Recap: Om Nom Nom. Fit Foodie Food. {What I Ate – and Drank – Wednesday}

More like What Didn’t I Eat Wednesday. That would be a much shorter post.

With a name like “Fit Foodie” one would have to assume that there would be not only fitness, but delicious food involved. And one would be correct. Each day featured an event catered (literally) to the most discerning palates.

Light Up the Night VIP Cocktail Party

I hope Deb doesn’t mind that I am borrowing this photo from her. Everyone is so gorgeous and photogenic and I love it.

Photo courtesy of Deb Runs dot com. :)

Photo courtesy of Deb Runs dot com. 🙂

Left to right, we have Sue, Deb, Me, Courtney, Cynthia, and Erika. I was so starving by the time we arrived at the party that I would have eaten just about anything. Which ended up being a good thing. I think I’ve pretty well established on here that I’m a picky eater, so this weekend was all about putting on my adventure pants and trying new things. I’m so glad I did because I would have really missed out! This party featured tasting stations with celebrity chefs RJ Cooper and Katsuya Fukushima, plus many other delicious offerings. Such as drinks. I hit up that table first because that’s how I roll.

Rogue 24 is RJ Cooper’s restaurant and these are some of his signature drinks.



I had “The Juice” which was the pink one on the left. Normally I am not a fan of gin, but it was actually quite delicious. I wanted to try the Thai Punch, but the cilantro scared me away from it. (I did try a sip of Sue’s though and it was….interesting.)

Sue and Me and Thai Punch.

Sue and Me and Thai Punch.

After one “The Juice” I switched over to wine. Not trying to drink too much gin the night before a race.

Next up…


I could eat one every day for the rest of my life. It’s a pimento grilled cheese sandwich prepared by Katsuya Fukushima and it was AMAZING. And spicy which was awesome because I love spicy things.


Cucumber with a tiny pickled shrimp and watermelon. I don’t eat cucumber. Or watermelon. I ate both of these things and liked them. My most favorite thing from that evening though:


BEEF IN A JAR! And my cool chevron Jamberry nail! First of all, I’m all about the concept of eating something that is served in a mason jar. This was a little salad with rare beef, mixed greens, onion, and this completely delicious dressing/sauce that I would have eaten on anything. You simply shook up the jar and enjoyed. I loved it so much I had two of them. (I should have kept the jars too. They were super cute.)

And then of course…the cheese.


Sartori Cheese was an event sponsor and I was already familiar with them because they had sent all of the Ambassadors a lovely gift bag full of cheese prior to the weekend. Their espresso and merlot cheeses are to die for. Seriously if you are in the market for fancy cheese, look no further. (I got even MORE cheese to take home too. Seriously. SO. MUCH. CHEESE.) At the end of the table they also had some great flavored water for us to enjoy.

I also sampled a creamy artichoke soup from RJ Cooper with a truffle in it that I didn’t eat because no amount of adventure pants are going to make me like truffles. The soup was yummy though!

Love DC Chefs Experience

I would be a terrible food blogger. The Love DC Chefs Experience was located in the Finisher’s Village directly following the 5K on Saturday and while I ate my way through it, I was also still riding the high of my race and only took a couple pictures. There were tons of things to taste though all from different restaurants in the area and also a beer and wine garden where I doubled as a table for everyone’s wine.

photo 3

I can’t NOT post that photo twice.

Anyway, food pics:


A chilled corn soup. Part of me kind of wished that it was hot, but it was still very good.


I had maxed out when it came to watermelon for the weekend – especially considering that I didn’t even like it before Friday – so I didn’t try these, but they were pretty!

I ate more than this, but that’s it for pictures. I told you I would be a terrible food blogger. My favorite thing that day was yummy chicken satay from The Green Spoon, another event sponsor.

There was also a brunch following Sunrise Yoga on Sunday morning, but I couldn’t stick around for it. I will say that it smelled delightful. 🙂

So that pretty much sums up my Fit Foodie Experience! Even in it’s inaugural year, I felt like everything was organized and went off with only a few minor hiccups. I especially liked that all the events were in the cool Mosaic District so by the third day I was an old pro  I’m so thankful to have been brought on as an Ambassador for this great event and would highly recommend it to anyone. I never thought I’d travel for a 5K, but I would make a vacation out of it again in a heartbeat! Friends + fitness + food (+ wine) is the PERFECT weekend in my book!


Are you a picky or adventurous eater? What is the most interesting thing you’ve ever eaten?

I hope everyone has a stellar Wednesday!




30 thoughts on “Recap: Om Nom Nom. Fit Foodie Food. {What I Ate – and Drank – Wednesday}

  1. Cynthia says:

    Sounds like a fun time. I would love all those different foods to sample. I’m not picky at all. Pretty brave of you to eat the watermelon. My husband doesn’t like it either, or cucumbers. I would be in heaven with all that cheese! I like the salad in a jar too-great idea.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I thought I was so brave too! Haha I was just saying the other day how much I didn’t like it and then it was everyplace at the event. I’m glad I branched out.

      That cheese was DELICIOUS!

  2. SuzLyfe says:

    All. The. Foooods. And I love how you multi-chevroned, hahahaa. People may have been jealous of my foodie event but this event too is right up my alley. Try everything then seconds galore.

  3. DarlinRae says:

    I’m definitely a picky eater, but I am WORLDS better than I used to be–and I credit Ben for most of that. There are definitely still things I won’t even try, but I’m getting there. It sounds like you had a totally amazing weekend! And I’m proud of you for putting on your “adventure pants” and trying new things!

    The most interesting thing I’ve ever eaten is raw oysters, and that’s not even that interesting! But for me, that was a HUGE step outside the box, and once you get over the texture, they’re quite tasty 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thanks! Raw oysters are pretty much one of the only kinds of seafood that I can’t eat. I gag every time unless I slather them in hot sauce and then I can kind of choke them down. I consider that to be pretty adventurous!

  4. txa1265 says:

    Looks like an amazing time! pictures are awesome and fun!

    I am definitely adventurous … but I am also very fortunate that I don’t have an restrictions – no allergies, no intolerance, no texture or taste issues. Like Susie said ‘’ 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      I had the best time! I really should have gotten more delicious food pics though.
      I wish I didn’t have texture issues! It’s so annoying! But I seem to be slowly getting over that. I’ve eaten an apple almost every day since I wrote that one post. 😉 And I even had grapes and a few bites of a nectarine too. It’s like a whole new world!

  5. Anita says:

    Look at all of that FOOD! I would have eaten my way through the entire cheese table had I been there.

    I’m definitely not a picky eater and I’ll try anything once. Most adventurous foods I’ve tried would have to be from a food festival in Edmonton, Alberta (A Taste of Edmonton) that I went to every year we lived there. I tried kangaroo, shark, and alligator. I wasn’t a fan of the shark, it was a bit tough for me but the kangaroo and alligator were surprisingly good.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I pretty much did eat my way through that cheese table haha. And then I came home with my gift bag of cheese and had more cheese.

      I’ve had alligator, but never the other two. I didn’t realize that kangaroo was something people ate! I kind of want to try it just to say that I did. 🙂

  6. nevie b. says:

    I was such a beyond adventurous eater when I was a kid that I think I maxed out my taste buds and my body made its decisions about what I like and don’t like and now I’m stuck in my ways. All of those creations up there LOOK cool but I have to mentally prep myself so much before trying something new. It’s stupid – I usually end up liking it – but I really think it’s because I tried absolutely everything put in front of me before the age of 10 that I get so “do they just have like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich anywhere?” at functions haha.

  7. hellyontherun says:

    I’m def a picky eater. I blame my dad because he made us try crazy stuff growing up like oysters (which I actually like), frog legs, and rattle snake (yes, rattle snake)–I chewed and spit it in my soda lol!

  8. Kristin says:

    Wow, what amazing food!!! YUM!! YUM!!!! Such pretty drinks, too!! I’m a vegetarian which pretty much sticks me in the picky category! Hehe! XOXO!! Happy Wednesday!!!

  9. Running Bear says:

    Adventerous eater!!! I was in Hong Kong for work, and told one of the locals that I’d have whatever he was having, so he ordered some strange broiled eel, chicken’s feet, and a bowl of duck tongues. Once I got past the fear factor, the food was actually very good, and earned me quite a bit of respect among my colleagues over there. The next day they took me out for more traditional dim sum, where I further impressed them with my agility with chopsticks, earning me the name “Grasshopper” which they call me to this day.

  10. piratebobcat says:

    Looks amazing! I love going to those fancy invite only cocktail/foodie parties. However, I gotta say, I am not a fan of cucumber. Dunno why. Just do not like it! I’ll eat anything else though….anything!

  11. Jennifer says:

    Everything looks SOOO delicious.. I love all the cheeses. I don’t like cucumber (or anything in the pickly) but can eat all the watermelon in the world!

  12. irishrunnerchick says:

    Yum! This all looks so good. I’m getting less picky as I get older but there’s still some things I won’t try – stinky cheese, oysters, snails – basically anything slimy or mouldy and I’m totally fine with that!

  13. irenejean says:

    Looks like a fun and tasty weekend! I’m not a super picky eater, but I really dislike strong mustard, horseradish, and wasabi. Other than that I’ll try most things.

  14. Run Colby Run says:

    I am LOVING THIS EVENT! Perhaps Tina and I will take it on the road and eat, drink (heavily) and run!!! Fun and fantastic. Feel free to post that picture again. As many times as you wish. It’s awesome. 🙂

  15. Sun says:

    Wow, the drinks and food look wonderful! Love the salad in a jar idea, especially for a party. So cute! The pimento grilled cheese also sounds tasty – I have a recipe for pimento cheese that I usually just serve with crackers but now I’m going to have to try making a sandwich out of it.

  16. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    Great recap, Salt! I’m a pretty picky eater, too, and don’t like watermelon. You’re more adventuresome than me, because I didn’t even try either of the watermelon appetizers.

    Of course I didn’t mind you using the group picture!

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