How my skin was saved from the polar vortex. {AmLactin review}

I know that other places around the country have had it way worse than we have, but it’s been cold in Charm City lately. Much colder than I’m used to, so I feel qualified to complain about it. With an excessive amount of snow including whatever is happening outside right now. Last I checked I think it was supposed to be springtime.

Instead we had a winter of multiple Polar Vortexes which I think is basically like a hurricane of frigid air. I had literally never heard of this phenomenon in my entire life until this year. I have a good friend who really knows weather and might be reading this right now and he is probably laughing at me.

Anyway, I loathe the cold so of course this would all happen during the first winter when I actually cared about being outside for any prolonged period of time.

Recently I was contacted by a representative from AmLactin asking me if I would like a sample. In case you are not familiar, AmLactin is a skin care line that specializes in “alpha hydroxy therapy”, which is supposed to repair your skin through gentle exfoliation and then intensely moisturize it.

So did I want to try it? Polar Vortex says “yes”. I have terrible dry skin in the winter anyway and the fact that it has been the coldest one here since EVER, I would be willing to try anything.

The nicest care package arrived containing a bunch of goodies, most notably including these three bottles:


From left to right we have a moisturizing body lotion, a foot cream, and a restoring body lotion.

Let’s start with the Moisturizing Body Lotion. This lotion contains lactic acid which is an ingredient commonly found in gentle chemical peels. It is also pH balanced for your skin, and supposedly promotes skin cell growth and moisture retention. It is not the kind of lotion that I would use every day and that’s okay because I don’t think you really need it every day. When used sparingly I have liked the results. For example, I knew it would be wicked cold today and last night I put some on before bed. My skin still feels very hydrated despite the fact that it is 20 degrees outside (and snowing again).

The Restoring Body Lotion pretty much saved my hands from certain doom. The skin on my hands was so dry that it was literally cracking and falling off. This lotion uses a patented formula – called ULTRAPLEX which is a word I really want to yell out loud like a monster truck jam announcer – that exfoliates and strengthens. After a couple of applications, my hands looked much better and within a week or two, they were completely healed up and haven’t cracked since. I just use a bit when they start looking a little dried out and it fixes everything.

Last but most certainly not least, my favorite. This Foot Cream is so magical that I can’t say enough nice things about it. Obviously I’m a runner and as a result, my feet sometimes look like they’ve been chewed on by a wild animal. They call it “the ultimate recovery for feet” and after putting it on one time, I totally understood why. This cream can’t fix your black toenails, but it will make your skin feel so much better, even if you have a lot of blisters and calluses. As I do. Sorry for the over-share. They even sent me a comfy pair of slippers, which I wear with the foot cream nearly every evening after I have run that day. They still feel moisturized this morning and I put that stuff on 12 hours ago.


If my right foot looks bigger, it’s because it is. By nearly an entire size. Thanks, pregnancy!

The only thing I don’t completely love about the foot cream is the scent. As in, I wish it had one. I love when things smells pretty, especially foot creams because feet are generally gross to begin with.

Which brings me to the next awesome thing they included in my box of goodies: A collection of natural products that you can make yourself at home to use in various ways. Since I like when things smell pretty, I automatically gravitated toward this one first:


Lavender has amazing calming properties and spraying it lightly on sheets and pillowcases just makes sense, especially for an insomniac like me. Because it’s just distilled water, witch hazel, and lavender essential oil, I never have to worry about breaking out in a weird rash like I did this one time after sitting on a couch that had been freshly Febrezed.

And then of course I had to try out their salt scrub. No need to point out the obviousness of why.


I wasn’t sure how this combination of things would jive with my skin, but it really did leave it feeling extra soft and smooth. I didn’t have any geranium oil on hand, but I think I’ll get some for next time. I’m also thinking of subbing coconut oil for the EVOO and seeing how that works out.

I also have a recipe for a Cucumber-Carrot Mask that involves a little more kitchen prep than I have had time for recently, a avocado/honey/olive oil deep conditioning hair mask, and a green tea toner which I have no good excuse for not making yet because all you need is a tea bag and water. Like I could literally go down to the coffee bar right now and start making a skin toner as I wait for the Keurig.

(Steep a green tea bag in room temp water for an hour and then throw it in the fridge. Once chilled, use it on your face. Not even I could mess that up.)

They also sent me a useful pack of post-its.


Not only does my skin look good, I also remembered to get wine. Thanks, AmLactin!

If you have insanely dry skin, I definitely give these products a thumbs up. If your hands look like they got caught in a combine, that restoring moisturizer could definitely help you. And if you are a runner OMG THE FOOT CREAM. I just love the foot cream.


Have you ever made your own natural household or beauty products at home? Any fun, easy recipes you can share with me? Especially if they are cleaning products…I like to keep things as natural as possible with a grabby toddler in the house.

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Happy Tuesday!

~ Salt

I was provided with samples of product to review by AmLactin. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own after trying them out for a little while. I really like them and might not have hands left to be typing this blog if not for the Restoring lotion. 

9 thoughts on “How my skin was saved from the polar vortex. {AmLactin review}

  1. Kristin says:

    This is a great post and I’m all for using natural products!! I use Aubrey organics hair/face line and it’s phenomenal!! Also, NYR organics is out of this world!!

  2. fitnessmeetsfrosting says:

    You had me at foot cream. Lol I swear foot creams are necessary for runners. And dang a whole foot size? One foot is about a half size bigger for me. Are you able to buy 1 size for running shoes okay? My mom and sis have made body scrub using coconut oil and sugar. My mom also likes to make a light surface cleaner using vinegar and orange peels that sit together for about a month.

  3. Mar on the Run! says:

    I love lavendar!! and the scent is nice. One of the yoga studios I frequent you get spritzed at the end when you’re in resting mode (you can opt out of course, but duh – why?!)

  4. Running Betty says:

    Oh god yes! The polar vortexes are killing me! (And I’m equally perplexed by why I never heard of them before this year! ) you comment about “feet looking like they’ve been chewed on by a wild animal” has me about to fall off my chair laughing! (And i can totally relate!) Thanks for sharing the great product reviews and recipe (is that right word for non – edibles? Haha) for salt scrub! I’m a chicka on a budget so I am definitely going to give that one a try! Hopefully this is the end of the dreadfull cold in/around charm city!

  5. kristenk says:

    I need to try this out! My skin is always super dry in the winter (like so bad that I need to put lotion on my hands every night before I go to bed or I wake up with cracked painful hands) but this year was so bad that I actually developed eczema for the first time ever! I have to put lotion on the dry spots on my arms twice a day or they get out of control. Ugh. I might need to get this before moving to Alaska!

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