As if your running shoes didn’t look awesome enough already…SHWING! {Shwings review & giveaway!}

I have to admit. When I first heard of Shwings, I giggled because my mind went directly to these guys.


Which is totally okay because Wayne’s World one of my favorite movies of all time. But then they started popping up pretty much everywhere I looked and I kind of fell in love with them. I’ve seen them on celebs, models, on the TV, in mags – like Cosmo, Elle, InStyle, and even Parents because we know how to be hip too darn it! – and on all sorts of styles of shoes from Doc Marten boots, to high top sneakers, to sandals and flip flops. They are so quirky and cool, which are both things that I strive to be on a daily basis. Usually succeeding at the quirky and not so much at the cool.

shwings logo

Shwings are wings for your shoes and if you are a runner it is my opinion that they make perfect sense.


Are you kidding me? Could they be any more bad-a? I wanted one in every color immediately, but for my first pair I decided to go with a basic black so as not to tacky up my bright orange Mizunos too hard. Unbeknownst to me at the time of my choosing, I apparently have similar taste to Britney Spears’ son. Don’t judge me.


I’d say my choice is a solid one though.

As a runner, the wings made the most sense for me because if I’m not going to be fast I would at least like to appear to be very, very fast so as to strike fear in other runners around me at races (kidding). I literally spent an hour trying to decide on the color because the options were overwhelming. In addition to the wing variety, they also have lightning bolts, flames, butterfly wings – which I almost chose, but decided they weren’t quite hardcore looking enough for my running shoes – and…here’s where it gets hilarious…mustaches. You can actually buy mustaches for your shoes.

I’m generally not a mustache fan, but I can get behind shoe mustaches 100%.

They also have slot Shwings for velcro shoes and ones that clip on too. Basically no matter what kind of shoe you are trying to dress up, they have you covered.

After I Instagrammed and Facebooked my Shwings yesterday I had quite a few people get very excited over them and I just sat over here giddily bouncing around in my chair because GUESS WHAT?

That’s right. I’m giving some away. Not that I really need a reason for doing a giveaway, but yesterday I posted my 100th post (what?!?!) and I thought that milestone needed a little celebration.

The best part of this giveaway is that I’m not even picking them out…whoever wins gets to go to the Shwings website and choose whichever color they want. So here’s what you have to do:

Mandatory Entry: I just told you! Head on over to the Shwings website and look through their fabulous catalog of awesomeness. Then tell me which color you would choose if you won. Warning: This might take you hours.

Then for some additional entries:

  • Like Shwings on Facebook.
  • Follow Shwings on Twitter.
  • Follow Shwings on Instagram.
  • Like me on Facebook.
  • Follow me on Twitter.
  • (I’ll spare you my Instagram. Spoiler alert…it’s a whole lot of pictures of my daughter and feet.)
  • Tweet about this giveaway!

And of course…Rafflecopter:

SHWING! Let Salt Dress Up Your Shoes!

This giveaway will end next Tuesday at the stroke of midnight and the winner will be announced that day. I can’t wait to hear which ones you guys like best! Good luck!

~ Salt

All opinions about Shwings expressed in this blog post are my own. I was provided with pairs of Shwings to review and give away, but this in no way influenced the outcome of my review. I just love them!

24 thoughts on “As if your running shoes didn’t look awesome enough already…SHWING! {Shwings review & giveaway!}

  1. Kerry Toepke says:

    Yesterday when I saw your wings on instagram I thought pink wings would rock. But I didn’t know there were so many options until now! I def think the pink flames are just my style, for work and breast cancer support!

  2. michelle k says:

    Every time you post a product giveaway my first thought is always “Does it come in leopard?” Woo hoo! They come in leopard!

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