The new band on the block. {Sweaty Bands review and giveaway!}

Let’s talk about my hair for just a minute.

It’s very long, straight, and medium-ly thick. I only get a chance to style it a couple times a month because I have a 2 year old and who knows what she might get herself into while I’m temporarily deafened by a blow dryer. Usually I wear it up on the top of my head in a messy bun. Operative word being “messy”. When I’m exercising, it is nothing short of completely obnoxious, but I refuse to cut it because every time I do, I hate it. I’m always on the hunt for new headbands; preferably ones that won’t slip, keep all the hair out of my face, and most importantly will fit my very small head.

I had seen the Sweaty Bands logo a couple times at expos, but at first I never really thought much about the brand because I was going through my wider headband stage and as far as I knew they only had skinny bands. (Shame on me for assuming.) Then during some Internet travels I came across quite a few runners that sang their praises, so I figured I’d give their website a look and see what all the fuss was about.


OMG. Have you ever looked at that website??

Movie 88

I went into cute stuff overload. And yes that is actually an animated gif I made of myself. Mind blown.

So what are these Sweaty Bands?

They are functional, fashionable, fabulous headbands that look just as great with my street clothes as they do with my running gear. They are designed to hold your hair back no matter how strenuous the workout and they WORK! The design is so simple and yet…it actually does stay put. Comfortably. You’ll forget you’re wearing it. No flyaways or sweat in my eyes, even when I’m standing on my head.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many different designs they have to choose from, so I will just say “a whole lot”. There’s floral prints, animal prints, glittery blingy bands, polka dots, solids, stripes…really something for everyone! If there is something you have in mind and you can’t find it in their shop? Get this: you can CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN. I can hear my wallet screaming already.

On top of all that, the rep I was in contact with at Sweaty Bands is probably one of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time. They are a company that cares about being fit and living healthy. Not only do they make a stellar product, but they are totally on our side as well.

They sent me a band to try and I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. I’ve barely taken it off my head for days except of course to wash it because I’m not gross.


Definitely part of my Chuck 12 ensemble for Saturday.

I was also provided with a band to give away to a friend and perfect timing too, right? I know these will be useful for fall race training! Just think of how cute this one would look with your running attire.


Here’s how this Sweaty Band could be YOUR Sweaty Band:

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment below telling me where you would be wearing it. “Out for drinks” is a totally acceptable answer. I did that on Saturday night.

Additional entries can be obtained by doing any or all of the following:

Here’s a Rafflecopter for your convenience:

Salt’s SWEATY BAND Giveaway!

This giveaway ends at midnight on Tuesday, August 12th. GOOD LUCK to everyone that enters! I am excited to hear all the places that you guys would wear one of these bands. 🙂




77 thoughts on “The new band on the block. {Sweaty Bands review and giveaway!}

  1. northernambitions says:

    Love the gif! What does that stand for? I know I’m seriously uncool for not knowing but I’ve always wondered. I’m mildly (okay wildly) jealous of your hair. Long, straight and thick? You lucky all star. I have shortish thin curly hair and I know we all want what we don’t have but do you want to do a trade? It’s time I tried a sweat band because my hair is short in the front and keeps falling in my face. Plus they’re adorable so I’d wear them anyways

  2. Annie at says:

    I only have one headband that always falls off and/or awkwardly slides forward and backwards on my head so I would love to win a Sweaty Bands band! 🙂 I’d definitely wear it while doing yard work and probably running too if it really stayed in place well.

  3. SarahECrumley says:

    These are the coolest! I would wear them on my long runs, for sure, but even at home. I HATE wearing my hair up, but sometimes pulling it back to some extent is a necessity (wouldn’t want to accidentally bleach my hair while cleaning the house or get hair in the food I’m cooking…). Headbands keep my hair off my back and out of my face just enough without giving me a headache and these are super cute!

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