Gonna make you SWEAT. But it’s cool because you’ll be wearing a Bondi Band. {Review & Giveaway!}


Soooo many people are going to have that song in their heads now. #sorrynotsorry

This would not be the first time that Bondi Band has made an appearance on my blog. I purchased my very first one at the Baltimore Marathon Expo and was immediately hooked. They are my go-to headbands for every fitness activity that I partake in and I’ve even been known to occasionally wear one on casual Friday with my jeans.

They have served me well in every season. The material is a stretchy, breathable, nylon/lycra/spandex blend that doesn’t make me feel all overheated when worn in the summer (or to hot yoga class), but somehow I can still pull it over my ears in the winter and it will keep them warm. Whenever someone mentions needing a new headband, especially one that is capable of some heavy duty sweat wicking, Bondi Band is always my recommendation. I still can’t figure out what sort of witchcraft they use in manufacturing them to make a material that thin take care of sweat so well but it’s pretty amazing.

I have worn one as I crossed the finish line in both of my most important, dear-to-my-heart races; my first half and my first full…


…and many other races in between!

That orange one says that I will run for wine. A truer story has never been told.

Have you ever tried a Bondi Band? Do you WANT to? If the answer to this question is “yes” then today is your lucky day because I’m giving away THREE of them. That means you have THREE chances to win.

Yep. Three. I know. Things are getting crazy up in here.



Here’s how you can enter:

  • Comment below with your FAVORITE WAY TO SWEAT.
  • Like Bondi Band on Facebook.
  • Follow @bondiband on Twitter.
  • Tweet about this giveaway.
  • Like Run Salt Run on Facebook.
  • Follow me on Twitter.

And a Rafflecopter to make this easy for everyone:
Gonna make you SWEAT! Bondi Band Giveaway!

This giveaway runs from today until midnight on Monday, June 9th. 3 winners will be chosen and depending on the order in which they are picked, they will get first dibs on which of the three bands they want (like a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize type deal). Winners will be announced on the blog on Monday.

ALSO, if you don’t feel like waiting until Monday and have to have a new headband right this minute (or any of the other awesome things on their website), you can use the code SWEATPINK at checkout for 10% OFF your entire order. (Just as long as you aren’t buying anything from the Bargain Bin, Custom Items, or Design Your Own…the promo doesn’t apply to those.)

Good luck, everyone that enters!!




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