It’s Fit Foodie Time! {And a Jamberry review & giveaway!}

I should probably finish packing.

Tomorrow (today?) I will be leaving in the early afternoon for the most delicious 5K race-cation of all time in Fairfax!


Yum. I just hope my knee holds up because it just forced me into an unexpected rest day and I currently have a really sexy looking brace on it. Anyway, I’m so excited to run, eat, drink, and mingle with some of my most favorite bloggers and I’m even going to do my hair tonight which like never happens. Now that it’s summer and humid it will probably still look like hot garbage, but I don’t care.

If you are a friend of mine on Insta, I’m sure you will see plenty of pictures of my hot garbage head over the next several hours.

As part of my preparations for this event, I also did my nails. Some of you may have heard of Jamberry and in case you haven’t, they are wraps that bind with your nails using heat and come in a several hundred fun designs. I am the queen of ruining a manicure about 20 minutes after getting one and Jamberry won’t chip or crack. (Because it can’t…it’s like the strongest sticker ever made.) There are lots of ways to do a “Jamicure”, but what caught my attention in the beginning was the mixing and matching of patterns and styles that I saw people doing. You can really get creative with them, which of course I love.

I know a lot of people who are VERY into Jamberry. Meet my friend Michelle:

This was my friend's first 10K and she KILLED it! I'm so proud of her!

We’ve known each other for about 6 years. She’s awesome and she runs which makes her even more awesome. Anyway, Michelle is a Jamberry aficionado and she recently started her own business. She asked me if I would like to try some out and talk about my experience on here and I said sure without hesitation because I kind of figured that Jamberry would be a bandwagon I would end up on eventually and I love to help my friends when I can.

She sent me these:


LOOK AT THE LITTLE RUNNERS! These would be PERFECT for my Fit Foodie excursion. I was a little intimidated by the application at first though; I’m thinking maybe I was suffering from Lee Press On Nail PTSD.

As it turns out, these are the farthest things from Lee Press On Nails.


One thumb was all it took for me to become completely obsessed. I even texted Michelle this picture to show her how obsessed I was. They definitely take a bit of patience to apply – especially if it’s your first time and you are as terrible at doing nails with your non-dominant hand as I am – but once I got into a groove, I had both hands “jamicured” in about 20 minutes.

photo 1

I needed my other hand to take the photo, but it is the same chevron to runner girl ratio as this one.

Now if only cool nails could heal my knee and and make me faster, I’d be all set. 🙂

And guess what!? My friend is very generous (yet another reason for me to love her) and she is helping me to host a cool little Jamberry giveaway! Someone is going to win a sheet of Jamberry nails to try out in the design of their choice! Here are the deets:

Mandatory Entry: Visit Michelle’s Jamberry website and let me know what design you would choose if you win! Easy!

Then there are other ways to enter too:

And the Rafflecopter where all the magic happens!


This giveaway will end on Tuesday at the stroke of midnight! Good luck and I can’t wait to see which designs everyone would choose. 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll be back on Monday with what I’m sure will be fun stories of my race weekend in Fairfax! And I’ll see some of you in a few hours!




41 thoughts on “It’s Fit Foodie Time! {And a Jamberry review & giveaway!}

  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    Those are so cool! What an awesome idea. I love your runner nails but I also love those Fresh Fern, really awesome color combos all over the page! Gonna have to go look through more, there are so many cool ones! Have a blast at your race.

  2. Sara says:

    Oooh – me likey! I’ve always wanted to try the new nail stickers – you have me intrigued. Runner girl is sooo cute! I’d love to wear that on a race day (or any day for that matter). But I also like the white chevron and polka dot orchid.

    Have fun this weekend – and if your knees bug you, just kick back and enjoy the food portion of the weekend 🙂

  3. Lauren Keating says:

    Good luck on your 5K! And yay for getting your hair done—I’m sure it won’t look like garbage…I saw these Jamberry Nail Wraps on your FB (or someone else’s) and I LOVE them. I want to order to running one like you posted for my next half in Sept! I also really like the “lotus” & “adam’s favorite”!

  4. themilereport says:

    Have fun this weekend!! (and knee: keep it together!)

    I like the confetti cake nails and the icy rose polka nails. I’m not sure when the last time I painted/decorated my nails, but it was a looooong time ago

  5. DarlinRae says:

    Oh my gosh, the runner girl is adorable! However, I’d probably pick something like the mint green chevron, or anything polka dot. I’ve seen these before but never tried them. I lovelovelove doing my nails, but like you, my manis last all of 10 minutes. I’ve had success with the Sally Hansen stick-on ones, but the colors and patterns are really limited.

  6. JessD says:

    Those nails are so cute! My favorites would be the mint green chevron or the “lotus”! Good luck with your 5k this weekend 🙂

  7. txa1265 says:

    Oh no about the knee! I really hope it is feeling better soon! Enjoy the trip! Great seeing old friends and meeting people we only know online (I’m sad it looks like I won’t get to see anyone in Houston next week). Nails are cool (not my thing, though 😉 ) haha

  8. Amy says:

    Wow, there are so many choices! I think I like the raspberry sparkle, but honestly there are just so many. I could barely pick a favorite apple flavor…haha. You’re always asking the tough questions. 🙂

    Have fun this weekend! Good luck with the knee, I hope it stops being a stinker!

  9. Julie W says:

    This looks awesome. I’ve been wanting to try them! I like the mint chevron or the Neptune stripes! Have an awesome weekend!

  10. vegasmotherrunner says:

    Have fun on your trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it! I can’t decide on the pattern…way too many to choose from. Maybe something turquoise? I’m kind of obsessed with that color lately.

  11. fitnessmeetsfrosting says:

    OMG OBSESSED! With my job I have to wash my hands A LOT. Manicures always get ruined after 1-2 days so these stickers are intriguing! I would love the mint green chevron or mint green and gold stripes. I love mint!

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