Wrapping up zero week & the Friday Five!

Obviously having never run a marathon before I had no idea how I was going to feel afterward or what my fitness energy level was going to be. From all the blogs I’ve read and people I’ve talked to, everyone is so different. You have those that don’t even want to think about lacing up their shoes again for weeks afterward, those that are in too much of a world of physical hurt to run for a little while and those that are too mentally wiped out from the experience, those that get back out there the next day (aka: beastmode), and many in between.

Well as it turned out, I found myself wanting to get right back out there except that my quads had another agenda. I felt surprisingly well everywhere else but for the first several days I had a really difficult time getting up or sitting down without holding on to something for support. Even up until Wednesday night things were rough enough that when my yoga instructor had us do Garland pose I legit started laughing. It was okay though because she knew what I just did on Sunday.

For those not familiar with Garland pose…this:

garland pose

I just laughed again. Are you freaking kidding me?!

That night my husband and I were watching one of the most horrible movies I’ve seen in awhile. It’s called Devil’s Due and if you like horror movies, don’t even waste your money…between that and Pompeii, within the past week I think I’ve reached bad movie critical mass for the rest of my life. Suddenly I remembered that I had a brand new Gaiam massage roller in the other room and rolling my quads would be a much better use of my time than watching that crappy movie. I went to town on those muscles! I must have spent about a half hour on each leg and when I was done I felt FANTASTIC.


Yesterday morning was the first day that I haven’t had to have my husband practically drag me out of bed. Thanks, Gaiam roller!

Anyway, I’ve been loosely following suggestions from the Hal Higdon recovery plan this week and just like with everything else Hal Higdon ever does or says, I love it. I would have had no idea about it if not for a great new blog I started reading recently called Spiritual Creaminess. (He just ran his first marathon in Pittsburgh and the great recovery advice could not have come at a better time for me! Thanks, Running Bear!!) The Higdon plan mentioned that I could attempt a run yesterday and run I did. I went 2 miles and could have done more, but I wasn’t going to press my luck.

Here’s how my Week Zero of workouts shaped up:

  • Sunday: I ran 26.2 miles. NBD.
  • Monday: Solo day with Betty which resulted in me getting more exercise than recommended. We did go to the pool though and spending time in the cold water felt awesome.
  • Tuesday: Back to the gym. Rode the bike for 45 minutes on an easy resistance. It felt SO GOOD to get my legs moving again. Also did some core strengthening.
  • Wednesday: 50 minutes on the bike and hot yoga class in the evening. (Hahahaha Garland pose.)
  • Thursday: I RAN! 2 miles at an easy 8:40 pace. Then I hopped on the elliptical for 25 minutes, and did some abs and arms last night.
  • Friday (Today): Rest day. I usually rest on Fridays anyway and I feel that I deserve 2 rest days this week. At least.
  • Saturday: I’m planning on doing a relaxed 10K in my neighborhood and pretending that I’m at Zooma Annapolis with some of my favorite bloggers…


…who just so happen to also be the DC Trifecta aka Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney! I have half a mind to drive down there with Betty after her gymnastics class to be a cheerleader; my awesome friend Sara is running her first 10K there too! (GOOD LUCK, SARA!!!!) But in case that doesn’t happen, I’m looking forward to seeing Cynthia and Courtney at Fit Foodie in a few weeks. Just booked my hotel last night. PARTY AT SALT’S.

Today’s Friday Five topic is:

What’s in your gym bag?

And wouldn’t you know it, I don’t have my gym bag with me today to take any photos of the stuff in there, so I’m just going to have to fill in the gaps with hilarious stock images.

1. My shoes.


Always. Whichever pair they are may vary depending on what I’m trying to accomplish that day, but usually I have my daily drivers with me, AKA my Saucony Kinvara. On Tuesdays – which are my speed day – I have my Pure Connects.


Also I apparently like to take pictures of my feet in the gym bathroom. Whatever.

2. A hand towel.


Obviously this is a dramatization; I do not wear that much makeup to the gym.

No explanation necessary for this one I’m sure. I sweat a lot.

3. A bottle of water.

Psst....you're missing your mouth....

Psst….your aim is a little off…

Lucky for me, I’m not as hydrationally challenged as that woman; when I drink my water at the gym, it goes into my mouth every time. What I don’t have (and really need) is a nice water bottle to take with me because usually I’m drinking out of throwaway plastic ones. If you have one you love, feel free to rec it here!

4. Bondi Bands

My favorite gray one!

My favorite gray one ran my first marathon with me!

I always have at least one in my bag and sometimes more. They are my go-to headband for all my fitness activities. As I stated in #2, I get really sweaty and these bands are the best I’ve found for absorbing all that, plus they stay put on my little peanut head. I even wear them when I’m not exercising sometimes to keep my very long hair out of my face.

If you haven’t tried a Bondi Band before and would like to, next week I am hosting a giveaway so stay tuned for that!

5. Toys



Percy the train is just one example of the multitude of toys that always seem to end up in my gym bag by the thoughtful hand of my toddler. I’m also currently carrying around a container of bubbles and an Abby Cadabby figurine. You never know when you might need Abby Cadabby during your workout!

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and GOOD LUCK to everyone who is racing!

Do you have a favorite water bottle to recommend for me? Do you reverse taper after a big race?




79 thoughts on “Wrapping up zero week & the Friday Five!

  1. emmelineruns says:

    I love my Contigo bottle, something about the push opening makes it crazy easy to use while running. I also like my Swell bottle which keeps things cold FOREVER (literally 12+ hours) if I’m going to be waiting a while before I hit the gym.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I really like the idea of anything that will keep my water cold for an extended period of time. If I’m not able to make it to the gym in the morning, I’m usually there on my break which means water will be sitting in my bag until around 1pm unless I put it in the fridge. And if I put it in the fridge, there is a 100% chance of me forgetting about it.

  2. Eat Pray Run, DC says:

    you’re adorable! and um, YES come to annapolis 🙂 btw — are you staying at the host hotel for fit foodie? i was thinking about just staying out there instead of driving back and forth from dc…

    • runsaltrun says:

      I’m not. I was looking into it, but then I started looking at other hotels in the area and booked at the Crowne Plaza that is like 4 miles away. It looks really nice (nice gym and pool too!) and saved me a ton of money! I definitely think you should get a hotel! all that driving around in the morning will be such a PITA.

  3. prettylittlerunner says:

    Why are you so bad ass…lol.. I have literally done NOTHING all week! I’m taking tomorrow off as well and I’m going to start again Sunday…I thought I was going to have a hard time not running but I’ve been sooo busy catching up on life…. You are awesome and have inspired me to get my butt in gear…. damn u:)

  4. txa1265 says:

    What’s up with the ‘wet t-shirt contest’ on the water bottle pic?!? 😀

    I have a 25oz Camelbak insulated water bottle that is my fave – the outside doesn’t get ‘soupy’, and it is better at keeping stuff cold than any other bottle I have ever used.

    My post-race routines … well, I am an idiot, so don’t listen to me. Generally for a full marathon I take one day off, and am at full capacity by Friday. My trail marathon was tougher due to the SEVERAL THOUSAND feet of hills (ugh!) and I was sore until 2029 from that. My goal for my last half was to run a flat pace, and get up the next day to run 7.5 miles. Which I did, so I won. 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      I have no idea but when I came across that photo I couldn’t stop laughing at it for like 5 minutes.

      That is the second vote for Camelback that I’ve seen today! The lack of outside soupy feeling is a big selling point for me because I don’t want a sweaty bottle at hot yoga class. Thank you!

      I swear you are a superhero. You have the most amazing recovery times ever! I can imagine that it must have taken an eon to recover from that trail marathon. I feel sore just thinking about multiple thousands of feet of hills over 26.2 miles. O_o

  5. Sara says:

    Awwww thank you for the shout out friend! I’m so super excited / nervous for Zooma that I can’t contain myself. We are getting ready to head down to Naptown in a bit to go to the Expo. Look for some selfies and pics on Facebook tomorrow.

    I love Bondi Bands for my long sweaty runs. I’ll be sporting one tomorrow for sure. I’m also a fan of sweaty bands…they aren’t moisture wicking, but they are non slip and come in different widths – good for keeping hair out of my face.

    The only water bottles I use are a handheld Nathan for when I’m out on the trailand a generic water bottle I got from our insurance company during annual enrollment. It turns blue when it’s filled with cold water! I actually like it because it’s a good size for the gym and has a wide mouth so I can fill it with ice. (If you wanna try one I have a whole case in my office)

    Good luck to the other racers this weekend!

    • runsaltrun says:

      You are going to be just fine out there! Just take care of your knee and trust in all the hard work you’ve put into your training. You are more than prepared for this and I can’t wait to hear all about it! (I will definitely be stalking your Facebook for lots of pics!) Have fun at the Expo!!

      I almost bought a sweaty band at the Potts Expo. I don’t have any yet, but I do want to try one out!

      And hey if you have a bunch of random bottles hanging around that you aren’t going to use, I would love to try one! I like things that change color. 🙂 Thank you so much!


  6. Kristin says:

    Ouch, garland pose would be absolutely painful after a long, hard run!!!! Just picturing it makes me squirm!!! EEK!!!! A nice week of workouts!!! You rock before, during, and after your races!!! 🙂 XOXO!!!

  7. Julia says:

    I am so bummed about the Bondi Bands I ordered. They’re all too big for my head and just fall off. 😦 Still searching for the perfect running headband. Maybe I should look in the toddler section haha.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Yeah nothing ladylike at all about what happens to me. 🙂 The thing I like best about the Bondi is that the material is super thin so it doesn’t even feel like it should wick any sweat away at all. And yet somehow they do. It’s pretty magical.

      Before I had my daughter Thomas and his friends used to freak me out a little, but I’ve gotten used to them. They changed the animation up a bit too, so the train faces in the show aren’t quite as creepy.

  8. irishrunnerchick says:

    Thanks for sharing the Hal Higdon recovery plan – I had no idea this existed! Sounds like a solid week. After my last half I couldn’t walk down stairs for 3 or 4 days. But I did a recovery run anyway and it definitely helped the ol’ legs. What is wrong with that women drinking water? Seriously!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Sure thing! I hope it helps! It was saying that I should have been resting earlier in the week too, but I had to do something or I was going to go crazy, so I just stuck with the cross training. I’m excited to get out and see how I do with 6 tomorrow. 🙂 My legs are feeling pretty much back to normal today.

      I have no idea. It’s like she’s not even trying to get it in her mouth. I would love to know what the photographer’s instructions were during that photo shoot.

  9. nolongernakedrunning says:

    I’ve become particular to “the clean bottle water bottle”
    why? because I can actually clean it…I used to only carry disposable water because I couldn’t clean the bottom of water bottles ‘good enough’ and thought those brush things were gross (I work in medical research and can see what grows on those…ewww)
    With the clean bottle, you can screw off the bottom and clean the whole bottle, including the bottom. HOW SMART IS THAT?!
    I still check out other bottles here and there because it’s what I do..but I keep going back to it. They’re not expensive either. I got mine for $7 on outside outfitters.

    PS: My quads were my sore spot after each 50K I’ve done. I found that ‘forcing them’ was the trick. warm up with some cardio activity and sit on your heels (basically forcing your quads slowly into a strech– breeeeeath!) OUCH, but watch the pain go away. Just sit there until it’s gone. Then get up and do it again and again and again. I was shocked that suddenly my quads just worked again with no pain. It may or may not work for other people but that’s how I got mine going again the day after. I was sick of not being able to sit on the toilet properly lol.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Hahaha ewwww yeah I don’t even want to know about those bottle brushes. We had those for my daughter’s bottles when she was little and I would buy them in bulk from Ikea just so I wouldn’t feel bad about throwing them out every other day.

      That’s BRILLIANT about the bottom coming off those bottles! Also completely obvious, like putting the cap on the bottom of the ketchup instead of the top. I’m going to look for one of those.

      I’m definitely going to try your quad trick too after my next long race! That’s pretty cool. I wonder if it will work for me. 🙂 Thank you!

  10. Change of Pace says:

    Glad to hear your legs are feeling better after rolling them! That was still quite a week of workouts! Sitting down on the toilet is the worst. Well, getting up after might be!

  11. Pandora Viltis says:

    I love love love my Camelbak Eddy bottles for the gym. They’re great on the treadmill/elliptical/bike because you don’t have to tip the bottle upside down to drink. I like my shaker bottle for my UCAN, but I tried to drink from it while in a recovery jog on the treadmill and managed to spill it all over me. Of course, this was right before someone I knew spotted me and came over to say hello.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Another vote for Camelback!! That is an excellent feature that I bet would keep me from choking and/or tripping and falling off the treadmill.

      I can relate. I never seem to run into anyone I know when I actually look nice. It’s always the day I have something stuck in my teeth or my hair looks all greasy.

  12. Lauren @ ihadabiglunch says:

    I have a camelbak water bottle – it worked perfectly for a year but all of a sudden it just randomly leaks from the top (i’m not sure how that’s even scientifically possible when it’s sitting up straight….haha).

  13. fitnessmeetsfrosting says:

    I love my HydroFlask! It’s metal but insulated so my drink will stay cold or warm depending on what I put in there. If I put ice in it, it can last all day. And I haven’t tried warm yet but my boyfriend has and he said he put coffee in it when he left for work (before 8AM) and then burned his tongue on his coffee around 10AM haha. If you don’t want/need insulated, my other go-to flasks are Sigg (they have really cute colors and designs and I think they even make kids’ bottles!).

    • runsaltrun says:

      I like the idea of something insulted very much for hot yoga class. My water is always disgustingly warm by the time I want a cool drink at the end of 90 minutes. I drink so much coffee that it might be nice for that too! Maybe I need one of each of these things and then maybe I’ll get a kids’ one for Betty too! Thanks, friend!

  14. Running Bear says:

    Thank you for the link, I appreciate it! I’m so glad I found your site in time to enjoy your marathon journey.

    The Higdon recovery worked well for me, a little less than a month has gone by and I’m back to full volume and intensity and feel amazing, healthy, and strong.

    Throw in another vote for Camelbak. I use the Quick Grip, which is a little cloth/stretchy gizmo that holds the bottle to your hand (plus a zipper pouch for something small). I have two bottles that fit in there, one non insulated Podium bottle and one insulated one which came with the Quick Grip. I love the nozzles on the Podium bottles, just squeeze and it automatically squirts out and seals back up nicely. The material the nozzle is made of is soft enough that if you smack it into your teeth while on the move (i’m a clutz) there’s no threat to your mouth. Plus there’s a twistable lock that stops it from leaking in your bag. I’ve been very happy with it.

  15. runningsouthern says:

    I have several water bottles that I cycle through. Most of them I received in a race packet, got a sweet deal on, or acquired somehow over the years. I have a Nathan handheld that is great. I love my Camelbak, but it is a little cumbersome to clean. Nalgene makes some great bottles. I firmly believe the best place to get a good water bottle is TJ Maxx. They carry name brands that are super cheap.

  16. piratebobcat says:

    Haha, you’re crazy! I learned to enjoy my time off after a marathon a while back. I just wait until my body says it wants to go again. Funny story, after the Dopey, we were in the airport in Dallas after flying home and the 5 yr old went running after something – normally I’d chase him down, but my legs said, NO! I walked after him and eventually got him out of whatever trouble he was after.
    PS, I think Garland pose is also called ‘public outhouse use’ pose. Hahaha

  17. piratebobcat says:

    PS. I was a lead in a few zero budget horror movies a couple years ago. I can send you the names if you want to watch them – they are available online and in video stores. Fore-wared, they may not be very good. But you get to see me dressed as a Catholic priest kissing a Jennifer Aniston look-a-like.

  18. kristenk says:

    You are such a badass for running already! But hey, if my buddy Hal Higdon recommends it then go for it! I trust everything that man says! I wonder if he has a recovery plan for half marathons? I’m always a mess after those and have no idea how to get back into running without hurting myself!

  19. Kerrie says:

    Congratulations on your race! (I’ve been here, there on the blog lately and have missed loads, sorry!) I love your stock photos! haha, that water one… 😉

  20. Momshomerun says:

    I like your pink high socks. I always wear ankle socks myself. I hate having anything tight on my legs. Which is probably why I’m a big fan of running skirts.

  21. Hanna says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say I love your blog! Big Congrats on your first marathon, and the awesome time you got! I have enjoyed reading your posts about the marathon, it makes me even more excited for my own first marathon in the fall 🙂

    Glad you’re having a good post-marathon week and that you were able to get back in the gym and start running again. I’m actually amazed at how much exercise you were able to get in! I will have to remember the tip about rolling my quads 🙂 Congrats again!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Hi Hanna! Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! 🙂 Which race will you be doing in the fall? I hope you have a great time with your training! It really is an experience like none other. 🙂

      • Hanna says:

        Thanks! I’ll be doing the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon here in my hometown. It’s small and cozy and I’ll have lots of friends around – just my style!

  22. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine says:

    I sort of reverse taper, but I try to take 4-5 days off before I run. I usually say I will take a week and then I cave in and do a few miles:) I am usually really sore for about 2 days and then feel so much better. (My foam roller makes a HUGE difference! And compression tights). However, I’ve read that your muscles are still really damaged even if you don’t feel sore and that’s why you should continue to take it easy. I try but I usually get anxious to start training again:)

  23. Erika Garza says:

    I’ll have to check out the bondi bands…sounds legit. In my gym bag, I found wet wipes and like, all of my lost bobby pins. I knew they had to go somewhere!!

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