Swimsuit season is upon us… {And the Salt Family is covered by Cabana Life.}

This past weekend, the weather decided to skip straight to summer. Not that I’m complaining although I all but forgot what 80 degrees with high humidity felt like! Really, it felt like I needed a swimming pool STAT and unfortunately we don’t have access to one quite yet. When the pool does open up in a couple weeks though, we will be ready for it. Betty and I got new swimsuits!


I was recently contacted by a swimwear company called Cabana Life and my interest was piqued right away. Cabana Life has a completely adorable line of beach wear including suits, tunics, hats, coverups, shirts, and pants, but it is so much more than just looking fashionable. The company was founded by a woman named Melissa Papock, who is a melanoma survivor. Cabana Life fabrics are created with a patented SkinSafe technology that has 50+ UV protection. To give some perspective on this, a typical white cotton tee is the equivalent to only SPF 5.

Obviously I pretty much dip Betty in sunblock when I know we are about to spend any amount of time in the sunshine, but I love the idea of this extra protection for her sensitive skin and for my own as well. I did a little shopping for the both of us on their website. This took about a hundred years because deciding which one I wanted for Betty was nearly impossible. I was completely overwhelmed by all the cute options.

bathing ladies

She’s adorable and I got hit by the awkward bus.

I put this pic up on Instagram over the weekend and Michael made a mention that it looks like she is talking to the camera. She was. In fact, she was asking me when we were going swimming and I wish the answer would have been RIGHT NOW. These suits are so cute, well made, and flattering and I can’t wait to get poolside in them. Betty’s also has an adorable terry coverup:

cutest coverup

SERIOUSLY, CABANA LIFE? You win at cute.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and this is a disease that hits pretty close to home for me. I have several family members and close friends who have been treated for it in various stages, so of course I jumped at the chance to get the word out about sun safety on my blog. Here are just a few of the facts. Warning: Not pretty.

  • 1 in 4 people who develop skin cancer is  under the age of 40.
  • 1 in 5 Americans will contract skin cancer in their lifetime.
  • More than 1,000,000 people will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year.
  • 2 or 3 blistering sunburns during childhood can double the risk of skin cancer.
  • If detected early, melanoma is almost always curable. It is almost always fatal if left undetected, as it becomes metastatic (cancerous cells spread to other areas).
  • Cloudy or sunny, the sun is the strongest and most likely to cause skin damage during the hours of 10am – 4pm.
Source:The Skin Cancer Foundation

And yet, even with all these scary statistics, 67% of people do not routinely use sun protection. I may be terrible at math, but even I know that is way more than half.

Because it is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Cabana Life would love for everyone to protect themselves, they are currently running an amazing series of giveaways on their Facebook page called S.O.S.: Save Our Skin. Every single day this month, they are giving away a piece from their UPF 50+ collection. All you have to do is like their page and fill out the form on there! And also because they are awesome, they have set up an exclusive promotion for all the wonderful people who read my blog. For a limited time you can get 20% off your entire order if you use the code RSR20 at checkout. If you have a hard time with purchasing swimwear online, I can report that the ones I ordered for us are true to size.

I’ve been asked about my hat and yes it is also from there. I LOVE THE HAT.

Whether you are in the market for a new swimsuit or not, I really do urge everyone to take extra special care of your skin this summer and always. Cabana Life suggests living by the acronym SUNWEAR!


38 thoughts on “Swimsuit season is upon us… {And the Salt Family is covered by Cabana Life.}

  1. Pandora Viltis says:

    Damn, I want your abs.

    And Betty’s coverup! Too adorable. You daughter is the cutest.

    I already started slathering on the sunscreen when I go out to run. I had sun poisoning as a kid (not recommended) and tend to burn, peel and never tan. My mother in law always says I look sickly pale, but you know… I don’t care. Skin cancer is what took out my grandfather and I got his Irish skin. I got a full body scan by my dermatologist last year and am clear. I’d rather look ghostly than be dead.

    So glad you did this post. And I just want to add: you look gorgeous, not awkward.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I’m so sorry about your grandfather. 😦 I totally agree with you. Pale > dead any day of the week. I did have sun poisoning once when I was younger and it was awful. My skin is a little more olive toned, but Betty’s skin is a little more like my husband’s and he flash fries after being in the sun for about 5 seconds, so I know I need to be extra careful with her.

      And thank you. It’s not often that I take swimsuit pics so I don’t really know how to stand in them haha.

  2. emmelineruns says:

    Oh my gosh, she looks adorable in that suit! Yours looks great too, but I’m distracted by your muscles 😉 I’ve been super careful for the last decade but I always worry that spending my entire childhood outside and summers at the pool/beach will come back to bite me.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I have the same fear and so far so good, but I do have a couple moles that I have to get looked at right now just as a precaution. I might as well have slathered myself in Crisco as a kid. I was like the ultimate in anti-sun protection.

      I’m lucky I don’t look like a catcher’s mitt now.

  3. michelle says:

    B has awesome taste. I want that suit and cover up for myself! Yay they both come in adult sizes 🙂 You guys look great!

  4. Mar on the Run! says:

    Chalk me up as another who wants your abs! after 2 abdominal surgeries and permanent scarring and even with all the working out I do – I will never look like that 😉 But I’m going to check this site out!! haven’t purchased a new suit in decades (ok, that’s an exaggeration, lol)

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you. ❤
      They do have some seriously cute stuff. I'm probably going to go back for more later on in the summer just because it was so impossible to pick only one for Betty!

  5. irenejean says:

    Betty is adorable, and I also want your abs! Melanoma scares me. A guy who was on our bike trip last weekend is a nurse in a cancer unit, he sees a lot of fit, active people afflicted with melanoma, it’s sad when it’s not caught early. I’m also hoping my teenage days of laying out in the sun don’t come back to haunt me.

  6. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Love the suits…adorable. Thanks for the post. My mom is a melanoma survivor!! I was a tanning bed addict in my highschool and college years…I really hope I get lucky :/

    • runsaltrun says:

      I’m so happy that your mom is okay. 🙂 Such a scary thing to deal with. I feel like skin cancer doesn’t get talked about as often as it should which is strange to me because it’s the most common kind of cancer you can get.

      I was also a tanning bed addict and would just sit out for hours with no kind of sunblock on at all. Not my most brilliant idea ever. :-\

  7. Abby says:

    You’re one hot mama 🙂
    And how amazing is Betty’s suit, and just Betty in general?!
    Ah- the sun scares me so much- I did a lot of baking back in the day. I try to be smart now, but burns still happen.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Aww thanks! ❤ Obviously I'm a little biased being her mom and all, but I think she's pretty spectacular all the time!

      I've had some mishaps too, especially early last summer. Since it was my first summer running, I didn't really think about it until I had a sweet sunburn in the shape of my tank top. This year I'm going to be much more aware.

  8. fitnessmeetsfrosting says:

    LOVE it!! Betty is too stinking cute and you’re one hot mama!! I’ve always been paranoid about skin cancer- one time to the point where I started to get depressed because I wasn’t getting enough sun haha. I ALWAYS have sunscreen on my face, even when I go to work and spend the entire day indoors I have my moisturizer with SPF 1 million on. And anytime I’m going to be outside for >15 min I put sunscreen on. My boyfriend isn’t as good about sunscreen and it drives me insane. INSANE!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you, friend! I’m so glad they started making makeup and regular face lotions with sunscreen built in. It’s nice to know that my face is protected without me actually having to use my brain to think of extra things. I know what you mean about the guys too. My husband is super fair skinned, burns really easily, and yet he never wears sunblock. I’m like…of the two of us you should be the one taking a bath in SPF 50!

      • fitnessmeetsfrosting says:

        LOL!!! I’m actually glad you wrote this post because I threatened my BF to get his moles checked out yesterday hahaha. I’ve been telling him to do it for a while and he keeps “forgetting.” This time I guilted him and told him how much extra stress it adds to my life thinking about it (which is very true). But I like this bathing in SPF 50 idea. I wonder if we can create a spray that hoses you down as you walk out the door…

  9. piratebobcat says:

    Way to spread the word on protection from the sun. People just don’t take it seriously enough – even here in Texas.
    BTW, this is embarrassing, but I got the exact same swimsuit! 😉

    • runsaltrun says:

      One of the worst sunburns I ever got in my life was in Texas! Actually that sunburn was what prompted me to really ramp up my suntan lotion usage. You guys have some serious heat down there!

      So wait. You’re telling me that we are shoe twins, fist pump twins, AND bikini twins!? This is the best news all day! ::high five::

  10. txa1265 says:

    Haha – you KNOW I loved Betty in that picture! We were just looking at pics from our first Disney trip and Chris was 3 and I don’t know how many awesome ‘talk to the camera’ pictures we saw.

    And you do look awesome, not awkward – glad to see all the great comments, you worked hard for that bod, now own it! 🙂

  11. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine says:

    Both of those suits are so adorable! She does look like she is talking to the camera:) Everyone else has said it already but your abs really are amazing!
    I am ready for summer but not the humidity. I just want to lay at a beach all day. Too bad that isn’t happening!

    • runsaltrun says:

      She’s definitely talking to the camera. She’s talking ALWAYS. Unless she’s asleep and sometimes then too. 🙂

      Thank you so much, friend! The humidity has definitely been creeping back in the past couple days. I kind of love it for now, but ask me again in July. 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      I LOVE the whole nautical trend that is going on right now. I was thisclose to getting the anchors but then I didn’t want us to match too much. I also have a blue striped one that I can wear if I want us to be a little more matchy. 🙂

      • Meg says:

        On the one hand it would be too cute to be matchy. But on the other, yeah, don’t want to look like a walking catalogue ad.

  12. Andrea says:

    I can’t believe I missed this post yesterday! I think it’s so great that you are promoting skin cancer awareness and being safe in the sun. I actually just bought a SPF50 long sleeve top that I can wear over my swimsuit. I wear sunscreen, but I’ve had one too many burns. It will be so nice to go snorkeling or do other outside activities without getting burnt. Both of you look adorable in your suits 🙂

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