The hardest {and probably smartest} running decision I’ve ever made.

The Baltimore Running Festival is 12 weeks away.

That’s 12 weeks of trying to slowly add marathon-worthy mileage back onto my plate with a foot that is only just starting to cooperate. It feels better than it did, but it’s not long run ready. I’m supposed to run 14 miles tomorrow morning. There’s just no way that’s happening and I’ve accepted that.

So Wednesday night when I was up way too late after having foolishly consumed most of a venti caramel frappuccino light at 5pm, I made a difficult caffeine-fueled decision. At first I felt like crying (again), but I know this is the right thing to do. Then I was able to get a good night sleep which proves to me that it wasn’t the Starbucks that was so much keeping me awake as the stress I’ve been experiencing lately over marathon training.

saltytownI’m not running the Baltimore Marathon this year. Instead I’m going to run the half again and no one needs to feel sorry about this because I don’t feel sorry for myself. The Baltimore Half is one of my most favorite races and my initial sadness lasted for all of 5 minutes before it was replaced with a boatload of excitement! Here is the list of pros and cons that I put together that helped me reach my decision. As you will clearly see, there was no contest.


  • DOPEY CHALLENGE. I’m supposed to run 48.6 miles in a weekend at the beginning of January. That’s not even 3 months after the Baltimore Running Festival and we all know what can happen when you try to jump back into training too soon after a marathon.self five
    I want Disney to be an epically fun experience, not a stressful one. I was already starting to get stressed out thinking about it. Now I feel as if a big weight has been lifted.
  • As much as I wish I was entirely pain-free right now, I can’t lie to myself. There have been some hiccups and I need to continue to take it easy. The half is a doable distance to worry about training for in the next 12 weeks.
  • Some of my friends are running the half and I’m excited to share that experience with them. I already told Sara that next year she’s going to have to run the full with me. I don’t think she’s convinced yet, but I’m awfully good at peer pressure.
  • I don’t run the half distance often. In fact, I haven’t run an organized half marathon since the 2013 Baltimore Running Festival. I’m excited to get healthy, train by butt off, and then see what I can do this time around.
  • I can’t say this enough…this race is a blast! I had so much fun there last year!
  • I can still run as a fundraiser for Cool Kids! That was really important to me and I’m glad I can continue to be involved. 🙂


  • It’s not the full marathon.

That’s it. That’s all I had. And barring some epic worldwide disaster,  the Baltimore Marathon isn’t going anywhere. It will still be around next fall for me to train for after I don’t ruin my legs running in a spring marathon.

I don’t know how Marathon Maniacs do it.

Have you ever decided to not sign up for a race or change races due to injury? I know Mar has and I thought she was so wise for making that decision. Thank you, Mar, for being such an inspiration! 

Happy Friday! I hope you have weekends as fantastic as you all are! I’ll be back on Monday with my addition to the Blog Process Tour. Thank you so much to my wonderful friend, Mike for the nomination! I’m so honored. 🙂




54 thoughts on “The hardest {and probably smartest} running decision I’ve ever made.

  1. piratebobcat says:

    Good for you, Salty one! So smart! You have done a TON of running the past year. Better to back off now and get healthy so you can have the best chances at a successful Dopey. My first love is soccer – but last fall I quit my team cause I didn’t want to get hurt in a game and have to cancel running the Dopey. Keep your ‘A’ goals in mind!

  2. kristenk says:

    I think this is such a good idea considering all the stuff your foot is going through right now. It sounds like it will be a fun half marathon and like you said, you can run the full next year! Have fun training!

  3. Sun says:

    Last year I had terrible hamstring issues all winter/spring and even though I was targeting a spring half, I had to cut down to a 10k. It was disappointing at the time but the right decision. I think you’re being smart by looking at the big picture. As you said, the full will always be there for you to do when you’re healthy again 🙂

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