I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I hope all this snow doesn’t melt. {Plus someone wins Color Run entries!}

I promise I’m not drunk right now. Just hear me out. This picture was taken yesterday as I made my usual coffee pit stop during my 1 hour+ commute to daycare and work. (A trip that typically takes me 20 minutes.)


It’s not that much better today. I was really-not-all-that-surprised to learn that nary the blade of a snowplow has touched my neighborhood side streets yet. We aren’t especially prepared to deal with winters this brutal here and I think resources are maxed out.

Now see that widget over on the right that says I have a race in as many days as will fit on one hand? I REALLY want to run in that race. Not only am I itching to get back out there again, but it’s a qualifying race for my run club’s Grand Prix series. The first race in the series was this one where I topped my age group. I want as many opportunities to participate in the series as possible and I already missed the second event, which was at the end of February. (I had already planned on not doing that one, but seeing as I could barely stand up the day of that race, it would have been way out of the question.)

Unfortunately, I am not even going to kid myself into thinking I can run a 15K this weekend. As I sit here typing this, I’m not in any pain and woke up for the first time in a long time completely pain free. But I know it will hurt if I try to run on it so I’m not going to yet. I’m on a self-imposed full week of no running at all because stumbling through those treadmill runs last week definitely didn’t do me any favors. I was feeling a little down about missing it, but I have a 5K on the 16th that I want to be in better shape for. To make myself feel better, I was going to contact them about volunteering instead. If I can’t run it, at least I can help out, plus as part of the series you have to volunteer for a race anyway. But then I got an email yesterday with a glimmer of hope attached. I’m probably the only person who was excited to receive this email.

This race is on a trail. That snow we got yesterday has a layer of ice underneath. Much like my neighborhood streets, the trail doesn’t get plowed. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

So please…join me in crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that the snow and ice melts everywhere else around here EXCEPT ON THAT TRAIL. In which case the race will be postponed and I will have been given a little bit of time.


Now on to the other order of business for today, which is announcing the winner of The Color Run entries!

Thank you so much for participating, commenting, sharing, and tweeting! You guys are awesome and you all have excellent taste in favorite colors. Thanks also to The Color Run for providing me with the entries to give away and for passing along the coupon code – COLOR5OFF – which will get you $5 off the price of your registration when you enter it at checkout on their site!

The winner is:



Let me tell you guys a little something about Megan. She’s amazing. She is a new runner and blogger with plans to go from C25K to half marathon. She is also currently fundraising for a virtual 5K to support World Down Syndrome Day where she will run – she doesn’t think she’ll run the whole thing, but I do – 3.21 miles for her adorable daughter Eva. I’m hoping to team up with her and run for Eva that day too, which is yet another reason that I will keep resting for now. 🙂

Congratulations, Megan!! I’m going to shoot you an email in a few about how we can get your tickets coordinated. I hope you have so much fun at The Color Run and hey…maybe you’ll want to guest post about your experience for me when you finish? HINT HINT?

I hope everyone is having an excellent Tuesday. On this date 2 years ago, I was about to go into labor in about 12 hours from now. Crazy right?? Tomorrow I’ll be off celebrating with my birthday girl all day doing fun birthday things like buying presents, eating cake, trampolining, and then hopefully not throwing up the cake. My birthday is on Saturday and the fact that our days are so close together makes mine even more fun. I feel like I get to really enjoy and act like a kid again. 🙂

~ Salt


14 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I hope all this snow doesn’t melt. {Plus someone wins Color Run entries!}

  1. OneMotherofaDay says:

    OMG! An hour commute! that is rough. I can’t really comment on the snow cuz I have never had to live in it and deal with it. I live in southern California 🙂 I swear we are so spoiled here, we get a couple days of rain and the news declares it “STORM WATCH 5000”. We get very dramatic here 🙂 But for your sake I hope your race gets postponed!

  2. Meg says:

    Ok I just got a chance to read this whole post. When I started to read the first time both adorable little Eva and her equally adorable twin brother started crying… Hard.

    Thank you so much for the mention and sharing my quest to raise funds for RDS. I’m really hoping you are well enough to run with me that day!

    And we’ve endured this much snow already, what’s another few days?!? I hope the snow and I’ve doesn’t melt and your race gets postponed so that you can actually participate!!

    Have SO much fun this birthday week! My mom and I share close birthdays as well. In fact, my grandmother had my mom ON her birthday (9/4) and I was due the same day! Would have been three generations on one day! I was stubborn and came about a week later (9/10 for those who want to send me birthday wishes later on 😉 )

    Yes! I am so stoked about winning. I’m already registered for The Color Run in May and if I cannot use the entries for that race, I guess I’ll just have to do another this summer!! And YES! I would love to guest post if you want to team up!

    Thank you again for the love and sharing our mission for WDSD! ❤

  3. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    You all really have been pelted with snow this year – and ice, haven’t you? How much did you get this time total? Everytime I talk to my dad he’s like “Yep, preparing for snow, I’m going to make a steak before it starts.” 😉


  4. Sara says:

    Happy Birthday to Salt & B! Congrats to Meg! and Yeah to race postponements! I know you’re itching to get back out there…hopefully you can rest better knowing your race was postponed.

  5. kristenk says:

    Haha I know you feel about the race! I actually had a local 5k get rescheduled due to snow/ice, and they rescheduled it for the day before Disney Princess! So I wasn’t upset at all when they eventually had to cancel the race since they weren’t able to clear the trails by then. I got my money back and the race shirt for free because obviously there’s no use for that now 🙂 So it could definitely happen! Crossing my fingers you get a little more time to rest!

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