Where my marathoners at!?

I bet if my mom is reading this right now she is saying, “Between the A and the T”. She was never a fan of me ending sentences with a preposition.

Anygrammar, in my recent fit-blog travels I have been noticing all over the place that people are finishing up the first weeks of training for big fall races. And then I had this idea. It was so much fun keeping up with my awesome marathon buddies (Colby, Karen, and Tantra!) while finishing up my training for Potts that I thought it might be fun to start a link up where people who are training for one of these big fall races could add their blog. Then we could all find out who we will share a training timeline with, maybe find a cool new blog we didn’t know existed, and maybe make a new friend that can support us when the going gets tough with those long runs. And then the going gets emotionally unstable during the taper as was the case with me.


For real, that’s what I look like when I’m trying to wink.

I’ll go first.

I’m already supposed to be starting up my training for marathon #2: the Baltimore Marathon on October 18. (The Baltimore half was my first half marathon last October!) I’m still working on my plan of attack for this one because I’m still a little hungover from the last one. I really suck at following instructions which is why Mr. Salt put together all of Betty’s new big girl bedroom furniture and I just watched so I will be loosely following a plan for now and will start getting more deeply involved in it as the mileage starts to pile up. Of course it will be Hal Higdon again because I’m such a fangirl.


One thing I’m sure of is that this time I’m signing up with a pace group. Baltimore has a lot of hills and based on the severity of the wall I hit at Potts, I could use all the extra motivation I can get in those later miles. (Potts didn’t have pacers…at least none that I noticed.) Plus I heard recently from Cynthia that pace groups can be really fun. I hope I get a cool one.

Now it’s your turn! Are you training for a big fall race? Tell us which one with the date and add your blog to the link up! (Maybe some of us are even running the SAME race. Wouldn’t that be so cool??)

Happy hump day, everyone! I was supposed to meet up with a cool new running group today after work and was all set to come back tomorrow and talk about how much I loved it, but now it’s looking like we might have severe thunderstorms in which case I assume it will be cancelled. Fingers crossed that that doesn’t happen!

Do you ever run with a running group? (I know Scott does and I’m totally jealous of his because they are always doing fun things like running and then going to get tacos.)




108 thoughts on “Where my marathoners at!?

  1. kristenk says:

    What a great idea! Are you guys doing this for half marathons too? Because I would be all over that with my training for the Beat The Blerch Half Marathon in September!

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