Getting Salty: A pace pet peeve. {And a new Ambassadorship!}

salt·y /ˈsôltē/
(of language or humor) down-to-earth; coarse.
tough; aggressive.

Hehe see what I did there? Today I have my rant pants on and they just so happen to be covered in illustrations of lobsters. Maybe the lobsters are making me a little saltier than normal.

Anyway…foot things. I’m dealing with them. I’m also still running and over the past week have actually been able to put in a fair amount of miles considering the situation, but obviously I’m keeping these miles at a much more relaxed pace than a non-injured Salt would. I’m actually considering myself in half marathon training mode now and I’m so excited about it! (Following a hybrid of the Higdon Novice 2 and Intermediate plans.) Visits with Dr. Dave have gone well. I just had my second ART and ultrasound treatment yesterday.

I miss doing speed work, but right at this moment I’m just so thankful to be out there at all. Taking my speed down a notch is necessary and totally okay. And even if I wasn’t dealing with the nerve thing, it would still be okay. From what I’ve read, even the most elite runners slow it down from time to time.

So all that said, I’ve been posting up pics on here and on Insta of some of my more recent runs and the feedback has been tremendous. (THANK YOU!) I’m VERY proud of the times and the mileage that I’ve been able to put in. Here’s my 5 miler from this morning:


It felt pretty good. Knee bothered me slightly at the end so I slowed down a bit to accommodate that, plus look at that glorious – albeit humid – weather! Really the worst part was the short time I got stuck running behind a garbage truck. Hot garbage. Literally.

My 5 mile run last week was somewhat similar – sans hot garbage – and I proudly posted a picture of it because I RAN 5 MILES!! This is a big deal for me. And people were happy for me, but then I got a comment that really rubbed me the wrong way. It pointed out that my time is slow.

First of all, WTF. 8 minute miles aren’t slow.

Second of all I was out for a 5 mile run on a regular Wednesday. Even if I wasn’t injured right now, was I supposed to be in balls-to-the-wall race mode? Is something wrong with taking your time and enjoying the run? The way I felt after hearing this comment was not unlike my reaction to hearing an inappropriate comment about my weight.

Anyway, I’m adding this to my list of pet peeves. Just like someone’s weight is none of your business, neither is someone’s pace. I prefer to cheer people on in their successes than go straight to pointing out things that I think need improvement. That’s part of the reason why I love our running community so much…I don’t think I’ve made one friend via my blog that doesn’t feel the same way.

Now let me take my rant pants off – not really…I’m not at my house right now – and throw my new compression gear on!


I’m a new BioSkin Ambassador! I was contacted by a rep via my Twitter account about possibly joining their program and hello perfect timing because I’ve been riding the injury train lately. What BioSkin didn’t know was that I was already wearing and loving their product.

I first heard about them from Sue at This Mama Runs for Cupcakes who is a fellow Ambassador and highly recommended their calf skins. I thought maybe a medical grade compression sleeve could help my right calf so I purchased one for myself and I LOVE it. The compression is so tight that the first time I went to take the sleeve off my hand slipped and I punched myself in the face.


These don’t come in bright, eye-searingly neon colors like my other compression gear, but I figure basic black goes with everything. I wear it when I’m running and even sometimes when I’m not. Like right now when I’m wearing it underneath my lobster pants. It makes my leg feel really good.

I’m sure I’ll be talking about BioSkin more on here in the future, but in the meantime I’m very pleased to be a part of a great team.

Have you ever gotten any negative comments on your running pace? Do you own any articles of clothing with lobsters on them?

It’s Wednesday, right? (I seriously didn’t even know when I woke up this morning.) I hope all you wonderful people have a great day!




94 thoughts on “Getting Salty: A pace pet peeve. {And a new Ambassadorship!}

  1. Lori Connors says:

    I think your pace is awesome! It was probably said by someone who was sitting on their @ss and has never run before!

  2. Alexis T (@runcrush) says:

    Ugh I HATE when people comment on pace. Like, we’re all just out there doing what we can day by day. One person’s easy day might be my PR, and vice versa. We should all just be proud of each other for making healthy choices, ya know? Sorry some jerk felt the need to comment on your pace. You’re running, and that’s awesome. Negative people can just go live in a bubble all by themselves.

  3. Sweaty Mess says:

    The only negative comments I’ve heard about my pace have come from my own mouth. (Shame on me!). But seriously, 8 minute miles are slow? I might as well give up then. 🙂 Great job on getting out there…I know you’ve been in turmoil over not running. {{more healing vibes}}

    • runsaltrun says:

      SHAME!!!! You are getting faster and stronger all the time. It’s amazing!!
      And yeah this has been rough and really affects how I deal with people around me in general. Haha not running turns me into a real pain in the ass.

  4. courtruns4cupcakes says:

    Whoever said 8 minute miles are slow needs a good punch in the face. If I could run 8 minute miles I think I would cry from happiness and I would feel like I was flying. 9 minute miles are fast for me! I’ve never been a pace/time person, it’s all about the distance and having fun for me.

    Congrats on the new ambassadorship, so exciting!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Distance is the most important thing for right now! Especially for YOU, Miss Soon-to-be-Marathoner! And thank you! I’m really happy to be representing a product that I feel very strongly about.

  5. Tina @ Jog Wild says:

    Argh – someone really made that comment? Speed is incredibly relative from person to person. Your slow is my super dupes fast, and then I’m fast to others! And the elites smoke us all. 😉 I wish a lobster from your pants would come alive and pinch that person in a sensitive area.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Yep. And it double-sucked because I was so proud of it when I posted it. I was so excited to have run those 5 miles! Thanks for taking the wind out of my sails haha.

      Hmmmm live lobsters on my pants would be an interesting superpower to have….

    • runsaltrun says:

      I wanted to yell SWEET! But ughhh I’m sorry about your tendon. I had peroneal tendonitis earlier this year and it SUCKS. 😦 I’m pleased we are on the same team though!

  6. SuzLyfe says:

    People like to bitch. Don’t I know it. Tell them they can suck it. Exciting about BioSkin! I have been really interested in them–I can’t wait to hear more about them from you!
    I am just happy that you get to run. You (and they) should be too.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I actually thought about you as I was writing this. All these rude and inappropriate people need to go live on a sad island together somewhere.

      I am definitely excited to talk about them. It’s compression like I have never been compressed before!

      • SuzLyfe says:

        Hahahahaha that is awesome. I applied to be a sponsored amateur for my marathon (though it is in October). No idea if they’ll pick me, but it would be really cool!

      • runsaltrun says:

        Yes! I’ve heard of that program and thought about it for the Disney Marathon. Is it a voting type thing? If so, you better give me the details please so I can vote for you every day!

  7. Chaitali says:

    Um… wow. That is definitely not a slow pace but that’s almost irrelevant. I agree that no one should be commenting on pace at all. I’m super slow but at least I’m out there running and that’s good enough for me. I just don’t understand the motivation behind that comment. I’ve never heard of bioskin before but I look forward to hearing more about them 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      Speed is completely irrelevant. The distance I ran was the part I was showing off. I was just told last week that I was going to need some surgery on my foot and I ran 5 miles. That is something that I’m proud of and I’m so proud of your accomplishments as well! 🙂

  8. DarlinRae says:

    Dude, your paces are amazing, and something a lot of runners (myself included!) strive for! Haters gonna hate. You just keep being your amazing, Salty self, and people who don’t want to be your friend can go suck it, like the Suz says.

    I don’t have lobster anything, but now I sort of want some lobster pants.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you. I just don’t know why speed has to ever be a thing though. And it made me feel kind of weird that someone expected me to go out and sprint for 5 miles on a hurt foot. They can totally suck it.

      Everyone definitely needs lobster pants. 🙂

  9. Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles says:

    First off, I am SO SO glad you are back on the roads and feeling good! Second, I can’t believe someone commented on your pace as being slow. WTF? Anyways, congrats on your new ambassadorship, that is awesome!! I look forward to hearing more about them (minus the face punching!) 🙂

  10. Hailey @ Striding Strong says:

    Umm apparently that person doesn’t know that a lot of the super good runners here and in other countries do their regular training runs like super duper slow. Pace is totally irrelevant unless it’s a workout day. And I’m doing a lot of my running at 8 minute ish pace now and I don’t really think I’m slow either. I’d love to race this person though. Something tells me you and I would both have a fantastic time letting our actions speak louder than our words ;). You and your pace is awesome and I hope you don’t think anything different! That is super awesome about BioSkin! Congratulations! I’ve looked at their website and I’m really hoping they will come out with some socks! I love my calf sleeves, but my feet have less issues when the socks kinda keep everything tight and together.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I miss compression socks so much right now! (I can’t wear them because they push on my nerve and make my toes hurt.) I wonder if BioSkin will come out with something like that. Maybe they will read this and see that we want some. 🙂

      And I totally agree! I didn’t care about my pace that day one bit and was actually really pleased that I managed to do that well. Kind of took the wind out of my sails, but whatever. Some people have no tact I guess.

      Thank you, friend! You’re the best!

  11. afastpacedlife says:

    What is a fast or slow pace is all relative to you. The important thing is that we’re out running and enjoying ourselves.

    Congrats on your new ambassadorship!!! It sounds cool.

  12. irishrunnerchick says:

    I want to see your lobster pants! They sound cray-cray. And as for comments about pace…….well firstly, you’re in injury recovery mode and getting any decent mileage is an accomplishment. 8 min miles are not slow at all. And finally – it’s nobody’s business how fast you run. Why do people need to leave negative comments? If you don’t like a blog you don’t have to read it. There’s plenty of other stuff on the interwebs.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I’m going to run into the work bathroom and take some lobster pant selfies. 🙂
      And I totally agree with you. Some people just don’t have better things to do I guess. So lame.

  13. Running Boston and Beyond says:

    It puts things in perspective when Shalane Flanagan is dogged for “not winning Boston”. Instead of telling her that she kicked butt and congrats for running fast enough to win almost every other year, people were disappointed. NOT me. I shook for an hour after “running” into her in DC four days after Boston. If she’s not fast enough, then no one else is, so just do your best, or just get out there and do SOMETHING!
    BTW, I would love lobster pants.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I would probably faint if I ever ran into Shalane. I’m such a fangirl haha.
      It’s unfortunate that people make things like this their business when they have no right to. And everyone needs lobster pants. I’ve decided I need more lobster related items in my wardrobe STAT.

      • Running Boston and Beyond says:

        Yeah, it was a celebrity moment for sure! I couldn’t stop saying ohmygodohmygod after she ran off. My kids and I totally want a pet lobster but I would probably end up messing it’s tank up and killing it.

  14. runawaybridalplanner says:

    Bioskin has great products, my Dr had me wearing a few of their braces as I got through my own injury! Congrats on your Ambassadorship with them!

    8 min miles are an awesome pace! Ignore whoever said that, they obviously don’t deserve your attention!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you so much, lady! And that’s so awesome that you’ve had so much success wearing the BioSkin stuff! I’m looking into something for my knee next and am hoping it will help!

  15. chasingchels says:

    Whoa what??? Someone would actually have the nerve to say something about someone’s pace being too slow!?? I can’t comprehend that…I mean I can, but I can’t either. Your runs are your runs and no one else’s so own them and everyone else can deal in my book! You hold your head high. You’re doing an amazing job, and anyone who thinks 8 min miles aren’t fast doesn’t know what they’re talking about!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Yeah it was gross and I tried to not let it bother me, but I felt like it gave me a complex for a couple days. (Like I should really care about my speed right now when really I need to set that aside for a bit.) Thank you so much for your kind words, friend. ❤ You're the best!

  16. missadventuresinrunning says:

    That is such a lame comment for someone to make! I feel like people get worked up/anxious about pace enough as it is. We don’t need people fueling the fire, here! The important thing to remember is that these people don’t know best. In fact, they don’t even know manners, or they wouldn’t make comments like that! Also, people say things on the internet that they would never say in real life. You’re awesome and don’t need them to validate you! 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      I know I used to! I used to go out way too fast all the time and in the long run it just wasn’t the smart thing to do. Slowing it down is smart and once I got used to it I started feeling so much less anxiety about my long runs. It just sucks to have it pointed out.

      Thank you, lady. YOU are awesome!!

  17. Mar on the Run! says:

    I hate people… (ok, not really, but some of them really suck). In my dreams I wish I was 8 minute miles. I’m trying but post injury hasn’t been kind to me in the speed department.

    • runsaltrun says:

      That’s why pace doesn’t matter! You are going to train smart, get your distance in and do so great in your marathon. THAT is what matters. And some people do definitely suck.

  18. Jenni says:

    Umm I’m gonna need to see these lobster pants.
    Also? That kinda chaps my butt that someone made a comment about my our pace. As a new runner, I really have been using blogs like yours to figure out what I’m doing. I’ve had trouble finding local support but I’ve found the online running community pretty supportive. Too bad someone had to be a douche canoe. Keep being awesome lady!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I totally took some lobster pant selfies. Maybe I will Facebook them haha.
      Thank you. Seriously. You just made my day with this. I have learned so much from reading running blogs as well and it makes me feel awesome that I could get mentioned with such a great group. I think it is such a great and supportive community (you could check out any of the blogs from anyone who has commented here and they are all amazing people). It just sucks that there are those jerks out there. I will say that the commenter in question was not from another blogger though. 🙂

      • Judith / soveryslightlymad says:

        I actually looked to see if you left the comment up so I could chase the jerk down. The more I think about it, the more I believe that person has no solid understanding of running. Everyone with a smidge of knowledge knows that most runs should be done at an easy pace. An average regular run is no indication of running speed or skill. They clearly didn’t look at the rest of your times to see how amazing you are.

        Not that it matters. If you were running 12 minutes miles, it wouldn’t warrant a critical comment. Like I said, the person leaving that comment is insecure about his or her place in their small little world.

        On a happier note, if you don’t already have them, I thought of these PJs when you wrote about your lobster pants

  19. karen G says:

    I only wish I was so slow! 😉
    I’m glad you’re able to get the miles in. I’ll have to look into Bioskin, I’ve heard it mentioned a few times recently, and Lord knows I almost always have something that hurts… 😛

  20. Elizabeth says:

    GAH! That is the worst and one of my biggest pet peeves. When I first started running I had TWO separate people yell at me from their cars about how I was running slow on separate days. And then when I was talking to one of my boyfriend’s friends about how I would be happy to run my first 5k in 35 minutes he said “That is SO slow, you can walk it in that time” my boyfriend was seething after that comment, and I wasn’t too happy either. Just keep your chin up, he’s the one with the problem!

    • runsaltrun says:

      WTF!!! I’m so sure either of those people ever get off their asses and run at all. That’s so rude! I like to automatically assume that anyone who would say something like that doesn’t run or they are a runner with such a gross superiority complex that they wouldn’t be worth talking to anyway.

  21. fitfoodiemama says:

    First of all- who the F is ballsy enough to say 8 min/mile is SLOW? Idc who you are or how fast you run, it isn’t supposed to be a competition and like you said, what is the harm in enjoying a run instead of being in race mode? I slowed down my pace a bit this morn to do the same thing- no need to kill yourself 100% of the time!

    Second- congrats on your ambassadorship with BioSkin! I just became an ambassador too but have yet to receive the calf sleeves to try so I haven’t gone “public” with my announcement yet! I have heard awesome things about the BioSkin sleeves and if you give it a thumbs up then I am sure I will love it! 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      Yay I love that we are on the same team!!! You are going to LOVE that sleeve. It’s really amazing and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it! 🙂

      And yeah I have no idea what would prompt someone to say something like that, but I thought it was really insulting to like millions of people. I feel better after talking about it though.

      • Annmarie says:

        I love that we are on the same team too! I can’t wait to try the sleeve! And I am happy you got to vent…venting, running and wine of course always make me feel better 😉

  22. Amy says:

    I have pajama shorts with lobsters on them!

    And, I can’t believe someone would make a negative comment about your pace- I’m indignant on your behalf! I make negative comments about my own pace all the time, but I would never put someone else down like that. (In fact, I should probably stop picking on myself,too…but that’s a long road to go down.)

    • runsaltrun says:

      Yes! You’re in the lobster club!! Giving you a lobster high five. 🙂 And thank you for being on my side. It was rude and unnecessary and yes you definitely should stop picking on yourself. 🙂

  23. txa1265 says:

    People say the DARNDEST things 🙂 You really never know … but I think it is definitely rude – you can talk about pace with friends, but to come out and call someone rude?!? I have a friends running both slower and faster than me … and we all share a love of running. As for the rest … who cares?

    • runsaltrun says:

      Agreed! I would talk about it with my non-runner friends or any of you here, but this comment was completely out of left field and made me have a sad afternoon. I honestly have no idea what most of my friends’ paces are, nor do I care at all. If you love to run, no matter how fast, I’m probably going to want to be friends with you. (Unless you are a huge jerk and then no thanks.)

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you, Kevin. 🙂 It took me awhile (and some burnout) to realize that training that way makes much more sense. I’m definitely excited to get all healed up and back to my speed stuff though!

  24. Eat Pray Run, DC says:

    are you serious??? sometimes i think of starting a website called “who does that?!” and posting all the awful / crazy things people do. how obnoxious. i also just can’t believe someone would have the balls to say that. ugh. good thing you know that you are awesome. i’m so angry on your behalf. i want to meet this jerk in a dark alley.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Oh my goodness if you started that website I would visit it every day. Both because you started it, but also I bet it would be hilarious. I have no idea what was going on in that person’s skull, but it was really unattractive.

      Haha the person is local to me, so if you come up to find them we have to make sure to go out and have fun afterward. 😉

  25. Run Colby Run says:

    Such. Shit. I RARELY if ever post my times for that very reason. The Blog-o-sphere is where I go to avoid bullshit, not engage in some ridiculous pissing contest. (Now I’m wearing Rant Pants!) Running is my Absolute Joy. And while I realize Commenters will be Commenters, I’d rather not deal with bullshit such as “You call THAT a pace?!?!?” from someone who is just being flat out rude. Rudy McRude. Not my bag, Baby.

    And? I need to see those pants. Fantastic!

    ps…I was in Target last night with my eyes peeled for those Spectacular Kitten Leggings you had on here. I. Need. Them. xoxoxox Colby

  26. Rebecca Jo says:

    I’m the worst at giving myself negative comments about my pace… if you want to call it a pace 🙂
    I need to check out that bio skin. My body needs all the help it can get 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      Haha that’s what I told the rep when he contacted me. 🙂
      You definitely need to knock that off. It IS a pace and you are crossing the finish line and being awesome while doing it!

  27. piratebobcat says:

    I’m sorry to hear that your lobster pants make you so crabby. 😉 And holy guacamole no….I hate running on our trash day when the garbage truck is going through the neighborhood…I always seem to get caught in it’s lingering stench. Not something you want to inhale when you’re breathing hard.

    Yes, keep taking it slow and get yourself healthy! Keep your eyes on the big prize – Dopey! It’s better to be hurt now and get it fixed than to be hurt come race day(s).

    Pace is irrelevant as long as you’re trying. I’ve written before about my elite friends who are always nice enough to slow down and run with us mortals from time to time. They get it too.

    Very cool about your ambassadorship!

  28. sarahdudek80 says:

    I started a post about something similar to this pace nonsense this morning and decided to save it for tomorrow. Now I am all fired up. So ridiculous and I am just plain glad you are back and running. I have so many athletes that would LOVE to run an 8 minute pace. Seriously nuts!

  29. kristenk says:

    Oh my god. I always look at your times and think about how super fast they are, I can’t believe anyone would call them slow!!!! I once heard someone say online that they couldn’t understand why anyone would run a half marathon if they couldn’t do it in under 2.5 hours. Um, that’s me. I was really sad about that for a while but I figure that some people are just douchebags and at least I’m happier than they are 🙂 People seriously need to shut up!

  30. funmotherrunner says:

    Wow. If an 8 min mile is slow, then my pace is is a crawl (I’m somewhere around 12-13min). Each person’s pace is different. Boo for negative people. And yay for getting out and running at a pace that you know you won’t get injured further.
    And you need to post a picture of the lobster pants! I’m intrigued! Haha!!

  31. fitnessmeetsfrosting says:

    Awww I’m sorry Salt! What a douche! I agree pace (and weight) is no one’s business! What ever happened to cheering everyone on? I haven’t had anyone say anything negative about my pace but I did hear a general statement about girls’ paces that ticked me off. At my last 10K while they were announcing the winners, some guy in the crowd was bragging to his friends that, “Wow. If I were competing in the girls’ category I would have beat almost all of them.” I just rolled my eyes to Kyle. Dude must make friends every where he goes…
    And holy freaking CONGRATS!! You totally deserve the ambassadorship!!!!

  32. Corinne says:

    My pace is between 11:30 and 12:30 minute miles. I really hate it when someone says that I’m really slow. I’m well aware that my pace is on the slower side of running. It’s one thing for me to jokingly say “I’m sooooo slow hahahaha!” but it’s something completely different for anyone else to state their opinion like that. What matters to me is that I’m still faster than I was in high school. I was the 15:01 mile. Second to last person to finish, and that was only because my friend tripped over her own two feet at the very end. All that matters to me when doing a race? I don’t want to be the person whose pace is so slow that the sag wagon is required to pick me up, because there’s no way I’d ever finish within the time frame allotted for the streets to be closed.

  33. Farrah says:

    Lobster pants!!! That’s awesome, hahaha. Your pace is perfectly fine! There will unfortunately be negative people wherever any of us go. I like to make it a point to not listen to people who don’t matter to me. 😀

  34. ambertherunner says:

    Hooray for a new ambassadorship – perfect company at the perfect time 🙂
    I would be BEYOND TICKED if someone commented negatively on my pace. Our online community is here for support each other- why even bother saying something if it’s not nice?!

  35. Sun says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how rude some people are – I think your pace is great! Like you said, everyone’s pace is their own business and it’s so much better to be supportive of others than try to tear them down. You’re doing fantastic – that person just needs an attitude adjustment 🙂

  36. Jennifer @ Running on Lentils says:

    I’m late to the party in commenting but want to say how good everyone’s comments made me feel. I’m a slow runner and am extremely self-conscious about it and trying very hard to be positive and not negative about my running. So if someone had said that to me, I probably would have started crying! Your pace is (obvs) fast, so that person must have some issues. But I agree that the main point is that people shouldn’t be commenting on your pace at all. We’re all out there running, trying to improve, and trying to be the best we can be, and it’s a very personal journey. Everyone here seems to support that…it is a shame that not every runner does.

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