sad that my new school schedule conflicts with my very fave. yoga classes. I will definitely be checking this out when the semester starts.

  6. Hailey @ Striding Strong says:

    I’m amazed by how kids are so used to technology. I had a phone in high school, but it was solely for the purpose of safety/calling for rides and I wasn’t allowed to text friends on it haha whereas my nieces and nephew got a cell phone when they were like 10. When I was their age, my version of fun was messing with my sister’s pager ha. But I do love how far it’s come!

    This is super cool! I love the idea of an online yoga class because honestly, one thing that’s been keeping me from going to one is everyone seeing me look like a complete idiot attempting to do any of the poses haha, but I would be totally ok with an instructor seeing me obviously 🙂

  7. Andrea says:

    Very cool! I’ve been doing online fitness classes (that I stream to the tv with roku) through FitnessGlo. I really enjoy them but they are nowhere near as interactive as this!

  8. txa1265 says:

    Being born in the mid-60s and always being tech-centric I am STILL amazed at where we are now … so much great tech like this constantly unfolding in front of us and becoming an assumed part of our life. I mean, I really depended on FaceTime last year when I was traveling so much … which was non-existent just a few years before! Crazy! 🙂

  9. chasingchels says:

    Please please please tell me flying cars are coming soon. I’m definitely over the driving thing 😉 these yoga classes sound awesome!!! Definitely have to check it out come September when I’ll have some more free time and will need cheap stuff to do to stay busy and supplement marathon training! Thanks for sharing this one 🙂

  10. funmotherrunner says:

    That’s so cool!! And how awesome that they can see you so they can tell you how to fix anything you might be doing wrong! I’ve tried a couple videos but definitely feel like I could be doing some of the poses wrong. This service would be AWESOME!

  11. Jennifer says:

    This sounds so great! It solves the only issue I have with all the yoga DVDs — not being assured of correct form. And I think it is a lifetime goal for my cats to take a real yoga class since they are always on my mat (like yours). So winning would make all 4 of us happy! 🙂

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