Taste Some Rainbows! {Color Run Giveaway}

Unless you live completely off the grid and have had no Internet or other media access before ever in your life (in which case, how exactly are you reading my blog?) I’m sure you are familiar with The Color Run. Last year, my brother ran in one of the two events they hosted here in Charm City. He’s the one that is a budding photographer – and took some beautiful yoga pictures for me! – and as usual he had his camera with him to capture some amazing moments, including this one below. How his camera was not permanently damaged by all that color powder is beyond me.

color run

Whenever someone is starting out on their running journey, I always suggest signing up for a race to have a goal to work toward. The Color Run is the PERFECT event for a first timer. A 5K can be really daunting to someone who has never run before and they have the market cornered on how to get people out there moving. It is not timed so there’s no pressure. They don’t call this event “The Happiest 5K on the Planet” for nothing. I have not yet personally participated in The Color Run, but I know a LOT of people that have and 0% of those people reported having a terrible time. I mean, how could you have a bad time while pumped full of endorphins and having rainbows of colors thrown all over you!? I would think it’s pretty much impossible to NOT have fun doing this.

Well this year they are back again and doing something super special for 2014: The Kaleidoscope Tour! Color Runners – more than 1,000,000 strong worldwide and counting! – can expect unique attractions on the course, special entertainment, some super cool new swag, the patented epic festival at the finish (see awesome photo above) and of course getting more colorfully messy than probably ever before in their lives.

Check out all this cool new stuff you get when you sign up!


That headband is legit. I’d wear it on any normal Tuesday.

Do you have a Color Run near you? Check out this handy map and find out where the tour is stopping this year, but get on it fast because these events are VERY popular and they do sell out quickly. Charm City – or Baltimore for those of you who aren’t from around here – is lucky enough to be hosting The Color Run again on April 19 and they already had to open up another time slot! Some cities are running special promos right now, but if yours isn’t one of them make sure to enter the code COLOR5OFF when you check out and receive $5 off your registration.

Or…you could just do The Color Run for FREE.

“But, Salt! How in the world do I do that?

Simmer down. I’ll tell you how. I have 2 entries to The Color Run that I want to pass on to one you! These will work for any city that isn’t already sold out. All you need to do is TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE COLOR in the comments below. Mine is purple. If you’ve been reading my blog for  awhile, you probably already knew that.

Then you can get other entries too by doing any or all of the following:

Click on the ROFLcopter below to take you to Rafflecopter.

roflThis giveaway will end at the stroke of midnight next Tuesday and the winner will be announced that day. Usually I like to run stuff like this for a full week, but my daughter turns 2 next Wednesday so I will be as far away from the Internet as possible that day. 🙂

AND the SPIbelt winner will be picked TONIGHT! I’m so excited to find out who it is! You have the rest of the day to enter so go HERE if you haven’t yet!

Have a HAPPY and COLORFUL day, everyone! The color of the day over here is white. White like all the snow that is falling from the sky right now. ::SHAKES FIST::

~ Salt


36 thoughts on “Taste Some Rainbows! {Color Run Giveaway}

  1. Meg says:

    Holy cow I could have written this… I feel the exact same way about signing up for a race to have something to work for. That is what I did! I registered for The Color Run here in Madison before I even went to buy running shoes.

    My favorite color is blue! Bight blue of course!

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