Happy Random Friday! {It’s the Friday Five!}



And we all know that means DC Trifecta Link Up Time!!


Those would be my lovely friends Mar, Cynthia, and CourtneyWHO IS GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND! (Make sure you stop by her blog and give her a big congrats!)

This week’s topic? Well…there’s not one. Basically it’s Blogger’s Choice or any 5 random things we feel like posting about. I am supremely unfocused this morning – NEED MORE COFFEE – so this works out just fine for me.

1. 2014 Fall Training Blogger Directory

It’s up and running and I’m so excited to have more than 40 AWESOME BLOGS added to it so far! I wanted to thank everyone for the great response and for sharing it with your Twitter and Facebook followers too. I’m going to be creating a badge for it for my own blog and anyone else is welcome to use it as well if you want. If you haven’t seen the list yet, you can access it here (or by clicking the tab in my nav bar) and if you would like to be added on, you can message me through my contact form or email me directly at runsaltrun@gmail.com with your blog and race information!

2. Fit Foodie!


I am a proud Ambassador for Cooking Light & Health’s Fit Foodie Race Weekend in Fairfax next weekend and I’m getting pumped for my mini-racecation. I will have all sorts of fun events to attend from a cocktail party on Friday night to a celebrity fitness instructor led yoga class on Sunday morning. Plus obviously the 5K on Saturday morning followed by yummy food and wine tasting! And as if it could get any better than running and wine, I will finally be meeting some of my fave bloggers, Cynthia, Sue, and a newly married Courtney!

3. Flashback Friday

Everyone thinks my daughter looks like Mr. Salt. That is…until they see pictures of me when I was little.

Salt circa 1982

Salt circa 1982

Is that Betty or what!? My mom posted this as a Throwback Thursday on Facebook yesterday and even though I know that she looks like me, my mind was still blown. I showed it to Betty and even SHE thought it was Betty! Genetics are cool. Also I wish I still had that swimsuit. And that I was at a beach right now.

4. Speaking of Betty…


photo 2


And that’s as much as I’ll talk about potty training on the Internet because you don’t need the gory deets. It sure has been a process that I’m glad to never have to go through again. I will say that I’m considering setting aside all the money we would normally spend on diapers and then paying for her college with it because those things are Ivy League EXPENSIVE.

5. A New Learning Adventure

In other Betty news, she starts a new school on Monday. She has been going to the same in-home daycare since she was 8 weeks old and we figured it was time to move her to an environment that has a little more of a structured curriculum. I have a feeling this switchover is going to be a lot harder on me than it is on her; she’s been talking about going to her new school for weeks and lights up like a firecracker when we so much as drive past it.

For the first time ever I will be undertaking the huge task of packing school lunches and to be honest I have ZERO idea what I’m doing. So if any of you parents have some easy ideas for me (that don’t contain peanuts…she doesn’t have an allergy, but it’s a nut-free school) those suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

6. And one more random thing…

I have my first post-Potts race this Sunday. It’s just a small run club 5K and I’m not PR hunting, but it is part of their Grand Prix Series so I’m hoping to at least finish decently in my AG.

Whatever you have on tap for your weekend, I hope it’s marvelous!

Do you have any random thoughts to share?





45 thoughts on “Happy Random Friday! {It’s the Friday Five!}

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you!! 🙂 My husband’s family goes on and on about how much she looks like him all the time and it gets annoying haha. I literally break out old photos of me at family events.

  1. emmelineruns says:

    Wow she looks just like you! I’ll admit I didn’t see a whole lot of resemblance before but you guys look scarily similar in that picture, so cute 🙂 I was pretty traumatized from the 2 months it took to potty train our puppy so I can’t imagine doing it with a kid for 10 times that long…I think a big congrats is necessary for graduating out of diapers!

    • runsaltrun says:

      It’s totally cool. No one does. I have been known to break out old pics of myself to strangers just to prove that she’s mine. 🙂

      I am just thrilled that we seem to be pretty much done with it. I expect that she will still have accidents here and there, but this whole week she has been pretty solid so I’m hoping it continues! It’s pretty nervewracking having her in the car or a restaurant in big girl underpants though!

  2. Susie @ SuzLyfe says:

    I love love love love the flashback pic and then following it up with the #dashofsalt. I hope my daughter/son/testtubebaby is as adorable as you and Betty are. I can only hope. And I am SO jealous of the Fit Foodie weekend gig. SO JEALOUS

    *****PS I’m starting a #FLATSFRIDAY pinterest board!!!!! Tweet a pic or IG one and I will upload it!****

    • runsaltrun says:

      Awww thank you, friend. ❤ You are the sweetest ever. And it is definitely flats Friday over here too! I'll be taking a pic of my feet while I stand in line at Starbucks on my lunch break and Instagramming it! 🙂 (I love this idea. So fun!)

  3. Laura @ the gluten-free treadmill says:

    So much awesomeness in this post – I love it! Good luck on your race this weekend, and I definitely want to be a part of your blogger directory! My fall race is the Bismarck Marathon, although I have a 100-miler in August that I’m not sure I want to broadcast yet… 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thanks, lady! I added Bismarck to the list and OMG I HAD NO IDEA!! That is so exciting!!! How’s the training going for it? I can’t wait to follow you through it!

  4. Sun says:

    The Fit Foodie Race sounds like so much fun – love races that combine running with eating 🙂

    Best of luck with your race this weekend. I’m sure you will rock it!

  5. Sara says:

    School lunches are easy peasy. In C’s bag everyday is a cheese stick, a yogurt, a banana, and two other fruits / veggies. Entree is either left overs or I’ll make a sandwich. Today it was a hotdog. Sometimes it’s a few meatballs or chicken nuggets. Sometimes she eats it all, sometimes she doesn’t eat certain things. She’s a moody toddler. Number one tip…pack it the night before. Plus, you can get her a super cute lunch bag!

    Charlotte is super excited to see Betty at school next week. And I’m excited to have her around someone who is potty trained! Congrats! I’m so jelly!

    • runsaltrun says:

      PERFECT. Thank you so much for this! I need to go do a big grocery shop this weekend, but I’m adding it all to my list. Betty loves meatballs/nuggets so that should work great. Maybe I can send her with a little pasta. We definitely have the same food moodiness over here!

      I had to run to Target on my break and I was definitely looking at the cute lunch bags. 🙂 Betty is so excited to see Charlotte too! It’s just so awesome that they are going to be in the same class. I think it will make the transition for B super smooth. I’m have a little bit of fear that she might regress once she’s in a new situation, but we’ve been in big girl pants since last weekend with only a couple very minor incidents, so I figure I’ll just keep on with it and hope it goes okay. 🙂

  6. 262x2 says:

    Betty totally looks like you! I’ve noticed that before, too! 🙂 I’m not a mom, so unfortunately I don’t have any ideas for little kid sandwiches that don’t contain pb. Maybe substitute the peanut butter with bananas?!

  7. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    That sounds like an amazing weekend!!! I snorted a bit laughing when you said “IVY LEAGUE EXPENSIVE” I do not look forward to that, but HURRAY FOR POTTY TRAINING DOMINATION!!! ox Enjoy yourself and YES, Betty is you, completely! LOVE that photo!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Seriously we are probably going to save so much money. We did the pull up thing for quite awhile too, but we had more success just ditching those and putting her in regular underwear. Pullups are a lot like diapers so it kind of didn’t help the situation. Definitely not the most fun experience but such is life. 🙂

  8. Sarah says:

    I LOVE the directory – and I hope you keep it up at least until next year so I can play, too!!! I’ll be training for the Dumbo Double Dare before we know it!! ❤

  9. Hailey says:

    She looks SO much like you! I’m not a parent, but I always loved when my mom made me little homemade “lunchables.” or when she used cookie cutters to cut my sandwich into a shape/character…not gonna lie I totally made a Christmas tree shaped sandwich for myself when I was in high school too :). Have fun at your 5k this weekend!

  10. Run Colby Run says:

    I have 3 rando thoughts:
    1. It is pouring rain and I am dreading running in it in MY NEW SNEAKERS. I might have to wear my old ones that ate my baby toes at the Vermont City Marathon.
    2. I am more sore from dancing with my nephew than I am from that marathon. (Side Note: He is in a wheelchair and is 180lbs and probably 6 feet tall. We rocked out spinning, wheeling, twirling, moon walking and tearin’ it up! For hours. I can barely lift my arms from pushing him. But it was BEYOND worth it.)
    3. I am about to get my hair done. I am slowly turning into a silver fox. And that shit ain’t acceptable. Ever. Helllllo chunky highlights!

    Betty is spectacular. She fell into a fantastic gene pool. And I love your blog. 🙂

  11. txa1265 says:

    Loads of great stuff – the end of diapers is a wonderful thing … even though stuff CAN (and does) happen later! haha no need to discuss THAT either 😉

    And I love how much you and B look alike … Lisa and I were asked if we were siblings once when we were engaged (which is odd since we have always been fairly hand-holdy and snuggly), but that should tell you that both boys resemble both of us. Danny has more of me, and Chris more like Lisa.

    Good luck on the race and can’t wait to hear! 🙂

  12. themilereport says:

    wow, Betty DOES look just like you!

    There are a lot of good lunch ideas on pinterest. Pretty sure I’ve pinned some on my “when I have kids” board (weird?)–lots of little finger foods. I saw one idea that you might like for when Betty gets older…it was kind of a Montessori type lunch thing where you have baskets in your fridge/pantry for fruit, veggie, snack, etc, and she picks one thing from each box to pack her own lunch.

    Good luck at the race!

  13. Kristin says:

    Awww, yaaay, have a fun, wonderful 5k tomorrow!!! I love the throwback picture!!! SOOOO ADORABLE!!!! I love the suit!!! Betty is also the cutest!!! Such a sweetie!! I love her beautiful smile!! Perfect child!!

  14. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Can’t wait for fit foodie!! I can’t go to all of the events though, so I need to pick and choose…..will prob do the cocktail party and the saturday events, will probably have to miss the Sunday events 😦

  15. Darilyn says:

    I know how you feel about your daughter switching homes. We are three days away from finishing our one year of maternity leave (my better half and I split it – I took 8 months and Mel took the other 4) and now we will be leaving her to both be back at work. We are lucky that my sister will be watching her until we finally get a spot in the daycare centre that we want but it’s still tough to think about neither of us being at home anymore!

  16. MCM Mama (@mcmmama) says:

    She’s too cute! I’ll be at the Fit Foodie 5k as well and am looking forward to seeing everyone.

    If she likes peanut butter sandwiches and the like, there is sunflower seed butter that tastes pretty good. For my nut allergic child who doesn’t like meat, we do a lot of cheeses and yogurts with dried fruit and crackers and nut free granola. I know other parents send things like veggies with dip or hummus. Do some googling – lots of good ideas out there.

  17. kristenk says:

    Yay to all of these things, especially your upcoming race! Good luck! And I think I might join up for the linkup since I have a half marathon at the end of September. What are the rules on that? Do I have to post about the training or something like that? Because my training sucks and I totally hope that I get more inspired by reading about how other bloggers do it!

  18. Jennifer says:

    Have a great time at Foodie next weekend – unfortunately I will be out of town. Congrats on the potty training and school milestones! The watermelon suit is awesome!!

  19. northernambitions says:

    She totally does look like you and I love the watermelon bathing suit 🙂 How’d the run go? Also, what’s your Fall Training Blogger Directory about? I’m intrigued….my random thought for the day, hmm, I’m sad it’s raining but then I have a legit excuse to drive to work instead of bike, so that makes me happy since my legs are tired

  20. fitnessmeetsfrosting says:

    You and Betty totally look alike!! One thing my mom did when we were younger- let us cut out shapes (with cookie cutters) in our sandwiches. She would put the “scrap” pieces in there too that we had to eat, but I think it helps kids eat when they help to prepare their food!

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