A marathon update, the longest treadmill run ever, and Girls Gone Sporty! {#teamstellar!}

HAPPY END OF APRIL! And also a big happy birthday to THIS GUY:

me dad

That’s my rad dad aka: Betty’s “BeBop”. He’s AWESOME and bears a striking resemblance to old school Bruce Jenner. You know…the Olympic one. Not the bad plastic surgery one.


And I still make that face often.

As far as running is concerned, this month has been SO MUCH BETTER than March. In March, due to my tendonitis, I was only able to log a little over 60 miles which is awesome when you are trying to train for a marathon. This morning’s 10 miler brought my April mileage to just shy of 122 miles.

Speaking of this morning’s 10 miler…I just ran 10 miles on a treadmill.


Don’t get me wrong, I usually like the treadmill. When I’m running I’m just happy to be doing it and don’t really care where it’s happening, but 10 miles on a treadmill is a lot. It’s especially a lot when you don’t like the movie they are showing at the gym. I know…pity party for me and my gym with the movie theater.

My options this morning were either a bad movie OR the potential of getting electrocuted because we have some severe weather in the area, so the obvious choice was Saving Silverman. I got it done at a decent 7:58 pace and now it’s behind me and only an easy 5 miler tomorrow stands between me and the 20 miler I have looming this weekend. This week is going to be my highest mileage week ever. It’s also freezing, rainy, and I have a really bad head cold. Thanks, Murphy’s Law.



My hotel may be booked, but I am SO NOT READY FOR THIS. Hopefully I’ll feel a  little differently in a couple weeks.

Here’s something I am ready for though!


To be a part of this awesomeness! The other day I was contacted with some excellent news. I’m a new Ambassador for Girls Gone Sporty, an amazing group of inspirational ladies from all over who share a love of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. GGS is broken up into different teams. I was assigned to Team Stellar and quickly realized just how STELLAR this group was going to be. 140 strong and motivated women! I was especially excited to see that some of my favorite blog friends are on my team. My head almost exploded into a puff of confetti when I saw Suz on there! And Kathryn! And Adrienne! GO TEAM!

I have always loved blogger features and interviews on other sites I read. Maybe I need to start up a Stellar Sister Feature on here. 🙂

I hope everyone has an excellent Wednesday and if you’re weather is anything like mine, STAY DRY!

What is the longest treadmill run you’ve ever completed? Do you like Saving Silverman?


Stellar Salt


61 thoughts on “A marathon update, the longest treadmill run ever, and Girls Gone Sporty! {#teamstellar!}

  1. SuzLyfe says:

    I love the pic of your dad–great faces all around. And you are so right, he does look like old school Bruce. YAYAYAYAYAY for marathon closeness!
    PS check out post tomorrow–there are few random things included in it haha

  2. Charlotte says:

    First, you dad does look like the young Bruce Jenner. You have a hot daddy! lol I’m sure daughters don’t like hearing that. lol I wish I could run on a treadmill. I have a mental block on those things. Maybe because they are boring and don’t distract me enough. I am training for my first marathon in Oct so I am going to need to do some treadmill time due to how hot and humid it gets here in the summer. I’m already dreading it. Good job on all the miles you rack up!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Hahaha thank you! Pretty much all my friends used to have a crush on my dad so I’m used to hearing it by now. 🙂 I had to use the treadmill for my training last summer too. I suggest just popping in a good movie or putting on a show and zoning out. The miles will go by pretty fast. 🙂 Good luck with your training!

    • runsaltrun says:

      I DEFINITELY prefer outside. I wish I could have gone out there today. There was just no way. (I don’t mind running in the rain, but this is like dangerous rain.)

  3. Kristine Wichner Torkelson says:

    I’ve done quite a few long runs on the treadmill thanks to the awful winter weather here in MN and they are tough!! I also have a long run this weekend and I’m so intimated!! I’ve done over 18 miles, but that 20 mile mark is scary! My first marathon is 32 days away – eek! I feel the same way as you – not ready. I’m worried I won’t be able to do it.

    • runsaltrun says:

      You were such a beast over those winter months though! Not much kept you inside! I was over here whining about 10 degrees and you were like “just got back from my 12 miler in -40 degrees and snow!” I’m such a wuss.

      I think we will both be GREAT on our marathon days!! No matter what, we will finish and that’s all that matters. 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    I feel the same about the treadmill. I have done TWO 13.1s on the treadmill and I never ever really want to ever do that again. I feel ya sister.

  5. Pandora Viltis says:

    I love both your face in the pic with your dad and the gif of Buffy (big Buffy fan here). Your dad really does look like old school Bruce Jenner. Random fact: Bruce Jenner went to one of my high schools. I don’t live in that area anymore, but it kinda wonder what people think of him now that he’s a lot less heroic.

    My longest treadmill run was 24 miles. Not really recommended, although if my race last weekend is any indication, it didn’t hurt me any. The upside is that I’m less likely to call it a day or crap out on my pace on the treadmill. It was a good run. I watched One Tree Hill episodes on my iPad to pass the time.

    Congrats on your ambassadorship! You’re one of my favorite blogs, so I’m not surprised they think you’re STELLAR too 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      YAY BUFFY! 🙂 Yeah it’s really too bad about Bruce what with his face and that awful family he married into. Talk about a downward spiral.

      Holy crap 24 MILES!? You are amazing. I did find this morning that I pushed myself a little harder pace-wise at the end than I would have if I was running outside.

      And thank you so much! YOU have one of MY favorite blogs so that is a most wonderful compliment. 🙂

  6. sarahdudek80 says:

    Congrats on your ambassadorship! What a cool honor. Running 10 on the treadmill is a long time. Last year I did 17 miles when I had a stomach bug during marathon training. Awful! Personally I find it hard to run anywhere near my regular pace on the treadmill so way to go with that run! That picture is adorable and does look like the good days of Bruce Jenner.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you so much!! Wow 17 miles is a REALLY long time and major kudos for running at all during a stomach bug. That’s pretty much how I was looking at it this morning. Not doing it was not an option, so I had to think of something.

      I used to be really bad at pacing myself on the treadmill, but after using it a lot over the polar vortex winter, I got a little bit closer to my outside pace. 🙂

  7. Kathryn @ Dancing to Running says:

    So excited to be a part of Team Stellar with you! Our group of ambassadors is amazing!

    The longest treadmill run I’ve done is a complete half marathon. I was in snowy, cold Illinois over the holidays and needed to get my last long run in before the Disney World Half in January. It was long and boring, but thank goodness for the TV and my husband running his last long run for Dopey right beside me.

    • runsaltrun says:

      SERIOUSLY AMAZING! I’m so glad you are there too!
      I am in total awe of some of the comments on here about the distances you guys ran on the treadmill. This is the reason that I do like it though. If all else fails, it gets you running!

  8. she's going the distance says:

    longest treadmill run is 12 miles. and it wasn’t as bad as i thought, but also it wasn’t outside so those last 4 miles felt like it took forever! 25 days out! you’re in good shape for your marathon! If it doesn’t stop raining i’ll be running in mud for mine this weekend.

    • runsaltrun says:

      It was definitely dragging hardcore for me at the end. The first 6 or 7 miles went by pretty fast, but then by that point I was so tired of the movie and wanted to be done and it just dragged.

      This rain is intense. I hope it clears up ASAP and everything dries out! I am so excited for your marathon! 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      Hahaha I wish I knew. I think the key was that it was so early in the morning that I wasn’t totally awake yet and my brain had no idea what was going on. 🙂 I usually only do speedwork on there too.

  9. txa1265 says:

    Great job on the GGS deal! Definitely you are a great advocate …

    I can’t imagine doing that sort of treadmill time, but hey, since I just run outside I don’t have to! Yesterday I got in a late afternoon run, and had the wind gusting at me and freezing rain pelting my face. Not fun … but still had a great run!

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you so much! YOU are a running rock star because that sounds like my worst nightmare. (Haha not really but you know how much of a wuss I am when it comes to running in certain elements.) It was definitely WAY too much treadmill time, but I’m glad I made it through!

  10. Mar on the Run! says:

    OMG! he totally looks like Bruce Jenner 😉 the good one. Welcome to GGS!! even though we’re not on the same team 🙂 this weather pretty much needs to just go away. good on you though for the 10 miler on the treadmill. I’ve never done more than 6 on that thing. You WILL be ready for your mary, I just know it 🙂

    • runsaltrun says:

      Thank you so much for the wonderful vote of confidence! 🙂 This weather truly sucks. I can’t believe it’s May and we are still dealing with all this!

      I’m so glad to be a part of it! Even if we aren’t on the same team. I’m just going to pretend that we are haha.

  11. themilereport says:

    is that your face in the first picture? you look terrified! 🙂
    my longest treadmill run has been 12 miles. No movies, but the treadmills overlooked a basketball court with a bunch of college boys playing

    • runsaltrun says:

      Haha yes. I have no idea what I was afraid of, but my face cracks me up. Watching people play basketball would probably be a pretty good way to pass the time! I have the option of running in the theater that occasionally has bad movies or staring at the wall if I run on one of the upstairs treadmills. I’ll take the bad movie.

  12. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    I’m trying to remember what Saving Silverman is… (googled it) meh, it’s OK not something I’d WANT to put in a DVD player but I might watch it if nothing else was on. Not really “running amp you up material though”. I just wanted to comment because A) you’re rocking your mileage and B) I especially loved the Buffy “Blech” GIF. That’s one of my favorite episodes. Buffy trying to get drunk, taking shots, while Spike plays other monsters in poker, for kittens. Genius.

    • runsaltrun says:

      Yeah like it’s not the worst movie of all time, but I would probably pick 500 things before it. I thought of you when I used that Buffy gif. You’re the biggest Buffy fan I know. ❤

  13. Andrea says:

    Ugh…I HATE the treadmill! I actually haven’t been on one in about 2 years now. I did an 11 mile run on one once and I think it permanently scarred me. Good luck with your 20 mile run this weekend. I think you’ll feel much more ready once you get over this hurdle.

    • runsaltrun says:

      I think you’re probably right. I’ve just been so nervous about it. If I can just get through it – no matter how fast or slow – I think I’ll be good to go. Hopefully it won’t rain on me. 🙂

      I don’t think I’m scarred for life, but I definitely don’t want to get back on there anytime real soon.

  14. runcolbyrun says:

    Bravo Salt! On all fronts! Unless I plan on donning a snorkel and a parka, I’m dreadmilling it too. 10 miles though? You’re a beast! My run will be 6. And I’m literally walking around work occasionally shouting- YOU CAN DO THIS COLBY- to psych myself up for it. (True. Totally. True.) So how does one become A Girl Gone Sporty Spice? I am intrigued. Sure sounds stellar! 🙂

  15. irishrunnerchick says:

    Your face in that photo is priceless! I don’t think I’ve ever gone longer than 50 mins on a treadmill………I just can’t. So I’m super impressed with your 10 miles. Go Salt! I think once you bag this 20 miler you’ll feel a ton more prepared. Good luck!

  16. irenejean says:

    I think my longest treadmill run was 5 miles, kudos to you for getting 10 miles done on one! I hope the weather turns around where you are and you won’t have to do another run like that on the treadmill!

  17. Change of Pace says:

    You are SO ready for this marathon! And once you have this 20 miler under you’re belt, you’ll be ready to star tot taper and just get ready to race 🙂
    The furthest I did on a treadmill was a half marathon. Waaay too long for my liking, but sometimes it’s better than running on a skating rink!

  18. Amy says:

    Sorry to hear about the bad weather and your head cold that seem to be coinciding with your 20 miler this weekend. In the end, it’ll make you even more hard core. My last long run for my fall marathon was a 22 miler in the rain. I wasn’t thrilled at the start, but afterwards it was a relief because I was no longer really worried about what would happen if it rained on race day. Also, my longest treadmill run was 20 miles. At the time, I preferred to think of it as 4 consecutive 5 mile runs.

  19. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Congrats! I’m on #teamfantastic!! Longest treadmill run…13.1 miles. It was definitely the toughest thing I’ve had to do. But it felt so damn good when it was over!

  20. Laura @ the gluten-free treadmill says:

    I love all of your memes for this one – and so feel you on the treadmill! I ran outside today even though it was cold and rainy – and it made it completely more enjoyable! We’ll virtually do our 20-milers together this weekend! And congrats on Girls Gone Sporty!

  21. Cat says:

    Holy cow, 10 miles is a looooong time on a treadmill! The most I’ve ever done is 7 on a treadmill and I wanted to kill everyone and everything.

  22. 262x2 says:

    OMG your dad does look like Bruce Jenner, pre-plastic surgery, of course! I am so excited to be a part of #teamstellar with you and to learn more about you! The longest I’ve run on the treadmill was 13.1 miles, before my knees went to crap. I’m just now finally able to start running again and gradually implementing more mileage. Way to make it tough for me to do a 26.2!

  23. Running Betty says:

    Lol – i love your face in that picture! I’d love to know what you were thinking – you should totally have have a caption contest! Haha great job on the 10 mile treadmill run!!I’m with you – up to 6-7 miles on the treadmill is ok for me – after that…ugh…just ugh! The longest run I’ve ever done on a treadmill was 18 miles….NEVER again!!! :-p

  24. nolongernakedrunning says:

    I love your pictures. I attempted the treadmill once when it was an icerink out (I’m in MN) and lasted for 4 minutes before I went out and fell on my butt multiple times on the ice rink lol. I haven’t been back on the treadmill once.
    I’m actually in awe of people who run on the treadmill. I’m not sure how they do it and I’m pretty sure they get better training than I do because they can go faster than me as I pick my way through piles of snow, fall on ice, and dodge lightening bolts. Treadmill runners rock and have brains of steel.
    Good luck on your marathon! #teamstellar

  25. piratebobcat says:

    Oh my! This past winter I had to run 32 miles total from Fri-Sun for my Dopey training one weekend. Of course an ice storm shut down the city, and I had to do it all on a treadmill. Mind-numbing! The longest was Sunday and I had to go 19 miles. Blech

  26. Ange @ Cowgirl Runs says:

    I tap out at about 10 miles, any longer than that and I want to kill myself. I once thought I’d run 20 miles, but then I decided to sit on the couch instead. Oops? This winter has sucked and it looks like I’ll be making friends with the treadmill tomorrow for my 10 miler since it’s supposed to snow. Ugh. Just. Ugh.

  27. kristenk says:

    I ran an 11 miler on the treadmill once, so I hear you on that 😦 I got to watch whatever I wanted on TV though, it sucks you were forced to watch a movie you don’t like! Are there treadmills that aren’t in front of the movie screen? Also, it seems like everyone and their mom is a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador! How do you sign up?

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