Tomorrow is another race day! {Plus a Luna Bar *FLASH* giveaway!}

I’ve got a race tomorrow! I’ve got a race tomorrowwwww!


Also I’ve been doing this new thing lately called “Lame Selfies with my Race Bibs”. I’m not at all sorry about it either.

Tomorrow is Charm City Run’s Sole of the City 10K, which is also the second jewel in my B3 Triple Crown. I visited the – as usual very organized – packet pickup yesterday to collect all my goodies and let me just say that the premium for this race is by far my favorite of any race I’ve run yet.


Fitted, black, Under Armour ColdGear running jacket with a badass neon 80’s throwback-esque logo embroidered on the back? Yes please! I almost don’t want it to get warm outside so I can wear it every day.


Usually when I write these pre-race posts, I’m complaining about how cold it’s going to be. This time I’m not worried. I think it’s supposed to be somewhere in the mid-50’s for start time and 50 degrees is practically coconut bra weather. This will be my first 10K since September 1st of last year and I will keep all talk of how much I want a new race PR to a minimum because I always feel like I’m jinxing everything when I mention it. Like revealing a birthday wish.


I got my hands on my new Pure Connects shortly after my post went up yesterday and now my first world problem is trying to figure out if I want to break these bad boys in on race day or if I would rather wrap my feet in barbed wire aka: wear my Mizunos. I’m wearing them today with my casual Friday outfit in the hopes of getting a little more used to them before I decide. They look cool with jeans.

NOW allow me to switch gears and talk about Luna Bars for a second. Sorry for the whiplash.


I have been a fan of Luna bars for quite some time and have often kept them around for a quick bite while I’m on the go. They were developed by the founders of Clif Bar & Company more than a decade ago and are specifically geared toward women. Luna offers three different kinds of bar options – the original Luna Bar, Luna Protein, and Luna Fiber – in an array of delicious flavors. Recently they launched two brand new flavors in their Protein line and I was given the chance to try them out.



They had me at Lemon Vanilla. Both of these bars contain 12g of protein, 3g of fiber, and are a good source of the “Core 4”: Calcium, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, and Iron. They are also gluten-free and sugar-wise they aren’t totally outrageous.

I ended up eating the Lemon Vanilla bar while I was in my post-15 mile couch coma Saturday morning and now I am determined to keep a stockpile of them in my house at all times to use as a recovery snack. For one thing, they taste REALLY good. For another, I felt SO much better after eating it that I think it might have contained magic not listed in the ingredients on the package.

Also there’s this:


Did you know that Luna made lip balm? I didn’t and apparently it’s not available in stores so I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when this thing runs out. It smells so good that I kind of wish I could eat it and I need to keep it out of reach of Bettys at all times.

So I also mentioned a moment ago that there is a brand new Chocolate Coconut Almond flavor. I didn’t try that one yet and that’s because I want one of YOU to have it. Plus a matching lip balm that I bet also smells good enough to eat.



In case you aren’t sure what that is, a flash giveaway is one that begins and ends today. If you would like to try this awesome new flavor (and lip balm!) just leave me a comment about it below. That’s all you have to do. You can tell me what you had for breakfast or how many lip balms you have in your purse right now. I have 6. My lip balm hoarding problem is worse than my shoe hoarding problem.

To be fair, I will take entries time stamped prior to midnight in California. Then I will enter everyone into a randomizer to pick a winner and announce it on my Facebook page tomorrow, maybe while I’m enjoying a post race beverage! Then that person can tell me how delicious the Luna Bar is and how much that lip balm rocks.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Are you racing this weekend? Tell me about it!
Which shoes do YOU think I should wear?
Do you like Luna Bars?
Seriously, how many lip balms to you have?



All opinions about Luna Bar expressed in this blog post are my own. I was provided with samples to review, but this in no way influenced the outcome of this post.

53 thoughts on “Tomorrow is another race day! {Plus a Luna Bar *FLASH* giveaway!}

  1. the Mom Next Door says:

    I’m too late for the contest but still wanted to say good luck in your race…and I’m curious what shoes you chose. Your new ones look awesome! PS I probably have at least 6 chapsticks in each of my purses! And now I’m craving a Luna bar.

  2. Janice says:

    your new shoes look awesome, but I’m slightly worried about breaking them in on race day. What if they are not comfortable enough? I have 2 lip balms in my bag

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